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  1. I just saw this science option in the big list above. I tried looking up posts on it, but came up empty. Has anyone ever tried Mrs. Taylor science? She has Biology and Chemistry from Apologia. Thanks, -K
  2. We just finished a quarter of Lantern English classes. Essay Basics, Advanced Essay, and Expository Essay Pros- The teachers were both very responsive and understanding. The assignments were interesting to the kids. It filled a writing gap this year for my kids. Cons- I thought the pace was a bit too fast. Now, we did take the 9 week course, so maybe that's just how they work. Each assignment was one week long. the 2 upper level classes had to write a 3-5 page essay every week, and there wasn't any time for revisions, or second drafts. They got very good feedback after they
  3. My ds has taken the ACT test 3 times. 2x he got scores lower than he was expecting. The 3rd time his score was a 28. A big jump, but more normal with his practice tests. Dh wants him to take the Kaplan class or prepscholar and retest in February to see if he can get 30. My opinion is that a 30 is great and helps with scholarships, but he has gone through the barons book and taken multiple practice tests in prep for the 3 previous tests. The classes probably don’t have any new info. And maybe 28 is good. How many times did your kids take the test and when did you just call it good
  4. Thanks so much for all these ideas! I had never heard of outschool. I am definitely interested in trying one of their classes. -K
  5. i just remembered a great resource from a while back, but i cant see to find her site. Does anyone know if attuneup is done? or not thanks katy
  6. I got some great ideas for online calc, now I need writing. I am looking for an online writing program for my 10 and 12th graders that won’t break the bank. I need asynchronous, and teacher-not parent-graded. thank you!!!!!! katy
  7. I am in a bit of a bind right now. I am looking for an online calculus class for a senior in high school. I live overseas and need something probably not live, or with some pretty flexible time schedules. Our normal educational option just fell through and I am not thinking calculus is my ability level. Any help would be great. Thanks, Katy
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