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  1. Yes, thank you! We originally began homescholing our eldest for academic reasons, but then have gotten caught up in the busy-be-social trap. Thank you so much for this reminder.
  2. Yes, this is us, mornings are at home, no matter what, however our afternoons are crazy! We have one or two things every day, most days we're late home to make dinner so I get take out. Everything is rushed. I try to scale back, but we have good friends in different circles, we see on different days. It's hard to cut any of them out.
  3. Thank you for replying. I have a tendency to commit to too much, I say yes a lot. With this overbooked semester ending in the next 2 weeks, I'm trying not to go into a hermit shell next semester.
  4. What is your balance? How much do you do outside the home, how much would you like to do - is it too much, not enough? I'm trying to stop our social pendulum - we are either doing too much or nothing. I have to find a middle. ETA: And social circles! Are you happy with the amount of social circles you have?
  5. My assumption of an adopted child is that they are always the biological child unless I'm blatantly told otherwise, regardless of how they look. This ignorance has trickled down to my own children - probably because we know Caucasian parents that have biological children with much, much darker skin. It isn't as uncommon as you'd think.
  6. Depends on my mood. I either laugh about it or it makes me sad that some one honestly sees me like that. My very petite mother went trick or treating, no one batted an eye, people just gave her candy.
  7. It's on my shelf! Used it once, kind of, just the reading portions, but not the art mapping part. I should probably sell it because I won't use it again with my others :)
  8. I hesitate to admit being an "addict". I did buy all 4 years of RSO Science this past week because they were on sale. I did the first few lessons of Life Science and liked it, so went ahead and bought the other 3 e-books for instant gratification.
  9. :lol: If only you could see my stacks of books I need to read or am in the middle of. Multiply that to several children... ;) I only come on here for about an hour every few days, to decompress.
  10. I just pre-read the first chapter and there is a huge character issue for us regarding the boy intentionally not telling his father about finding the swans, pretty much lying about finding them - he says he found nothing because he wanted to hide it from his dad. Does the character issue resolve itself later in the story?
  11. Bumping for you because we're looking too. These are in my Amazon cart right now: Microscope Slide Set
  12. We're getting my college age son a new laptop for Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, Windows XP is a fine operating system. lol! Anyway, with technology changing so much since XP, I need a recommend for a good laptop (bonus if it's got a Cyber Monday promo). He likes multi-layer, online gaming (like Steam) and sometimes old XP compatible games :) We'd like to get him something that would work well for him, good graphics, speed, etc, and possibly backward compatibility? I don't know very much about all those techy specifications. Any recommendations? Or even some suggestions on what to look for would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Thanks! If I know something unpleasant is about to happen, I let her know ahead of time, she usually asks me to skip those parts or I'll summarize it. 7yo - incredibly sensitive.
  14. I've not read it, but it's on the schedule in our curriculum. Would you recommend this title as a read aloud for an extremely sensitive child? I'm wondering if I should substitute with something else because I've heard mixed reviews. TIA
  15. Labels are a polite way to insult someone. Maybe I'm wrong, my thoughts are that in the past, rather than labeling, we used words such as: "strict", "controlling", "lenient", "babying", "too permissive", "negligent". Now we use labels to mean several of those words at once. So I hear "helicopter" as saying: the parent is controlling, babying & negligent. A tiger parent is too strict, controlling and negligent. Free-range is too lenient, too permissive and negligent. However we can't/don't use those direct adjectives anymore. And no one wants to say the real thing they're insinuating: "that parenting is negligent." ETA: "adjective: negligent: failing to take proper care in doing something or failing to exercise the care expected of a reasonably prudent person in like circumstances"
  16. A few months ago some one was telling me about this book. It's fictional, but with strong, factual science information. What genre is that considered? Before it was only an iBook. I got a notice that it's now available in print. Has anyone read it? It looks very intriguing and I'm debating on purchasing...
  17. I got mine today! So excited! I'm exhausted, but want to stay up and read instead of sleep.
  18. Thank you!! I love the philosophy of Charlotte Mason, but I too am a failure at CM scheduling. I try to do it all, but then nothing gets done. I've heard of Waldorf block schedules, but just couldn't figure it out. I like the idea of just focusing on one thing for a bit, then doing something else.
  19. For us, V1 & V2 worked much better to wait for 3rd/4th grade (8yo-10y old) 13yo read read V3 & V4.
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