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  1. I like plans, routines, and rhythm. My children thrive and do much better when I have a plan and they're following a rhythm. Sometimes the plan is just to do nothing for a day or two, cancel everything and stay home. I'm fairly consistent in how our schooling goes, we school year around and take breaks throughout the year as we need them or as they come up because sometimes you just need a few days - but I don't change our philosophy based on the weather & season. OP if you had a good year this year, there isn't reason to change to the way some one else did their schooling.
  2. I don't really remember much, except it was in a white binder and each chapter was part of some sort of adventure - sloughing through the jungle or whatever. Just wasn't my cuppa and I sold it long ago. I keep hearing "Bravewriter Lifestyle" and was wondering if it was an actual curriculum now, or a different product than it was back then, but it sounds like it's pretty much the same, but with extra things to help use her philosophy.
  3. Thanks, yes a bit. I figured it was the philosophy that she talks about and I vaguely remember owning the Writer's Jungle 10+ years ago, but with all the current talk, I thought maybe it was something different now. So the actual curriculum portion - boomerangs/arrows - are those things she writes or are they assignments for books from other authors?
  4. Very slowly and simply because I am just not getting it. Is it a writing philosophy manual or an actual curriculum? What are all the boomerangs and arrows for? What do you need to buy to use it - the jungle manual and/or grade level add ons too? What else?
  5. Our house has been discussing this - does listening to podcasts make you unconsciously listen to audio commercials too? Not the advertisements on the podcast, but like the radio or other audio devices. Curiosity poll, just for fun.
  6. I used SS with one and it worked (kind of) when nothing else worked (failing Spelling Workout, Spelling Power, MCP). I tried to use SS again for another child, but it was miserable, however switched to WRTR and that's been great.
  7. Are there any websites that have ratings on books, summarizing potential issues and spoilers? My sensitive child wants/needs a heads up of bad things (like death, cruelty & bad people, scary situations, injustices, etc.) that will happen in the story and the outcome before reading it.
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, however, is anyone here that used the MP Kindergarten Enrichment Guide & Craft book ready to sell? :D
  9. Didn't read comments. To the op, the answer is yes, of course. Why would you think she couldn't? There are adult refugees that had zero schooling and "caught up", plus graduated college, including math, in only a few years.
  10. Totally OT, but THANK YOU! I needed to hear the bolded.
  11. I also like Lightning Lit, but we only did it for 7th & 8th, then moved to Smarr's. If I remember correctly, it was self-teaching and we used it at a self-pace too.
  12. Yes! Anything more like Ella. She's strong, good, and beautiful. She doesn't have to give up being being pretty and sweet just to be strong. Most books about strong girls are girls that aren't "girly" - they've traded being lovely for being strong.
  13. Yeah, forgot to mention No Sassiness. It's annoying and untrue that a girl can only be strong of character if she is sassy and/or defiant.
  14. I needs some recommendations for STRONG female characters. We have the character traits gentle, kind, generous, and caring covered - really am looking for some books in which the female character is strong (emotionally/mentally), firmly stands her ground, and knows her mind. Actually, a male character that is strong and good would work too. Preferably elementary level, nothing scary, morally objectionable, or violent. Maybe nothing like that exists?
  15. Growing up, we had a meat (grilled or pan fried, seasoned w/ salt & pepper), a vegetable (canned or steamed, seasoned w/ salt & pepper) and plain rice. Every.single.night. It was very exciting for us to have tacos or spaghetti, which are now my go to meals. :)
  16. Over the years I've tried pre-made plans, apps, programs, and subscriptions, but found those fail for me and go back to paper. Now I keep it real simple. On Sunday, I take a sheet of paper, fold it in half, then fold it in half 3 more times so when I open it, there are 8 squares. I label each section Mon-Sun, plus snack. In each square I write the menu for that day. To make planning easy, each day's meal is loosely themed, for example: Monday B: Hot cereal (oatmeal, grits, etc) L: A soup or a salad D: Beef dish Tuesday B: Eggs of some kind L: A pasta dish D: Chicken dish If I'm using a cookbook, I'll write the name & page number under the meal. When I'm done with the plan, I make a list of ingredients in my phone, put the plan on the refrigerator, take a picture, and head to the grocery store. I've been doing it for years and found if I don't make the menu plan, our week does not go smoothly. And since it's on the refrigerator, it' easy to reference and gets used, plus my husband can even start dinner if I'm late coming home.
  17. Thank you, I'm glad to hear that she's well and it's under control. We just want to know the prognosis on life expectancy and life quality. Waiting for the appointment with the specialist is so hard. :(
  18. Yes, it is fairly light. It's the same size as a sheet of regular paper. The cover is about as thick as 3-4 manila file folders, flexible yet strong. The actual pages are a little on the thinner side, however not too thin - my ink doesn't seep through, plus it's real paper so you can pencil and erase. There are only 22 pages - 13 months, plus a few random note pages, event planning by month (on one sheet). I'm so happy with it.
  19. This has been my favorite for a few years. Stitched binding so it lays flat open, I can't stand the spiral bump on most planners, especially when it cuts the month in half. Unlined squares, cut tabs for the month. Small area on the side to write notes if you need. I remove the grommets on the back that hold the elastic, but other than that, I say it is the perfect planner.
  20. Just wondering. Some one dear to me was recently diagnosed and has ascites. Specialist Dr.'s appointment isn't for a few weeks and I'm tired of googling.
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