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  1. Great advice and very good reminders! I think I have a bit more of a plan to start implementing after Easter Break! Yes, on parental discipline: that's why I'm hoping to get in the groove before the baby comes, hopefully make it more automatic after a sleepless night... Monica, the media is for me 🙂 The only screens my kids are exposed to at home are 30 min of cartoons (only in Russian) on very rainy days when it's impossible to go outside. I will say though that audiobooks have been instrumental for my older girls in maintaining their language skills - I don't think I would have been able to do anything without audiobooks. I'm always amazed by the vocabulary they pick up from listening. I just have to keep reminding myself that I did this for several years when there were only two + infant, I can do this with four + infant too! Thanks to everyone!
  2. I know you got the review books, but in case you need something else in the future: I like the MM Golden workbooks and they go through Algebra I. There are usually several worksheets for each topic, e.g. the 3rd grade book has 5 worksheets on 1000s place value. Really good for targeted review or you can just do one w/s from each section for a more spiral review. Each unit also has a cumulative review worksheet or two (e.g. 2 for 3rd grade addition or 1 for 3rd grade multiplication). I also like them because unlike the review workbooks these are new problems (as far as I can tell) and not just reworkings of what's already in the grade books. Like you, I really wish that MM would have worked for eldest: it is such a well thought out, thorough program.
  3. Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

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    Have a very lightly used complete set that I am interested in selling as a set only: I need these off my shelf! $125 ppd


  4. So I did the test with DD7. Levels D&E were both 100% automatic. Onset rhyme 9/10 correct, 8/10 correct on basic phoneme and none correct from then on (tried J and K and after that point I stopped the test). What was interesting to me was that in J and K she changed the vowel correctly but consistently left out the final consonant so the whole word was incorrect. What does that mean? It seems to me that since she is 7 years old but technically first grade this is on target? We began English reading instruction in the fall of last year and it took her pretty much all of that time just to get through the syllabary (the only reason I didn't panic then, ElizabethB, is because that is about how long you said it had taken your son). If all this is normal then that would be a huge relief to me and we'll just keep plugging along the way we have been FWIW, we have worked through No. 29 in the 1909 speller (I have a hard copy of this which is why we use it, I know the 1824 is better).
  5. Oh, I'm not giving up - far from it! I will be making those phone calls and making arrangements, I'm just trying to be proactive in other ways too, kwim? I am going to arrange for the free resources and see where the other resources lead me: that seems like that will take time and while waiting I can start doing things now to give me a clearer picture: this is all so new that I'm a little overwhelmed. I would like to have more info about my own children and self-educate about the possibilities by the time the free testing/resources become available. And I would also like to start saving for the possibility of needing interventions: if nothing else that will give me more room in the homeschooling budget if they prove unnecessary, lol. The brother w/ ASD is not my biological brother and there are no other cases of LDs in my family and as far as I know in DH's either. 8, you amaze me, how you've dealt with so many children who have such diverse needs is beyond me. I feel overwhelmed with my four as it is! But, I'm really glad in hindsight that I followed your advice (to someone else about a year back) on using A&P for DD10: her spelling has really improved and I feel like I'm avoiding at least one problem! ETA: I see where you got the idea that I'm giving up, lol, I've edited the original post.
  6. Where would I find the information about testing for my district? A cursory look at their website does not have any info except for the phone number of the special ed department. What would I even ask for? How to introduce it?
  7. Storygirl, everything you hae written is so helpful! Thank you!
  8. Hmm, that's interesting about the reversals not being a symptom of dyslexia because the stuff I've read on dyslexia in Russian seems to indicate that consistent reversals of Russian syllables is a sign. But, at this point it is only my second child to teach reading via syllables bilingually so my experience is pretty much still 0. I think I need to go back and read your dyslexia page too! I have given her some phonological tests (not anything out of a book/official test but as we do reading lessons) and she has trouble differentiating some sounds (in both languages): especially has trouble with separating out consonant blends (so if I give her train to sound out she will miss t and start with r) and can't always tell the difference between i/e and o/u (it took her the longest time with short u - like a couple of months). I will have to try the test that you posted. That sort of breaking a spoken word out by sound is part of standard Russian reading instruction (give the child a word ask them how many phonograms they hear) and that's definitely not her strong suit either.
  9. What will testing actually accomplish for us? How will it help her both now and in the long term to have clarification on the issue? It seems to me if we are already trying to meet her "where she's at" then having a label for something that is not really treatable seems superfluous. But, I fully admit my complete ignorance on the issue and happy to be corrected 🙂 Editing out personal details!
  10. I loved the Best American series when I was in middle school! Thanks for the reminder, I'll definitely have to get a few out of storage and look through them.
  11. I thought of that and have a text in mind. I might just go ahead and design a course I'd want for my own (theoretical) high schoolers and offer it to parents who might want more guidance on how to make this into a full science credit for their students. Thanks for pointing this out!
  12. Yes, there are several groups like that in the area: people are not actually lacking for strictly academic resources here for their high schoolers. We are a far smaller group and want to keep it that way so we're looking at how to grow while fulfilling a niche need rather than turning into a cottage school type scenario.
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