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  1. Think about your liquids, too. They can be milk, nut milks, rice, coconut or oat milk. Be careful unless you are actually trying to gain weight or not at all concerned, because these add lots of calories. I use unsweetened varieties (and can’t do dairy). You can use brewed and cooled tea, black or any type you like. Also coconut water.
  2. Oooooohh! That makes a lot of sense. If I remember correctly the “new” Roz and Ali here is in the same location DB occupied. Didn’t think about a rebranding, but the target market seems the same. Maybe just my imagination but it seemed pricier?
  3. Agree about the spinach! You wont taste a small amount of frozen spinach. You can add a half or full teaspoon of vanilla extract for flavor. Banana is also pretty distinctive and will mask stuff. I don’t use too much or often due to the calories, but it’s good for flavor. Same for fresh strawberries. I love sprouts brand of vegan pea protein powder. Both vanilla and chocolate are good and can make a smoothie a complete meal. You can always get powdered greens if that’s easier. I like pineapple in “green” shakes.
  4. Not interesting is right. It’s barely a hat. Monny needs a big ol’ Pilgrim hat.
  5. Yep! I’m also on board with dh sharing meal responsibilities now that I am back to work. But me, personally? I’d be happy with the same easy things week after week. What some of y’all are describing sounds gourmet-ish to me. Delicious, but more effort than I want to put in after 30 years of trying to please other people’s palates.
  6. Well it’s PSAT day so the meme universe is now flooded with that theme. I follow and enjoy memesforwriters on ig.
  7. LOL yeah late night with my college kids often ended up with a round of Will It Waffle? You'd be amazed at what you can cook on a waffle iron!
  8. Vitamin D and fish oil (essential fatty acids). Avoid refined sugar and caffeine, both can bring you down. Keep some fruit on hand to assuage sweet cravings without reaching for empty carbs. Get a carton or more of organic bone broth and keep it in the fridge to warm and drink. It’s healing and protein-laden. Easy. Make super easy crock pot meals. Like, chicken already roasted or grilled, from the deli or meat counter, some broth or tomato sauce and precut frozen veggies. Toss it all in there and you have a complete meal. You could also serve it with or atop quinoa or brown rice (quick cook variety) for a fuller meal. When I am stressed, having to worry about what to feed everyone else provokes more anxiety - keep it simple and healthy - it’s easy to resort to fast food but too much of that will leave you sluggish and lower your immunity. SLEEP as much as you can. Breathe deep whenever you think about it. Choose a Bible verse, saying, hymn or a happy song and start to train your mind to redirect to that when cascading thoughts make you anxious. I hope you feel better soon!
  9. It looks like a collapsible funnel. That’s what you’re supposed to think. But turn it upside down and what do you get? A mini-monolith with integrated ladder.
  10. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy refers to Reveille, so it’s a song about a song. Released in 1941.
  11. Mine might send me a postcard, but not hound me. If she presses the issue, text that you decided to see someone whose rates were more reasonable and stable. ETA I read further, your reply was good.
  12. I don’t believe we could think of it from our own lifetime experience. My dad (born 1922) listened to 40’s era music while working in the garage, and many of those songs were nostalgic for him.
  13. I’m glad you get the horse back. Aside from the emotional/etiquette issues with the niece, I imagine you have also been worried that this fine animal would end up in a bad situation if sold to who-knows-who at bottom dollar. I hope for your nieces that life, sooner than later, brings them to a place where their eyes are open to the sacrifices their mother has made in providing what she believes they need. I also hope and believe the day will come when they see that your tough love has its place in calling them to the level of responsibility expected of them, for their own future success. FWIW, I know a parent in a similar situation, letting several grown daughters totally take advantage. It’s very hard to watch.
  14. Good for you. You have a right to know what’s going on. I believe in privacy and all that, and an individual’s right to choose a treatment plan (ie, allowing natural death without chemo when something like late stage lung cancer is discovered), but a spouse’s ill health can have a profound effect on your own life and activities, and those of other immediate family members. He should understand that. Also, he may need some outside mental fortitude to cope with any bad news he may hear. You can’t force him to comply with a treatment plan, but at least you won’t be in the dark and will have some basis for if/then posturing. “If you’re not going to take responsibility for your own health, then I’m... ....going to stick you with that blood sugar monitor when you’re not looking.” ....not going to, either.” ...taking charge of all future financial decisions for our family because I have to be ready when you lose the ability to do it.” ...heading down to the funeral parlor to make your prearrangements.” Of course I’m being a bit silly, but you get the idea. Withholding information from you is rather selfish, it affects your life, too. [eta oh my if it is c diff - which sounds like it may be - then it *totally* has ramifications for others living in your household, it is contagious and very serious] l hope it turns out to be something easily remedied and that he lets his guard down and trusts you with info. Some people have a harder time than others when the eventual realization comes that we are neither supermen nor have immortal bodies.
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