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  1. It looks like a collapsible funnel. That’s what you’re supposed to think. But turn it upside down and what do you get? A mini-monolith with integrated ladder.
  2. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy refers to Reveille, so it’s a song about a song. Released in 1941.
  3. Mine might send me a postcard, but not hound me. If she presses the issue, text that you decided to see someone whose rates were more reasonable and stable. ETA I read further, your reply was good.
  4. I don’t believe we could think of it from our own lifetime experience. My dad (born 1922) listened to 40’s era music while working in the garage, and many of those songs were nostalgic for him.
  5. I’m glad you get the horse back. Aside from the emotional/etiquette issues with the niece, I imagine you have also been worried that this fine animal would end up in a bad situation if sold to who-knows-who at bottom dollar. I hope for your nieces that life, sooner than later, brings them to a place where their eyes are open to the sacrifices their mother has made in providing what she believes they need. I also hope and believe the day will come when they see that your tough love has its place in calling them to the level of responsibility expected of them, for their own future success. FWIW, I know a parent in a similar situation, letting several grown daughters totally take advantage. It’s very hard to watch.
  6. Good for you. You have a right to know what’s going on. I believe in privacy and all that, and an individual’s right to choose a treatment plan (ie, allowing natural death without chemo when something like late stage lung cancer is discovered), but a spouse’s ill health can have a profound effect on your own life and activities, and those of other immediate family members. He should understand that. Also, he may need some outside mental fortitude to cope with any bad news he may hear. You can’t force him to comply with a treatment plan, but at least you won’t be in the dark and will have some basis for if/then posturing. “If you’re not going to take responsibility for your own health, then I’m... ....going to stick you with that blood sugar monitor when you’re not looking.” ....not going to, either.” ...taking charge of all future financial decisions for our family because I have to be ready when you lose the ability to do it.” ...heading down to the funeral parlor to make your prearrangements.” Of course I’m being a bit silly, but you get the idea. Withholding information from you is rather selfish, it affects your life, too. [eta oh my if it is c diff - which sounds like it may be - then it *totally* has ramifications for others living in your household, it is contagious and very serious] l hope it turns out to be something easily remedied and that he lets his guard down and trusts you with info. Some people have a harder time than others when the eventual realization comes that we are neither supermen nor have immortal bodies.
  7. I second this, i have not been through it myself, but our church has a group and our church is really selective about what groups meet with the church’s endorsement. Do have her check to see if there’s one local to her. You are a dear friend, seeking her best interest. She is blessed to have you care for her.
  8. Little Beach Street Bakery. I’d live on that island, just not in the lighthouse! Seriously, I love lighthouses. Love seeing them, climbing the tower, seeing the gorgeous Fresnel lenses up close, hearing the history. But it’s a big no to living in one. Oh yeah I do want to visit the lighthouse Hagrid retrieved Harry Potter from.
  9. I dunno about liability avoidance, but I do agree that oxyclean works on tough stuff when mixed at a higher concentration and left to soak. I used to call baseball season “oxyclean season,” it reliably got grass and mud stains out of white practice uniform pants.
  10. Never a lighthouse, they’re all haunted by murderous lightkeepers who went insane from the solitude. 😂
  11. I haven’t read all the replies yet, but as I keep scrolling past your thread title, a thought keeps nagging at me. If I were to get a do-over of my home teaching years, one thing I would definitely change would be to MAKE time and budget funds for physical fitness, treating it as a priority. Fitness is a habit best formed in the younger years. Soccer, swimming, martial arts, cross country running, regular gym workouts - I’d choose something that demanded work and generated sweat and we would all do it together, like it or not. My sons were naturally more active - maybe that was their personalities, but personally I believe it is due to being boys. My daughters like to be active, but they have neither the strength nor the endurance they could have trained themselves into had fitness been instilled at younger ages. They are working on fitness now - gym, running, yoga - but the mental part of it is challenging because it was not an integral part of their early lives. That’s my two cents - now I’ll go read and see if I’ve just repeated someone else. 😆
  12. Can you fund a friend to undercover buy the horse really cheap? Then you will have it back. You could consider the buyback money the last gift you’ll ever give her. ETA I know this isn’t a wonderful option, but one thing you do know now is that she’s not likely going to suddenly gain a renewed interest in the horse.
  13. Do you add the vinegar and bleach at the same time? How much of each do you use for a full load?
  14. Maybe about 15 of us could pitch in to buy that and then circulate it? 😂 Must be one of those amazon price anomalies. Looks like a great resource, though!
  15. Amen! i found this article quite helpful. It was written from a Protestant perspective. Patty Joanna, how does it come across to you as an Orthodox believer? ETA: DawnM I do think this article also helps one discern how it might be useful on a certain level. I believe the enneagram gets closer scrutiny because it claims a spiritual origin and purports spiritual growth through its use - that part seems unsound, as well as possible unqualified folks making bank off it under a guise of Christianity.
  16. I would need to hear where they are leaving room for the Holy Spirit to work, kwim? I am interested in your answer. As I mentioned upthread, I’ve noticed people getting into this - Christian home school moms - as if there’s some sort of multilevel marketing involved.
  17. I get how they are all plotted along a timeline properly, I just didn’t love Genesys and mostly don’t want to have to go back and rewatch that. And yes, I also don’t bother with Star Wars Episodes 1-3.
  18. Are we supposed to treat Dark Fate like it’s T3 and just forget those other things that came out after T2? I mean, I’m hoping to do it that way as I look forward to the new release (HUGE Sarah Connor fan from the first 2 films!), but would like to know if I actually need to fill in plot holes before seeing Dark Fate.
  19. Agree. Do what it takes to keep those supporting muscles strong and flexible. I believe flexibility is extra important for the hip flexors and surrounding muscles. If you’ve ever looked at an anatomy diagram of the muscles all around the pelvic girdle - wow! There are many and they are intertwined. I also believe core strength is vital - as well as weight maintenance - if your core can’t do the work of supporting the upper body, that load gets transferred to the hips. Walking, yoga, swimming - low impact strength and stretching.
  20. It was probably written by a Type 9. 😂 FWIW I’m INTJ
  21. I agree. I rate a 1w2 and am pretty sure the 2 comes mostly from my sense of responsibility. If I’d never borne children, I’m confident 2 wouldn’t be part of my profile.
  22. I don’t personally love it - it seems more negative than other personality assessments. I do love it as a writer, though. It’s another tool for character building. It seems to focus on personal reactions and interactions more so than the other evaluations. A weird thing I have noticed is that there are some local moms I know who have jumped on the bandwagon of Enneagram Consultant / Life Coach small business. I question many of their actual credentials.
  23. I could find myself facing similar circumstances with a sibling, so I’m glad you asked. I hope someone has good answers.
  24. I big puffy heart love my Hoka One Ones. Like walking on marshmallows. Nice big toe box for the front of your foot to spread out, great cushion in the heel. LOVE! THEM!
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