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  1. You are not wrong. Sounds like they are not treating you and your nuclear family as an independent entity; like they think you’re all still part of your childhood family vacation unit. Glad you have the ability to say no!
  2. Re the color red, per today’s mental floss Instagram post, red signifies resilience.
  3. Regarding the suddenness of it - I think it was either do it quick or wait a whole year and why wait? I wouldn’t have minded a day of skipped mail. However, I did hear of people suddenly unable to go through with house closings and important banking business, so if possible it would have been more convenient to make it a floating holiday. But I also think that they were writing legislation that should last for generations and there is great value in having one day in which the entire nation together pauses and remembers. I had not heard it being called anything with Indepen
  4. That’s how we feel! I do hope that it’s not frowned upon that we (as white people) celebrate this holiday, in the sense that it might be mistaken for cultural approbation (is that the right term?). I truly see it as a landmark for all of us, and something worthy of celebration by all, even though I do recognize that some will feel it’s significance more directly in their own family history. I am sorry that this historical date falls on Father’s Day weekend rather than standing on its own. I just made a Marcus Garvey bean salad that I plan to serve tomorrow, and hope it will be a po
  5. Ugh. This one more awful facet of the situation on top of all the other awfulness of it. Maybe Mrs Renee will break free as a result.
  6. How do I know if it’s in the product I use? What would I look for on the label?
  7. And now two episodes closer together. So glad your dh went in to see the doctor on Monday. Just curious - and my memory fails me - has this always happened around a meal? Good that your doctor is taking things seriously. Just based on personal experience, when you make the appointments with the specialists, ask to get on their cancellation list. Often specialist appointments have to be booked far out and we’ve had good results getting in earlier by being flexible enough to take someone else’s cancelled appointment.
  8. I wonder if they are carrying their own food? I have a very small camp chair that I take when doing bird counts. It is small but not light. FWIW, ds got his Philmont full pack down to about 26#, iirc, with a lot of thought and trail tricks. They carried everything - their clothes, food, cooking supplies, sleeping bag, sleep mat, and each tent broken down and parts distributed to the two guys sharing each tent. They did stop halfway for food, and there was water along the trail in spots (but each needed to start the day with full containers).
  9. You sound well prepared! Can’t wait to hear how he enjoyed it. But seriously- you may need a scented hanky for the ride home even if you don’t want it. 😂
  10. Yes. One of mine has been on this trip. Minimal clothing. Long sleeves that can provide sun protection but be zipped off to shorter lengths. Depending on attitude/overnight temps, long Johns for sleeping in. And like Samwise says, a little bit of rope never hurt! OP perhaps you have access to a military supply outlet where you can find some things economically? (and please forgive my multiple likely redundant answers, I’m answering as I read through)
  11. Light water shoes can be attached to the backpack with a carabiner. I would also pretreat with permethrin, it’s a pain up front but really effective. If/when you do that, treat one extra bandana to hang/tie up just inside the tent entrance to deter mosquitoes.
  12. Is he an experienced hiker? Has the proper footwear? He needs good shoes and more socks that you think. He should also carry some moleskin (blister patches) and a small pocketknife with scissors makes this easier to cut and apply. I’d get a light weight hat with a brim to protect ears and back of neck from the sun. Based on Philmont experience, a pair of pants that zip off into shorts is a good investment, like two garments for the price (and carrying weight!) or one. Also a travel size container of Gold Bond powder. Because chafing is pure misery.
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