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  1. Depending on where they are going with CM I am okay with the character being unlikable as that fits the current comic characterization. I disagree on that scene being forced. All the characters are present at the battle so it isn't impossible. And like I said, I don't mind a little fan service and it was a fun scene.
  2. My idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service.
  3. In the link you provided the church leadership seems to think they were being targeted due to having a large number of minority members.
  4. Personally I am just glad Christians in this country have never had to face actual persecution. I don't understand the need of those who want to pretend they have.
  5. Not really. A random broken window doesn't prove anything,
  6. 1.) My favorite scene was "On your left!" 2.) I don't mind the Captain Marvel arrogance as it is true to the current characterization in the comic. I know she seems a bit forced but the back story explains it, and her character opens up a lot of options for the universe as a whole. 3.) The girl power scene falls into the category of fun fan service, and I am okay with that. I have no idea where they are going with the MCU now.
  7. I am not sure rare, random attacks qualify under the general understanding of persecution. Christians have been, and currently still are, a dominant group in the U.S. so claiming persecution is a stretch.
  8. You certainly implied it when you used the Birmingham church bombing and the Charleston shooting as evidence of Christian persecution.
  9. I will also add that anyone who thinks citing one act against a group as evidence of systemic persecution is someone who doesn't grasp what real persecution looks like.
  10. First, I didn't make that claim. Second, you started off just randomly calling any attack involving a church as anti-Christian so it is hard to take you seriously.
  11. The church burnings were again targeting African American churches. The Sutherland Springs church was targeted because the shooter's ex-wife attended it. The shooter in Antioch, TN claimed his attack was in response to the shooting at the black church in Charleston, SC. You aren't making your case very well.
  12. Claiming the bolded as acts targeting Christians is intellectually dishonest. In both cases the targets were African Americans who happened to be Christian.
  13. He was 18 in 2018 so it could have been purchased then. Could have been purchased illegally.
  14. Every offender has a first time. Some are actually caught the first time.
  15. I understand that - it also designates on the site where their current residence is or if they are currently incarcerated. I just pulled another. Disposition date of 1997. Registration date of 2018 at the sheriff's office. Not currently incarcerated. I have been scrolling through Anderson county and I am not seeing any short sentences that can be determined by looking at the disposition date, the sentence, and the registration date.
  16. Are you sure about this? I have been looking at the Texas Registry and it includes the the disposition date. Based on the disposition dates and the registration date, I don't believe it is is possible to accurately estimate time served. Example: I pulled one where the offender is currently incarcerated, the offenses occurred in 1991, but he has a registration date of 2017. I think you are making assumptions based on limited data.
  17. The reality is we don't know how cooperative/reliable the victim was. I agree we should not make assumptions about her as we simply do not know. FWIW a plea deal in a felony case doesn't always indicate actual guilt. If you are looking at a risky trial and 25+ years in prison and someone offers a lesser plea and probation...even some innocent people won't take the gamble.
  18. 1.) Once a plea deal is reached, it goes before the judge with recommendations from the prosecution based on the deal that has been reached. The hearing before the judge is the sentencing portion. 2.) You do not know if the mother or victim submitted a written impact statement. 3.) Unless the mother is being permitted to give a statement to the judge (highly unusual in a plea deal), then she has no reason to be at sentencing. There is also no role for a civil attorney at sentencing. (Suggesting is a big WTF in my mind.) 4.) You are confusing a sentencing hearing after a trial with one after a plea deal.
  19. 1.) Depends on what you define as "sensible", doesn't it? 2.) You didn't say less likely to happen, You said they would stop. You also specified the white supremacist shootings, which as terrorist attacks would be the ones less affected by most gun control proposals that been put forth.
  20. That's unusual in criminal cases unless there is a plea bargain. And no, that is not accurate for my state. In general, unless there is a plea to a lesser charge, offenses against younger victims get longer sentences everywhere I have lived. On the flip side, plea bargains in those cases are common as children are tough to use as witnesses for many reasons. I find the child p*rn business case particularly surprising as both state and federal average sentences for CP are very high, partly because those cases have large amounts of physical evidence and also because each image can be counted as a separate offense. Edit: Just went to the sex offender registry for my state. I did a search for those convicted for child molestation and currently incarcerated. First 7 hits were still in prison and have been serving sentences of 9-17 years.
  21. Still do not see what point you think you are making. The victim can submit an impact statement. That does not mean 1.) it will be used after a plea bargain is set, or 2.) that the victim is allowed to testify at sentencing. The mother not attending the sentencing after the plea did not affect the sentence.
  22. Not sure I can agree with this statement. Not sure why you believe Christians can directly stop the actions of others.
  23. I can't comment on Texas, but I can say in the states I have been in there is no 1 month/age of victim rule. Also keep in mind that if someone is sentenced to prison any time served in jail awaiting trial is (correctly) deducted from the prison sentence. FWIW it is rare anyone serves the full time for any sentence, partly due to our prisons being over crowded thanks to our insistence of treating certain nonviolent drug offenses with sentences in the same range as child molestation.
  24. The mother can't just show up and demand to be heard. If she knew the deal was in place and isn't allowed to give a statement, why would you expect her to attend the hearing?
  25. Most states do not require that a victim impact statement be heard after a plea bargain. Based on what I can find online New York is one of the states that doesn't mandate the victim be heard.
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