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  1. Considering he is a decade older than Timmothy I find that unlikely. Most likely this was someone with serious mental issues.
  2. The only thing that makes a little sense is that he is older and possibly mentally ill. A younger teen wouldn't likely be capable of doing this. I was curious as to why the police were being so tight lipped. I am thinking they figured out quickly he wasn't a teen.
  3. I know the family was being cautioned that it may not be him but you know their hopes had to be up. This has to be crushing.
  4. Sounds like acquainted at best. I don't think we will get many answers until they are caught. He seems to have been abused based on what witnesses who saw him after his escape have reported, so clearly he didn't feel safe. And if this is him I assume his permanent home will be with the dad who has never quit looking for him.
  5. I don't think there is any evidence to ask questions about the father. "She also called Jim’s brother. She told him as well that everything was fine, but “Timmothy belongs to me,” according to True Crime Daily." She clearly wasn't well.
  6. I have also read that the men he was with were those he has been with for the past 7 years. I am not reading too much into the back story yet as we are only getting drips (for a good reason).
  7. Them taking advantage of her situation is more likely than them being involved in the suicide. It should be noted she had attempted suicide in the past as well. If she was in the last hotel alone and there was no video of others coming/going then the speculation that her suicide was staged is unlikely.
  8. It seems unlikely based on the evidence. There is video of her buying the paper and pens she used to pen the note, and her son was not with her when she checked into the hotel room in which she committed suicide. If someone was behind this they would have been better off to just make her disappear as the police would always be looking for a mom and son rather than a missing child.
  9. I vaguely recall when this child went missing. "A boy appeared in Newport, Kentucky, on Wednesday, claiming to be missing child Timmothy Pitzen. Timmothy's disappearance has remained a mystery since his mother took him out of school and traveled to multiple Midwest water parks in 2011. She was found dead of an apparent suicide in a Rockford motel room and had left a note that the boy was safe but would never be found,"
  10. +1 No different than if a parent takes their child to the doctor with abdominal pain, and the doctor believes like it is likely appendicitis and tells them to get the child to the emergency room ASAP. If the parents don't show then I would expect the doctor to be concerned and follow up and contact CPS if needed.
  11. They were promoting allowing adults to legally have sex with children. Two different times you claimed they were advocating " decriminalising sex for children" which is outright falsehood. It's hard to claim that these groups were actually part of the sexual revolution when society actually moved in the other direction of criminalizing sexual activity between adults and children during the same time (AOC laws increased in many places, the nearly universal ban against child p*rn, and increased enforcement of laws regarding the sexual abuse of children and the dissemination of child p*orn). Arguing these groups were part of the "real conversation" when they were booted from the conversation via criminal prosecution and other groups refusing to be associated with them is nonsensical. Regarding the bolded, how else would the limits be made? If you try to argue religion, good luck picking which one!
  12. 1.) If you refuse to let CPS/the police in without a warrant (within your rights), you are a moron when you refuse to let them in when they come back with a warrant. There is no scenario where that will ever end well for you. 2.) Having been in an apartment that was on the receiving end of a knock from police officers serving a warrant (they wanted the unit across the hall - college town apartments and the neighbors were apparently supplementing their financial aid with a home-based pharmaceutical business), if the police are knocking on your door with the intent of serving a warrant you will know.
  13. I am calling this out yet again. There was no movement decriminalizing sex *for* children. There were very, very small groups (NAMBLA, PIE and the possibly fictitious Rene Guyon Society) that failed miserably in efforts to decriminalize sex *with* children by lowering the age of consent. Those are not the same things. Based on my limited knowledge of these groups they focused their arguments on children's rights more so than anything to do with forced celibacy. The groups in question were as a rule not given much credibility, and based on a quick search most of those involved were in prison by the 80s. Police investigations moved rather quickly thanks to public pressure, so I think your insinuations that these groups had any sort of acceptability is a serious reach. FWIW during the same time frame you referenced child p*rn was legally available in many places and was sold alongside adult p*rn. By the end of the attempts of these groups to lower the AOC most nations had changed their laws to outlaw it.
  14. +1 I would also like to add even though Bluegoat's point about slavery "declining" for a time is technically correct, during that same time period the Church also routinely participated and condoned the subjugation of the peasant/serf classes throughout Europe and elsewhere.
  15. Incorrect. In time of a heath emergency public health officials can restrict to public places. If they were only restricting access to places of worship or singling out specific groups then there would be a violation. In the manner you are describing they would be acting within the law.
  16. They would still be incorrect as the statistic for medical mistakes /= "doctors cause more deaths". Medical mistakes is a broad category that includes a lot more than malpractice/mistakes by caregivers.
  17. Wait...what are you saying happened exactly? Both then and now the laws were not structured in a way to criminalize a child having sex, but rather it was (and still is) a criminal act to have sex with a child. Those are two very, very different concepts under the law. If you are hinting that progressive were somehow accepting of no AOC laws at all, then I will need to see some receipts showing that was a broadly accepted view. Hint: it wasn't.
  18. Reasonable quarantines and other measures to protect the public health do not violate the Constitution.
  19. You know, when someone comes out with a comment like this I really do have to wonder if they even take a moment to just think it through a little. Have you never heard of people with limited resources using library computers for job searches, job applications and the like? And you really think one of society's major issues is "pervs" getting access to library computers? Really? I won't get started with you regarding the legalization of pot because I don't have time for a remake of "Reefer Madness" right now.
  20. Interesting but not particularly useful when discussing a potential recession, particularly as it was written before the yield curve inversion on Friday and the latest manufacturing numbers. It also focuses on stock market returns, which are nice so far in 2019 but still has down around 5% from October. Monday is going to be a shaky day for the markets based on current futures action and the performance of Asian markets today. Another correction in the next few months is not out of the question. A lot will depend on trade deals and the next round of economic reports.
  21. I have a few Aussie friends scattered about and they have told me something similar about real estate prices. Construction is particularly recession sensitive so I would certainly be cautious. There isn't an impending international economic Armageddon but on a personal level there doesn't need to be. As the old economic saying goes, if your neighbor loses his/her job there is a recession. If you lose your job then there is a depression. The other one I like is: --A recession means you need to tighten your belt. --A depression means you have no belt to tighten. --And in a panic you don't need a belt because you no longer have pants.
  22. 1.) Ask yourself if these are long term or short term decisions. The shorter the term the more recession risk I would assign to the decision. 2.) Evaluate your personal risk in a recession. How secure are your primary sources of income? How leveraged are you? Not all recession risk is equal. 3.) I am old school here, but never borrow to invest. And even though the numbers don't totally support this, eliminating debt has life equity value that doesn't show up in a balance sheet. The best of both worlds is investing for the future while also working a debt elimination plan but sometimes life says "hahahaha no!" to that plan. 4.) If it is an investment decision (and this is not professional investment advice), equities have limited upside in the near term. I wouldn't let FOMO (fear of missing out) play a role at this time. If it is more of a real estate decision it is more of a grey area.
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