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  1. The black out/amnesia strategy is rarely successful as a defense. Not remembering that you committed a crime is not a defense to the crime. Those defense can sometimes play a role in sentencing but I would expect this one to be ineffective.
  2. Leading Nebraska to a title in 1997 wasn't enough?
  3. While Netflix does receive money whether you watch the movie or not via your subscription, the success of their shows is based on how often they are viewed. If you don't watch it you will be sending a message.
  4. Have any of you ever watched the Exorcist? A certain scene in that film is more graphic and disturbing.
  5. Legally this isn't as clear cut as you make it out to be. The fact the child is clothed and did not actually engage in a sexual act matters. The odds of Netflix facing any distribution charges are effectively zero.
  6. I have found they all have a bit of an aftertaste.
  7. 1.) I am not so sure that previous generations believed they could cause the world to end. I believe there was always a fear of some kind of cataclysm, but considering how tenuous life was for many, many generations I think that is understandable. 2.) Again, climate change aside, humans do possess the ability to end life as we know it on this planet. That ability did not exist prior to 1945. Fallout shelters and drills were already a thing of the past when we came close to accidental nuclear launches in 1983 and 1995. There was also a lesser known malfunction in 2010. 3.) Actually your exact words were " so much so that govt officials want to criminalize dissent from the said theory."
  8. Except a key difference now is that we have literally had the ability to end life as we know it on this planet for 50+ years. Factor in rapid changes in technology and industrialization on a scale not previously imagined and I would think that taking our current environmental issues and concerns seriously is warranted. And where has skepticism regarding environmental change been criminalized?
  9. I would tell sister to not come over until she was comfortable having her baby around your kids. It's her right to choose her holds her child, but it is not her right to scold your kids in their own home for just being kids.
  10. In general the LTC plans that act as annuity/life insurance hybrids are the ones that seem to make the most sense for most people. A couple of links that help break down these types of plans:
  11. It's the same as any other credit card. Nothing fishy about it - pay it off each month and there are no fees or interest, We have had ours for 2 years.
  12. Note that the Florida statute does not mention the word "threat" even though you keep using it.
  13. The full Florida statute applies anywhere you have a legal right to be.
  14. Hotels: I don't believe you can get anything on the strip on a weekend for under $100/night. The one or two I can think of that you possibly could (Circus Circus being one) I would *not* stay in, especially with a family. You will likely have better luck off strip. Parking: most of the casinos on the strip now charge parking. There are still some that do not. I am not sure if this list is up to date but I believe the Venetian still doesn't charge. No idea about the others. Food: Nothing in the hotel/casinos is going to be cheap. Some are worse than others of course. You will likely find the cheaper options in the mid-tier locations. Without a specific meal budget it's hard to give exact recommendations. Activities: The activities at the Bellagio and Caesars are still free. You can also visit the Mirage Volcano and Circus Circus has various circus acts/carnival type activities. I think part of the Chocolate Factory tour is open daily. There is also a wildlife habitat (mostly birds and fish, maybe some reptiles but I can't remember for sure) at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. In the past we could walk around with a back pack and carry snacks, but you may want to double check as security has changed since the shootings. SKL is correct - a location with a pool would help tremendously and could provide an easy early evening activity each night.
  15. It as to be more than threatened - reasonable belief of imminent death or bodily harm. Someone pushing and not following up with an aggressive act should not qualify.
  16. " The store owner tells Tampa’s ABC affiliate that Drejka has a history of assaulting people in the very parking lot where the shooting took place. "
  17. I am still not finding anything that says the shooter was the store owner. "The customer and the girlfriend started yelling at each other after the customer complained to her about parking there, according to deputies. Another customer went inside to tell the manager about a disturbance outside. McGlockton walked outside and shoved the customer to the ground."
  18. You have more faith in Florida politicians and law enforcement than I do.
  19. The law really isn't that bad if Florida DAs would quit allowing an overly broad definition of "reasonably believes". This is the same issue with some officer involved shootings - at some point that criteria must be applied with a bit of common sense.
  20. Wow. I just thought he was a local random nutter.
  21. I have multiple attorney friends in Florida who disagree. Under your theory, someone can slap someone in Florida, and then be justifiably shot because a "forcible act" occurred. That is neither the spirit nor the intent of the law.
  22. Was he the store owner? I thought he was just a customer?
  23. I suggest you do some research on Florida laws and case law then.
  24. No, you are interpreting that section incorrectly. "Unlawful or forcible act" under Florida law would be a forcible felony. Simple battery is a misdemeanor.
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