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  1. Thanks to both for the replies. I am settling in on an addendum. I have listed music as a class four years in a row. Two instrumenets, three orchestras, lots of lessons. It is a bit of a quandry whether or not I should list a long list of instructors, private and classroom.... I know I have seen that on course lists but it seems excessive. We do have other extracurriculars to round out that portion.
  2. How have people described these on their course descriptions when submitting college applications? Should there be an addendum listing performances, ensembles, names of music played? or is this listed in the course description. Does anyone have experience with what colleges like? Lookinf for advise. Thanks!
  3. I am wondering how people have described advanced community orchestra/strings symphony, chamber and middle school concert orchestra experience in the course description. I have listed music (grades 9 - 12) as 4 credits of highschool. Now, I am beginning to think that maybe we should have an addendum at the end of the course descriptions listing performances, solos and highlighting music learned. I'd love some advice. My DS does not plan to major or minor in music but would love to participate in an orchestra and as the principle chair I think we should showcase in the best light.
  4. Hope and Calvin offer good scholarships based on scores. There is still a lot mor left to pay though. Saint Olaf's has a nice merit scholarshop. too.
  5. If you are applying now but the dual enrollment class won't be over until December, do you still ask the DE college to send an unofficial transcript?
  6. Thanks for the response. My husband explained his problem better. When he clicked on home school it said something like "homeschool clearing house" and that does not seem correct. But does seem odd. Still wondering if we can list home school costs incurred like private school expenses.
  7. We home school. On the CSS form do we check off highschool unlisted? or home school? One of us is concerned that the home school box is not for all home schoolers but maybe for a home school group in a designated city. Does anyone know? And private schools can list expenses? Can homeschoolers list a cost for books, CC classes, online classes, i.e. Rosetta Stone, etc?
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