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  1. I carry two. One thin, one thicker. I never know what my teacher will include and if it’s going to be a lot of time on my knees, I need the cush. But the cush is too unstable for balance work, so normally I use the thinner one.
  2. Remember the Christian singer Chris Rice? This reminds me of a line from one of his songs... “smell the color nine.”
  3. We once bought a house with the clause written into the contract that we have access one week prior to closing to get some painting done. This was a very reasonable request in lieu of the seller not reducing the price further (which they would have needed to do for any other buyer to get the market value where it should be to make a sale). There were friends of the sellers living in the house (for free!) after a relocation of their own, and despite being informed of the date to be out, they Would Not Leave. They’d been in the house for over a year, and the house had been on the market a long time. I guess we should have expected a problem, because they got a little testy when we called for a third showing because it “inconvenienced” them (the FREE boarders🙄). The seller finally had to help them move their stuff and was carrying out the last of it when we arrived at the house after closing. It was quite a drama, the sellers were obviously distraught so we didn’t threaten with breech of contract or anything, though we could have. I just couldn’t get over the nerve of the freeloaders who were living there at the kindness of the sellers. Obviously it severed that friendship.
  4. Oh, I forgot that was a thing! With that, yes it makes sense. Not to me, necessarily, but to you as the speaker.
  5. Only if you have a calendar with alternating colors for the date.
  6. Ugh! The real estate agent for the buyer in our last move did that to us - came as we were moving out, before going to closing. Just waltzed in and stood in the kitchen like she owned the place! I almost gave her a piece of my mind but had too many moving helpers to direct. It was annoying and downright creepy.
  7. Yeah! I might have said that I didn’t want it. I don’t think I’ll ever purchase a fundraiser food item that requires a layman to have kept it properly frozen/refrigerated.
  8. I just recently got around to watching the movie I Tonya. Your question made me immediately think of the cake-smashing scene at their wedding. No smashing or dabbing at mine, perish the thought!
  9. Yay! Of course we care, by now we feel sorta invested in your process! Hope everything flows well to closing.
  10. I would be uneasy over the fact that she brought you a buyer so fast. We did one real estate transaction with the same agent selling our house and representing the sellers of the house we bought (we met her when we toured the house we eventually bought). We believe she was honest and did her best to represent both parties, but the truth is that she had a better established relationship with the other party before we came along. In hindsight I believe an unrelated agent would have helped us make the purchase at a lower price. There really is a conflict of interest. I would ask that she decrease her commission by 1%. She is doing the detail work for both parties, so technically she is doing both jobs, so I wouldn’t seek to dock her commission by too much. But there’s the other problem with a dual agent - you only get one set of eyes on things and details might get missed or not treated with equal care.
  11. Even if they organize it on their own, I am in the “trust but verify” camp. I love that my kid takes initiative to plan details, but since there are non-drivers and parents whose kids leave them out of the loop, I have found it a good idea to contact the parents to make sure they are also informed and on board with the plan.
  12. Wow that’s quite a property! I was thinking you could roll up the sides of a yurt. Maybe what I had in mind is a platform tent? Adding the link because maybe you want to order one.😁
  13. Oh I would definitely enlarge the laundry room, too! But only if I get a bonus after the first addition. 😁
  14. Went to a resort once that had a treetop relaxation room. Reclining/massage chairs, a wide bay window overlooking the forest, beverage bar (tea and fruited waters), bookshelves, optional relaxing music.... no tv, no telephones. We agreed that given the chance we would recreate that with a home addition.
  15. Echoing get your thyroid and iron levels checked. Aside from that, let it grow longer - my whites become much calmer with some length on them! I appreciate the recommendations above for naturalish solutions, but you might be pleased with a good salon product recommended by whoever does your hair.
  16. Counterpoint. Our local theater does the seat select at purchase thing. Every person entering the theater has an assigned seat. Well in advance of a much anticipated movie, I purchased two tickets and got the two best seats - so excited! Movie day was early afternoon on a school day. We arrived early, and when we went into the theater there were only two other people there - sitting in our reserved seats. I decided not to pitch a fit and sat behind them, hoping it wouldn’t be a crowded show. A few minutes later, people for those seats arrived and we moved. And again with the next place we sat. After we had moved three times, i finally went to the first two people and let them know they needed to move to their own assigned seats. Thankfully they didn’t argue about it, but I was made to feel like a meanie. I will never again sit in seat 10A when my ticket says 8A.
  17. Oh no! Glad you weren’t hurt worse! Hope you feel better fast. I’ve been wanting to change out what’s over my bed. Now I’m thinking twice about what to put there!
  18. Think there’s possibly any connection with your dd just returning from college? Too bad you didn’t get a license plate. I’d definitely let your local police know about it.
  19. LOL yeah there’s a reason we had some on hand to try as experimental bait the first time! We haven’t had a mouse in the house in years. Seeing one would be a good excuse to stock up!
  20. The waning/loss of love results in indifference. The things that people do when they no longer love a spouse - are indifferent to the spouse’s feelings - are what cause anger. Anger leads to hate.
  21. Honestly we have the most success with milk dud candies. Easy to handle and mice seem to love them.
  22. The was our sure method for catching escaped hamsters. I understand how a similarly built water trap would work, but I couldn’t bring myself to use one. I am an advocate of wildlife management, and don’t have a problem eradicating overabundant mice, but agree with MercyA that a quick kill method is most humane.
  23. Orthodontist waiting room, others looking a bit concerned about the tears streaming down my face. 😂😂😂
  24. Interesting. I think anger gives birth to hate so, yes, hanging on to anger has consequences for the one who doesn’t let it go. The person in my life that provokes my anger, I eventually forgive (albeit one sided), but it’s only a matter of time before there’s another incident. I am weary of the cycle. I do not wish ill for this person, but I do wish our lives didn’t intersect.
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