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  1. Correct - don't get why you think the court shouldn't have ruled. It's like you don't get why courts exist.
  2. And when the parents disagree? I mean it's like you aren't grasping why this ended up in a court.
  3. Also, if you want a legal YouTube channel that can take you down a lot of rabbit holes, I highly recommend Lehto on the Law. He isn't infallible but brings up some good topics.
  4. I actually was thinking about that as I was typing that and forgot to come back to it. I believe if they get a warrant for the device they can tell if voice to text was being used or if the device was being operated manually. I need to reach out to a friend who does accident investigations for an insurance company as I really would like to know how this is addressed.
  5. I watched this tonight and thought it was well done. You could actually see the woman who was facing conspiracy theories about herself almost have an epiphany and realize how that related to her own beliefs, but then the hamster running the wheel that powers her brain died and the moment passed. I follow various conspiracy theories and movements, and the flat earth types are usually floating around the fringes of the sovereign citizen and redemption movements. I found the part of the doc where the experiments failed and the flat earthers simply ignored the results to be very much like how the sovereign citizens deal with the mass of evidence that their theories are simply wrong. I have lost count of how many videos I have watched where someone claiming the "right to travel without a license" has had their window broken out and then arrested, yet they still cling to their beliefs (even after losing in court). The redemption movement (belief that there is an account at the Federal Reserve with millions in it under your SS #) was all the rage in 2017, and no matter how many times these people had bill payments rejected and racked up late fees, they would insist it really worked and sooner or later their bills would be paid by their secret account. Some actually lost their homes/cars and still think it will eventually be made right. Many of the redemption gurus are now in jail for fraud, but their followers still believe there is a great awakening on the horizon and they will be freed any day. A lot of them jumped on the Q-Anon silliness as proof that something "big" is about to happen. *sigh*
  6. Actually the IRS must show "willful evasion" to have any shot at getting a conviction. There is a clear cut difference between mistakes and evasion. If the IRS is pursuing criminal charges against someone for tax evasion (which they rarely do), then it's a pretty good bet they have the goods. The FBI conviction rate is also a factor of what they choose to pursue.
  7. They can request access and seize the device. If you are a US citizen they can detain you for a reasonable period of time but cannot deny you entry. If someone is not on their phone at the time of an accident, it is in their best interest to comply, as they will be able to resolve matters with their insurance more quickly with a completed police report. If the police believe you were distracted due to your phone (and you were), they will be able to easily get a warrant for your phone and for your activity on your phone from your service provider. They generally cannot force you to comply at the scene (what the police can/can't do as far as compliance/assistance with accessing a device is still being litigated) but they can seize the device as evidence.
  8. The biggest red flags were the location and timing of the attack. For a hoax it was poorly planned, but after hearing he paid the accomplices by check I guess it isn't surprising.
  9. The details and description of the alleged shooter came straight from the police reports. And the police put out the description of the alleged shooter based on those details along with the footage of the pickup in the area. Which is standard as they can only go on what they have at the time. Often the police are investigating other angles quietly but if they have a possible suspect they go ahead and release what they have instead of letting the trail run cold.
  10. Not exactly. The media reported what the police had at the time. The pickup/driver in question did exist and were caught on video - he just wasn't the shooter.
  11. I am not really sure what you are asking. I don't believe the public has any direct access to his emails. We do have access to court documents which include evidence from the investigation, including some emails. The charging documents provide the legal justification for his arrest, detention, and trial and should be accessible to the public. I would be more afraid of a legal system where charging documents were kept secret.
  12. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I personally welcome our new Emojii Overlords and look forward to their benevolent reign.
  13. 15yos who haven't completed a high school education with babies tend to have worse overall outcomes than those who are 18+ when they have their first child.
  14. I don't think you completely get how immunity works.
  15. He has enough sense to get vaccinated so his understanding is leaps and bounds beyond hers.
  16. You won't go to jail for simply being wrong on your taxes. The tax code is really not that complicated for most personal income tax calculations. We usually have ours set up to where we are +/- $400-500 each year. To our second bolded, we operate as a pay as you go system so that the government has an income stream throughout the year, and also because most people would rather not have to hold thousands in cash to pay a lump sum bill every year.
  17. I think the primary goal is to make it less likely they become parents or catch an STD while in high school.
  18. Her willful ignorance only lacks a significant risk because she is raising her children in a modern nation where the vast majority still vaccinate. Her child has a right to judge her.
  19. Damn government wanting to protect its citizens from dangerous communicable diseases. Polio for all! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!
  20. Good choice! I have been there 2 times and it was very good!
  21. I have zero sympathy for the mother.
  22. Hold on a minute...regarding the bolded: are you saying 43% of children have chronic illnesses that include autoimmune and neuroimmune disorders, or that 43% have a neuroimmune or autoimmune condition? Those are two very different numbers.
  23. I always enjoy watching the Dunning-Kruger effect play out in real time.
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