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  1. I would love some grammar curriculum suggestions for my 3rd grader. We are very behind in grammar. We just finished Level 1 of First Language Lessons a few days ago. We both disliked it and I had a hard time making her do it so it took us 2 years. Last year I tried adding in Critical Thinking Co Language Smarts B for grammar but it just had so many pages that it was hard to make any headway in it while also doing the other subjects as well as vision therapy and OT. Also, I don’t think Lang. Smarts teaches grammar explicitly enough for her. She is an excellent reader but still struggles with writing and grammar. We are about a third of the way through Writing with Ease Level 2 and we like it much better than FLL but we don’t love it so I would be open to a new writing curriculum as well. Thank you for any help you can offer!
  2. Has anyone ever combined AAS with a spelling workbook? I know the whole point of AAS is to keep it simple and not to have to use a workbook and instead use the tiles and writing on whiteboard, etc but I think if I added in a few fun workbook type pages with AAS it would make the words/concept “stick” better for my 7 year old. We also add in a day of working on the spelling review card while playing catch where I say the word and throw her the ball, and then she spells it orally and throws it back. She really likes it but I think she would also enjoy some type of fun spelling worksheets as another dimension to learning the words where the words could be used in some type of context. Any thoughts or suggestions? It seems like there must be another curriculum that separates the spelling words in a similar manner that could work but impossible to tell by just looking at sample pages online. I definitely am not up for creating my own worksheets bc husband is deployed and it’s just me with my 2 kids 24/7 so I need something already done for me. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for responding! Sometimes I just need someone to reassure me I’m not way off base or neglecting my child’s education with my plans! ?
  4. I am having a really hard time finding a science curriculum that I and my daughter like. We did Bookshark 1 last year for first grade. We loved the books and worksheet activities were ok, but hated the experiments. They do not tie in with the readings and I hated the dvd format. We did elemental science for K but I hated having to find all the books and supplies each week and, although we did science reading every week, the experiments rarely got done. My daughter LOVES science, especially the experiments. I have been looking at Noeo Science Biology 1 and A Reason for Science level 2 for 2nd but neither seems right. I have read the experiments in Noeo do not work well although we do love using “living books” and A Reason seems too juvenile in content but the amount of writing seems right (my daughter hates to write) so I don’t want to move up a level. I am seriously thinking of just using the Lakeshore Learning science activity tubs that are separated by content (solar system, rocks and minerals, weather, plants, Force and motion, matter, etc) along with usborne and library books for each subject. If you use the buy one get one 50% off they end up being not much more than A Reason for Science with the kit. I feel like it would be a lot more hands on and still get the benefit of living books. Thoughts? Suggestions for other Science curriculum? Thank you!
  5. Was there something in particular your kids did not like about BA? Thank you for your help!
  6. My daughter will be 2nd grade this year. She is almost done with RS level B and will continue on with Level C. I want to supplement RS though with something more fun and “colorful” as she does not love RS. I want to stick with RS as the primary curriculum bc I think it is a great program but want an option for days where we have limited time to do math and/or she needs a change of pace. She LOVES colorful and fun looking curriculum. I am currently debating between Beast Academy and Mathematical Reasoning from Critical Thinking Co. We used the Math Analogies from CTC last year as one of our supplements and she loved it but I want something that is more actual math and not “logic”. I am open to any new suggestions but also looking for feedback from anyone who has used Beast Acadmy and/or Math Reasoning. Thank you!
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