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  1. I am not sure how that disputes anything I said. The U.S. was in the war and was providing significant military aid to Britain and the Soviets. Remove the U.S. and the threat of a western front, the Italian front, and the North African campaign and the picture in the east develops very differently.
  2. Very unlikely. Britain was hanging on by a thread in 1941 and there was no chance of them ever staging an invasion of western Europe without aid from the US. Without the threat of a western front and the Italian front the Germans likely could have held off the Soviet advance.
  3. Which is why I wouldn't be making a comment about Australian history, especially a petty one, without making sure I had my facts straight.
  4. I can't imagine different countries are teaching different dates. If someone is going to make a statement like that it's always best to do a quick fact check.
  5. The war lasted almost 6 years and the US entered after around 2 1/3 years and had been providing significant material assistance prior. "Came in at the end" is both petty and wrong.
  6. I am not aware of a SCOTUS decision that severely impacted the rights of HOAs. There is a lot wrong in the rest of your post, but in general the HOA will have a process to enforce their regulations, usually via fines/liens and eventual foreclosure. In AZ the foreclosure process can begin once the debt reaches $1200. A judge would not grounds to get social services involved any more than in any other foreclosure case.
  7. Which is the correct move in their situation. If there is no appeals process taking it to the media is their best shot at forcing the board to review its decision.
  8. The HOA stated in the letter that they "can't" let him stay, which is false. They can, but they are choosing not to do so. Therefore they are coming across as gaping ********.
  9. If the HOA did not have an exception clause in its rules then I would say their hands are tied and they aren't being heartless, as refusing to follow their own rules would put them in a precarious legal situation going forward. However, the board *can* give permission at its discretion, and I can therefore conclude everyone on the board is a gaping *******.
  10. I would continue to invite them just for the stories.
  11. FWIW football and other sports are now implementing a concussion protocol at a young age. Football has moved that direction for some time but last season (at least in our state) basketball also implemented it as well. Too late for many who were injured in the past but a step in the right direction.
  12. The injury data was national so the correct comparison is national participation rates. Hockey participation is dwarfed by other major sports. Team swimming also has low participation rates. To put this in perspective, most small communities in rural areas nationwide will not field a single hockey or swim team, but they usually will field multiple basketball and baseball teams at the youth level. The comparison isn't really even close.
  13. You have to compare injuries related to participation rates. Hockey has a very low participation rate in the US. My guess is that the head injuries/participant is >>> than golf.
  14. The money does go back to the schools, and it is pumped back into athletics. And they certainly get an opportunity for a free college education (and most NCAA athletes do get a degree). The reality is you will now have boosters targeting 17 year olds for "endorsement" contracts and I don't believe the end result will benefit the average athlete.
  15. I will be interested to see if the NCAA gets involved. It didn't give USC a competitive advantage (seems to be the opposite) so I am not sure this will be a priority with everything else they have going on.
  16. I doubt it. Appeals are limited in scope. No different than when a judge makes very negative comments at a sentencing.
  17. Correct. Someone above expressed concerns about any potential appeals being tainted by the judge's actions, but any appeals will go through different judges.
  18. Off-duty cops get convicted fairly often. Most only make the news briefly.
  19. FWIW legally "intent" can form in a moment just before the act. There wasn't a great case for manslaughter. She entered his home and had no valid reason to shoot him.
  20. There are cameras throughout and they will (at the minimum) be able to see who was in the area.
  21. Yes, but that isn't relevant regarding how he is being held on the new charges.
  22. You aren't under constant 24/7 surveillance, and comparing that to being on camera in public is just silly. And I never mentioned a right to privacy. Prisoners do have a right to (reasonable) personal dignity.
  23. Epstein had not yet been convicted. Also his alleged victims have the same right to justice as all victims, regardless of the notoriety of the accused. Being kept under 24/7 surveillance for reasons outside the usual protocol would correctly be challenged in court.
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