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  1. Thank you for all the input! For some reason I never even thought of sticks to let them hang from. 😄 I stuck them and the cabbage in the habitat and they're still alive, so we'll see what happens. We'll look outside for other cocoons once I see what they look like on the inside one.
  2. I have a bizarre and funny wondering...we were planning to grow monarch butterflies this year for biology in one of those butterfly habitats where you start with the caterpillars. Well, my cabbages have worms that are from butterflies, so I'm just wondering...fair substitute? 😄😄 Mostly I'm wondering if cabbage is all they need to survive and then take them clear to chrysalis and adulthood or not. Does anybody know?
  3. I had a link this morning for a video of Chris VanDusen reading his Circus Ship, but I cannot figure out where I found the link! Any ideas where the video is located? Also, if anyone knows of a comprehensive resource for all the read aloud videos that have been popping up pkease let me know! We woyld love to watch some.
  4. I'm not even sure what to search for on Google, but is there such a thing as an mp3 type player than can handle the Audible app? Most of our audio books are on there, and I'd like to be able to hand a machine to my 4yo that he can freely pick a book from, but that doesn't have a lot of other things on it. Obviously it would need to have wireless to sync, but a disconnect option would be great. Right now we have one of my old phones, and that is working pretty well, but we have more than one kid and they're really helpful to have when I'm working with another kid on school. Ideas? T
  5. I'm finding conflicting updated information in several new books- does anybody know the definitive answer on whether the continent of Australia (and associated areas) is now only referred to as Oceania, or is Australia still acceptable? My kids are memorizing them and I don't want to handicap them. 😊
  6. ...what do you tweak? Specifically, do you cut out anything, and what? My main wondering is about the very detailed lesson teaching. Is this necessary, or can you just go through the worksheet at their side and that's entirely sufficient? My kids aren't super into manipulatives and so I'm quite tempted to ignore the actual "teaching" of the lesson, but I'm wondering if that's a novice decision that is not the best thing to do long term, or perhaps that it works fine in the lower lessons but not so much as you progress through the book. Thoughts?
  7. We pushed through on the words-on-the-whiteboard plan, and...I'm just totally laughing, kids are such nuts. He insisted on writing out the words HIMSELF (he's 4; I dictated the spelling to him) and THEN sounding them out, and he had no problem getting excited about it in that context. Now he's all thrilled he can read, and I'm just over here like-- aren't 4yo boys supposed to STRUGGLE with writing?! And this is your preferred way of processing phonics?! Kids. Always something up their sleeve. 😅
  8. I heard on a podcast (I think it was Literary Life by Angelina Stanford and Condy Rollins) that a lot of the mentalities feminists are fighting against nowadays were actually heavily endorsed and disseminated by Rousseau! I am over-simplifying what I heard because it was just in passing, but does anybody know of any books or resources on this topic?
  9. Great, I'll think more along these lines! I guess I was thinking if he's ASKING to read a book, then it's not a great idea to hold him to boring 'ole text and cause his interest to wane, but I think I'm worrying more than I need to about that.
  10. Okay, thanks! I am definitely wanting to avoid any temptation to use pictures as tools for guessing the words, which is why I asked. Sounds like I just need to put readers away even if he is interested in them, until he gets a little further along! (We're using OPGTR, so will be easy to do if we ditch readers for now.)
  11. My almost 5yo is starting to sound out words, but he is really bad about looking at the pictures and trying to use those as clues. I don't think it's conscious avoidance of the work involved, because he'll sound them out just fine if I write them out plainly on a whiteboard or whatever, but just that he gets distracted by the pictures, and without even trying he'll see the letters he's working on and jump to a conclusion about what word it is. Bob readers in particular, because the pictures are so obviously relevant to the words on the page. I don't mind doing a lot of sounding out via my
  12. I did go ahead and buy the series...I found an 1937 version on ebay for $63 after shipping. It was slightly more than I hoped to spend but I have to say I am really happy with them! I love the myriads of colored pictures; those always catch my kids' attention and pique their interests.
  13. Thanks! Rainbow Resource seems to have them, but not in stock until November. Wondering if perhaps that's an upcoming edition...
  14. What is the most recent version of the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia? The one on Amazon is 2012, but it only has used copies available and thus I assume is out of print. ?? All other versions that come up under that title search are older publication dates. Does anyone know what the actual story is on this, and if it's worth waiting because another edition is in the works?
  15. @Lori D. THANK you! That was a wonderfully comprehensive answer and hugely helpful.
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