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  1. :iagree: and taking pictures?? On our dime? Outrageous:tongue_smilie: Lisa
  2. I tried to update by connecting it to the computer. How do you do it from your iPad ? Tx! Lisa
  3. I have an Ipad 2 bought last year. I'm trying to install an app that requires me to update my OS to the newest version, but when I try I get a warning message, something about losing all my apps and everything I have on my Ipad. Does anyone know how I can update without losing stuff (sorry, I don't speak computer well:001_smile:) thanks! Lisa
  4. You would need to manually change the option to "gift", otherwise it will default to the sale option. Lisa
  5. This looks like an awesome opportunity for middle and high school aged girls at http://women.nasa.gov/nasa-g-i-r-l-s/. I signed up, but looks like they are only picking 20 girls, so chances are slim. The videos on their site are very inspiring, though: http://women.nasa.gov/a2i/ Lisa
  6. Hi! Does Hake include diagramming? I'm looking at switching from R&S for next year. The writing instruction looks like a nice change of pace as well. Thanks!! Lisa
  7. If you were to start this with a 5th-6th grader, do you need to start at grade 1 and go all the way through? Not sure how this works. Any other curriculums you like for this age? thanks!! Lisa
  8. I didn't realize we would have to take the Intex down in the winter. I thought I read reviews that said they kept it up all year. That definitely would be a bother. Hmmm . . . Yes, I love the look of the Namco. I really want oval, since we had a round already and I think a longer pool would be more conducive to swimming laps:) Yes, still deciding if I want to tackle the project of installation. As far as filling, we have a well and as long as we get adequate rain, I think I will fill it slowly over a week or so. I do NOT want to pay for water delivery. Thanks, everyone, f
  9. We would like to install an above ground pool. Last year we put up an Intex, $300 range, and the kids loved it. We want to upgrade to a larger, permanent pool. Intex sells this http://www.amazon.com/Intex-54979EG-24-Foot-12-Foot-Rectangular/dp/B004DCANNK/ref=dp_cp_ob_lg_title_0 which has good reviews and is in our price range. The local pool shop prices are much, much higher, but I'm sure the quality is much different. The one that I looked at is here: http://www.namcopool.com/pool/above-ground-pools/pools/15x20x52-willow-oval-pool-with-liner.html I could get a much better price in t
  10. Wow, thanks for sharing. This looks great! Lisa
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