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  1. Our local middle schools (all relatively new construction) have a coaches office in the locker room with a window that can see into the changing area, which sounds similar to what you had but on the ground level.
  2. We already have various age restrictions (alcohol being a primary one) which have been upheld so I don't think you will find much traction to end them.
  3. 1.) No idea. 2.) The distinction is a well trained *and supervised* 19yo versus a random one who can make a purchase just because they have enough money. Weapons and ammunition in the military are accounted for and tightly controlled.
  4. I actually thought a great deal about the 18 vs 21 issue when I read that law. I think military service is an interesting point to bring up, but considering those in the military at that age receive significant training and oversight I think that is enough of a distinction to justify the restriction. I had some concerns about the being charged for a gun being stolen/used in a crime but I agree with you that the guidelines are clear and reasonable.
  5. When you have a moment take a look at the ballot initiative just passed in Washington state: https://ballotpedia.org/Washington_Initiative_1639,_Changes_to_Gun_Ownership_and_Purchase_Requirements_Measure_(2018)
  6. I didn't say one word about kids who punched someone for grabbing their butt. Your logic is strange. I am not sure how you can say something is not a big deal but also worthy of punching someone over. One would think you would also support those who take the route of reporting someone who grabbed their butt.
  7. Grabbing the genitals of another goes past being "wrong" imo. We aren't talking about someone being rude and ticking someone off.
  8. I don't get your logic at all. Why is it okay for a stranger to get one free grab at the privates of another if they are adults?
  9. He explains the legal perspective fairly well. He was very neutral on the perjury issue, with my only quibble being the larger perjury issues were raised before the Ford allegations.
  10. Everything else aside, the owner of that site is taking on a legal risk that is mind boggling.
  11. Subjective opinions are not necessarily insults. It is a way of explaining why someone is viewing an issue differently.
  12. It's an observation. It is based on perception, and one can choose to take offense from it if they are so inclined.
  13. Threatening/hinting at a lawsuit when you know you have no intention of going forward or know you do not have a solid legal basis to go forward is a poor tactic. Youth sports organizations have liability coverage that will cover them if they are sued, including all legal costs. I am on a board that has been threatened with lawsuits numerous times, been sued twice (2-0 in court fwiw), and it really isn't that much of a threat. If you do make that kind of threat and then don't follow up with legal action when changes aren't made, any complaints made later won't be taken as seriously. Reg
  14. Unless there is an issue of gross negligence most states protect officials and leagues from liability suits related to how a game is refereed. Poor/inconsistent calls generally do not rise to the level of gross negligence.
  15. Just for clarification, the OP can ask the prosecutor to move forward with charges, but whether they do or not is out of the OP's hands. If there is the possibility of criminal action, contacting the parents of the other child would not be advisable.
  16. One of the major costs people like to point out (medical liability) can be significantly reduced via a socialized healthcare model. Suffering an injury due to medical negligence under our current model can be absolutely catastrophic for a family due to the possibility of future costs. Absorbing those costs into a socialized model removes the need for a large % of current medical liability costs and would also reduce the need for CYA tests requested by doctors.
  17. Really? I run into more people from other countries who seem appalled by our current system. Other western nations with various forms of socialized healthcare all spend less per capita and have better overall health outcomes.
  18. We have a 13yo nephew who is Type 1. I worry about what his options will be down the road. We are fortunate that it is *likely* someone in the family will be able to assist him financially but it is so scary.
  19. The black out/amnesia strategy is rarely successful as a defense. Not remembering that you committed a crime is not a defense to the crime. Those defense can sometimes play a role in sentencing but I would expect this one to be ineffective.
  20. Leading Nebraska to a title in 1997 wasn't enough?
  21. While Netflix does receive money whether you watch the movie or not via your subscription, the success of their shows is based on how often they are viewed. If you don't watch it you will be sending a message.
  22. Have any of you ever watched the Exorcist? A certain scene in that film is more graphic and disturbing.
  23. Legally this isn't as clear cut as you make it out to be. The fact the child is clothed and did not actually engage in a sexual act matters. The odds of Netflix facing any distribution charges are effectively zero.
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