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  1. You deleted this but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this thread. Following it with great interest. Mine are all still little but after years of reading the boards I've finally come to understand the concept of parenting the particular child in front of me. What you describe as "intellectual partnership" is generally the vibe of our homeschool for most things and I imagine that will continue to expand to more areas as they get older, though I am definitely in the "parent as authority figure" camp. That said, authoritarianism within the context of a Catholic family is built on trust because my children know that I and their father are also under authority, that we see our authority over them as stewardship of God's gifts, and that every member of the family is working towards a common ultimate goal. I am also forthright about my own failings when it is appropriate. I think that is very different from simply imposing one's will because "I'm the parent and I can." BTW, I've never read the Explosive Child but from a google search I have implemented many of Dr. Greene's strategies simply from trial and error and select implementation of some of Rudolf Dreikurs's ideas.
  2. How would I consume them? Beer makes me too sleepy to co-sleep safely.
  3. Our house can get musty and bleach is a must, even though we have septic. I'm pretty naturally minded, make my own cleaners, etc. but I bleach whites and diapers at least monthly, rags and un-paper towels get bleached weekly. When I take kids clothes out of storage I add a bit of bleach to remove the mustiness too even though they're colored. But faded play clothes don't bother me. I've not noticed my whites lasting less than colored laundry, but I almost exclusively line dry so elastics last longer as a general rule. A whole bottle of peroxide in a warm water soak works as well as bleach for all things (even better on grass stains and blood), but it is way more expensive to use very often.
  4. We tore out the moldy carpet in our living room and replaced them with this. We live out in the country and are very hard on our floors, it looks great four years later. People come in to our home and think it is wood. Neither one of us is handy and we installed it ourselves. I wish we could have it all over the house, but we have original wood floors everywhere else and they honestly don't look as nice as this does, plus I can't wash them.
  5. I keep roasts in the fridge for a week, but I also keep my refrigerator cold and monitor the temperature with a thermometer. Here's what I did this past week: Monday: Roasted two big round roasts, had one with sides for supper stuck the other one in the fridge Tuesday: Beef and vegetable soup Thursday: French dip sandwiches with tomato soup Saturday: Beef and veggie casserole I find this system of making a roast once a week and using it in meals all the next week much more doable than freezer cooking on a regular basis. Even when I was working the hassle of cooking for the freezer was not worth it for me. I do keep a few emergency meals in the freezer but those get prepared once every couple of months. That said, I do practice save a step cooking making double and triple batches of things on a regular basis. The beef and veggie soup was a triple batch and served as lunches a couple of days this week. I needed to chop onions for the sandwiches so I went ahead and sliced up several more and stuck them in the freezer ready to go for another recipe. If I had had enough beef left I probably would have made two casseroles and frozen one. I use frozen vegetables a lot when I cook to save time.
  6. Hmm, I'm not a cannon lawyer but private Masses are legitimately said in homes and other places (I've been to them), many priests own "travelling Mass kits" for that reason that contain everything needed for a valid Mass (including altar stone/relic). This is how priests celebrate Mass around the world when there is persecution of the Church. I do know that a priest from another diocese needs permission from the Bishop to say Mass in the Bishop's diocese, but this is your pastor, your diocese he is not stepping outside of his jurisdiction. Anyway, a call to the Bishop would be an easy way for him to get a green light if he has any concerns. Of course, there is no way for this to be feasible on a regular basis, but you might see if the priest might be game for a special occasion Mass in your home. I very firmly explain authority and who has authority over whom. There is a chain of command: Bishop over the priest, priest over his parish, parents over children. This may sound harsh but at least in my (granted, very limited) experience having clear boundaries in place is essential for dealing with anxiety to prevent manipulative behavior. BTW, I've found it helps to phrase things in such a way that I sincerely acknowledge the anxiety and affirm the fact that this is very troublesome and difficult to deal with. I give all the sympathy I can, pray about the anxiety with the child, but stand firm with whatever decision we the parents have come to. But, then again, I have no problem with authority and arguments based on authority, YMMV. Of course, anxiety itself needs to be addressed: the scrupulosity is only one manifestation. This. I'm sure someone will flame me for this, but I would not try to prove anything. I mean, definitely use that example, but don't expect it to convince him nor should you be trying to convince your child that you're right. At the end of the day it really is a mental health concern (the anxiety) and a boundary question. It is not a 9 year old's role to keep track of how Cannon Law applies to the adults in his life. Ok, this is what I was trying to say but moonflower said it much better.
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