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  1. Doc ordering a thyroid panel, iron, D... anything else I should check out since they are drawing so much blood already, lol?
  2. DD10 developed lower backpain about a year ago, two chiropractic adjustments solved the issue. It has to be a chiropractor though who has lots of experience adjusting children (ours even adjusts newborns) and uses low-force techniques (not popping the joints). The only way I've found to to find such a chiropractor is through word of mouth, especially if there is an active homebirth/alternative vaccine community that would be the people to start asking. I have had good success with cranialsacral therapy for chronic neck and shoulder pain but I would not use it for lower back pain. Personally, I would not jump to the worst-case scenario before exploring less dramatic causes/solutions.
  3. I do not "follow" the monarchy and only found out about this episode via this thread. In fact, my only exposure to MM are pictures on the covers of magazines in line at the grocery store: I have no love or hate for her whatsoever. But, I do find it annoying that as a royal MM has the power/luxury to request her photo not be taken in public (whether she's criticized over it or not) but as a private individual I do not.
  4. Yes to this! DD10 loved Latin when she was little and my younger two enjoy learning prayers and simple vocab. But, once we started a "real" Latin text it sucked the joy out of our Latin studies and now it's just a chore to get through. I'm ok with this because at the end of the day it's a non-negotiable and I know that real enjoyment will come from being able to read original Latin texts later on and I try to kind of break it up some by including readings from the Vulgate, listening to Latin hymns and even the occasional Latin music video or movie (viewer discretion is advised because of some adult themes but Imperator is a fun movie from Poland).
  5. I have no Latin background as well and around 4th grade seems to be a perfect time to start. We start a very gentle introduction to Latin starting at 6 using Ella Frances Lynch's methods , but Latin officially starts at our house at age 9-10. Historically, 9 or 10 was when the Latin grammar was introduced at English preparatory schools. All that to say, it is doable and 4th grade is a great time! And I disagree that one absolutely has to learn at least a little bit of Latin oneself to prepare to teach it as a homeschool subject. Here is everything you need to know about Latin grammar before preparing to learn it along side your student. I'm not endorsing the learning method, but his explanation of what makes Latin different is fantastic. The fact is that all beginning Latin programs written for homeschoolers recognize that the teacher has little to no experience and there's a lot of hand holding. I personally did not have time to study Latin ahead of my student and if I had waited until I did Latin would have never gotten done. I definitely second Getting Started with Latin, I love Mr. Linney's incremental methods and we used his French book. However when we started I had no funds for even GSWL and a free resource that my eldest really had a good track record with at age 9 is Junior Latin, a vintage text that focuses solely on the five declensions and has lots of interesting info on Roman history/culture. This is a great text for a student with no English grammar background! We simply covered the grammar needed as we went along. She went through the first two declensions (same as GSWL) before we moved on to a different program. Another introductory book that is a lot more "fun" than the two above is Andrew Campbell's I Speak Latin. My kids love the total physical recall exercises, but as an introvert it is very hard for me to implement as our sole program so we only use it as a fun supplement. There is some disagreement about whether or not it is useful to do a "pre-Latin" program before jumping in to something like Henle or another beginning text, but with my lack of Latin background and our delayed English grammar methods, I personally found spending a year or two on something gentle to be a good use of our time. Going through a pre-Latin program first will also give you a chance to figure out how your student learns and pick an appropriate program for the next step. I was all set to use a direct-method curriculum but thankfully discovered early on that my student needed a far more parts-to-whole, incremental approach so we've stuck with First Form Latin.
  6. Here's another one: Nancy Ruth Wilson's Our Mother Tongue. Just grammar, diagramming, lesson plans in the book, thin answer key.
  7. Well, if you know how MP structures their studies that is pretty much LCC. I personally did not find the book all that enlightening, but when I finally got a hold of a copy I had already read up quite a bit on historical classical education. I passed it on years ago but basically, Drew (who used to be a boardie back in the day) proposes doing Latin, math and a sort of great books type thing every day and then rotating the content subjects on a loop once a week. There's also LCC, not the book, that Hunter used to talk about. That was what some folks were doing in the 90s based on Tracy Simmons' Climbing Parnassus (I think you have read that one?). If someone is trying to keep one foot in the door of modern and neo-classical education (the way MP wants to do) LCC is not a bad approach. There used to be a PDF version on the MP website but I'm not seeing it now, maybe there's one on Lulu? Anyway, here's Drew's own explanation and here's an old thread, there are lots but that's the first one I came across in a search. Personally, I find LCC to still be too much but I don't have a nifty name for what we do 🙂
  8. Well, I would think that whoever is paying gets to decide how to spend the money. If they wanted to go the traditional route of having his parents pay they should have graciously accepted the offer of the cook out rather than dictating how it should be done.
  9. But is it possible to actually win with weddings? I just wanted to get married with parents and siblings as witnesses and then have a small family dinner at my parents' afterwards: that went over real well with everybody...
  10. Well, I have no idea how much time I have before the baby is born but some day once I'm no longer spending all our money on books... 😂 Seriously though, a couple of years back a carpet cleaning gone wrong meant that we had to pull up all our carpets and we lost a couple of pieces of furniture too. I thought I'd have to live with no floors whatsoever for a few years but when we pulled them up there was the original hard wood! I have no complaints about it being unfinished whatsoever: but the kitchen floor is clean and I need a floor to wash, lol.
  11. Alright, y'all have talked me off the ledge. No more temptation to steam mop. I'm just going to let it go: can't get everything done before the baby is born and that's life.
  12. Sounds to me like there are some serious cultural differences there as well as a complete ignorance of what it's like for people with more than one child (can you imagine if you had to take out a home equity loan for multiple children?!?!?!). Sorry you're dealing with this. FWIW, the in-laws and I got off on the wrong foot and stayed there for a while. And everyone predicted that DH and I would never work out and that we'd be divorced within a year. But, I had kids of my own and I matured: DH and I are still happily together and DMIL even moved to be nearer to us and we have a good relationship. One never knows what the future will bring.
  13. Right, not sealed at all - just the raw wood. Our house is fairly old.
  14. Yes vacuum, but I want it washed, not sure why: I'm not picky about super clean floors usually (nesting?). These are really old floors, they are not "nice" at all and I use the steam mop on the tile and vinyl in other parts of the house and it's just sitting there tempting me. I just keep thinking didn't Ma Ingalls mop her floors, wouldn't they have been unfinished wood?
  15. I know you're not supposed to use a steam mop on a hardwood floor, especially an unfinished one. But would it really destroy my floors if I did it just this once if I make sure to go over it with a dry mop afterwards? Baby is due soon and I am just unable to do my regular slightly damp cloth with vinegar routine and I really want the floors at least in our bedroom clean (a dry microfiber mop won't cut it). Thoughts, experience?
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