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  1. Thank you! I will look at this. That sounds like what I was picturing in my mind.
  2. It is looking like only 3 children right now, meeting weekly for about an hour, maybe 25-30 sessions. I plan to include poetry memorization, some brief picture study some weeks, and MAYBE discuss some lit selections. I wanted to spend maybe half the class time each week on some grammar work, but so do not want to invent my own program over the summer. Looking for something that is not teacher intensive. They can do the CW at home easily, maybe some grammar practice at home..,
  3. I did Winston Grammar last year with a group and that worked really well. This year, because of the ever-changing make-up of the group, I will have 2 of those students (approx 4th gr) and one more (3rd grade) who has had no real grammar lessons yet. We call the class LAnguage Arts and they will have some lit assignments we will talk about, we memorize poetry, and I do some picture study when we have time. We have about an hour, once a week in class, meeting maybe about 30x. I wanted to round the class out with some basic grammar exercises we could talk about in class, and they could
  4. This looks interesting! Have you used it? Does it seem like it would work well with students meeting at a co-op once a week?
  5. I have never used CP and am considering using it for a co-op class that meets once a week with approx. 3-4th graders. With your experience, can you see that working well?
  6. Thank you for this, but I should have mentioned that I tried FLL years ago with my older children and I don’t do well with the scripted lessons...
  7. Hey, I’m looking for something that might be similar to Rod & Staff in that it is a general grammar curriculum that covers a variety of topics that would be easy to use in a co-op setting. I’m thinking that a workbook would be helpful. Any ideas? This would be a beginner level, grades 3-4. Thank you!
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