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  1. My dh asked me to order some to keep in his tool box. They’re great!
  2. I love mine! We have two pairs, so there’s always one clean. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure my daughters know how to use actual knives...
  3. ITA. Stick to plain foods. Trying to replace typically gluten laden items with manufactured gf substitutes is expensive and less satisfying. There are a few exceptions (Beanitos chips!), but it’s easier to get used to no sliced bread or junky crackers than to choke down yucky gf versions.
  4. Cauliflower rice and quinoa are good fillers here. OP, I’ve done it with girls. I would probably have found it more challenging with my teen boys home (just because they eat SO MUCH). It is doable, I’d recommend lots of beans, eggs, nut butters as satiating staples.
  5. My gym bag has a waterproof compartment for damp swimsuits/etc. It’s not a swim specific brand. I love it. It also has a separate shoe compartment. I really like this because I use different shoes for different activities, and I don’t want any of them in with my clean clothes. It also has an outside pocket for my healthy sized water bottle. That was important to me.
  6. Well I am a Gulf Coaster (raised on the gulf coast) and we say Coastal South, so..... It distinguishes us from the Deep South; once you hit the coast there’s a different feel. Maybe Texas people don’t use that term? I’ve heard it and used it in every state from Louisiana to Florida.
  7. Anyone else immediately think of the Seinfeld episode about Kenny Rogers’ Roasters? 😂
  8. Old thread, I’ll just chip in that I’ve read that an allergic reaction to ragweed pollen can involve eustachian tube function. So preventative things like nasal sprays and antihistamines may help.
  9. Yes, it’s a thing. I’ve never put it in the bird, it’s a dressing rather than a stuffing. The second recipe is like mine, it must be made with day old French bread. It’s funny to me that this link is from a PNW site. Baked correctly, it shouldn’t be a sloshy mess. That’s over wet and/or undercooked. IME, shrimp dressing is much easier and more widely appealing.
  10. My recipe is generations old - a lot of European oyster fisherman migrated to south Louisiana and Mississippi. Maybe it’s just a niche? i promise you, though, there’s nothing “sloshy” about it! One does have to like oysters to appreciate it, I’ll give you that.
  11. I love a good oyster dressing. Key word, good. The one you describe sounds awful! You are not lying - you already have a plan in place to serve another not-hers dressing.
  12. Last week I came *this close* to brushing my teeth with hydrocortisone. It now lives in a different drawer.
  13. That’s a lie. Or at least, it doesn’t correlate with my experience. I appreciate what Christmas celebrates; in a sense, that’s with me year-round. But the hoopla of commerce and hedonistic eating... I’m willing to give it three weeks at most. I don’t like the excess expectations the season brings. Extending that season extends the associated anxiety. And Thanksgiving is important, but gets buried with too-early Christmas stuff. I want to see the related study: Those Who Take Down Their Christmas Decorations Before New Year’s Are Happier And More Productive. But first, get off my lawn. 😄
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