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  1. My son is using IMACS. It is $$$, but great course and great email teacher support.
  2. 😂 Right?! She gets really annoyed when I point that out. 😂 She very much has perfectionism across the board. When she was younger, she'd have a crying meltdown whenever she tried anything new. It's held her back a few times and people don't really know what to do with it. I don't know either. Just let her cry and she'll participate excellently next time. I probably look like a terrible mom, but there's no consoling her when she gets like that. It's gotten a little better with age. But, not completely. Thanks! I remember looking into that years ago for my other daughter. I'll look at it again. It seemed good. It matters because it's an area that's paralyzing her. She needs help getting through this, not to give up. If she changes her mind on what she wants to do with her life, that's fine. But, the girl absolutely can't be giving up dreams because she doesn't want to risk trying. We don't need to start that pattern in her life. Also, it does effect her academic work. Last week, it took her all day to write a short story assignment that took 45 minutes once she stopped fretting about it. It often takes her all day to do her English assignments because she frets about them so much first. Thanks. I do try to encourage her. Thanks for the encouragement to keep doing that. She may not need a different english after all, but just coping skills to get more used to it. I pray that she'll get better at this the more she lives and sees that life is ok, even when you fail and worst-case-senario is usually not that bad.
  3. She loves to draw and doodles on everything. This sounds perfect for her. I'll definitely message you when I get on the computer. Thanks.
  4. I need help figuring out what to do with my 14yo daughter. She has always loved writing and wanted to be an author. She has a million stories in her head and is amazing verbally telling stories to her younger sisters or describing stories she wants to write. But, she's also an extreme perfectionist and has become paralysed whenever she tries to write anything. She's now giving up that dream of being an author and decided to write comics because she doesn't believe she can write a story. And is super stressed out about that, too! (I'm not against her doing comics, as long as it's her choice and not because she's given up.) So, what can we do for english that will help her organize her thoughts and get them out of her head and onto paper? Right now she's taking "English 10" with a local grandma-former teacher. She uses Abeka for grammar and is now doing lit. The plan next year would be American lit and 11th grade lit. But, I don't know if we want to continue with that just because I really want to focus on freeing up her mind so that she can get the words flowing. Any suggestions?
  5. My dd really loves writing and wants to be an author. She wants a teacher who can read what she's written and give feedback and constructive criticism. Is there something like that online? I'm hoping to find something in person. But if not, online will do. I'd like to find someone who loves it like she does.
  6. Ooo, do you mind sharing your plan? I just got done scheduling out BJU Geography and it seems a bit tedious and is making me feel bogged down already. What you're describing sounds perfect.
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