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  1. And I thought well that describes me about 3pm many afternoons!
  3. I’ve heard Disney does it to retain copyright - that’s what all the recent live action remakes are about, supposedly. But I’m with you, let’s have some new original work to appreciate!
  4. If you can recommend a multivitamin that is small and easy to swallow - even if more pills have to be taken to get a full dose - please share the name of it. Trying to avoid chewable gummies for this kid, but the larger size pills are hard to get down.
  5. I heard that news yesterday. I feel the same as you. Don’t mess with perfection!!!
  6. I spent a lotta time on the treadmill those years! Seriously, I also started painting. My kids joke that anything that sat still long enough would get a fresh coat, in addition to what I put on walls, canvases, pieces of furniture. Mostly I drove them lots of places. Anything/anywhere that would help them expend energy and feel socially connected in a healthy way, there we went. I had a stack of good books to read while I sat and waited.
  7. Seasider too


    Well, there goes the shredder.
  8. Screaming in solidarity! (ok well it’s a virtual scream so I don’t wake dh) Hope your frustration is soon resolved.
  9. Does not exist (sorry, I hate alarm clocks)
  10. Fricassee! Truly, I knew a gal once who gave that name to her pet rabbit.
  11. Yay! What a relief to finally have someone take you seriously and get the diagnostic ball rolling in the right direction! I know there’s still the stress of not having answers, and it has got to be hard seeing your dd in distress. But hopefully things will come together soon for a successful treatment plan.
  12. This is the one I have. I see there are a few poor reviews (among mostly good ones), but I love it and have had no problems with it and have had no need to call customer service. This is the one my physician recommended. I know there are other light box users here, if you want to search old posts or start a new thread you will get more input. I wouldn’t place it where pets or children could get to it. Also, be sure to use it properly, not casually.
  13. I am alarmed at the ease with which my previous practitioners suggested pharmaceutical antidepressants. I believe they are a necessary treatment in some cases and a blessing to many, but personally I was only on the edge of the need - yet they would have been easy to obtain. My current physician team is more focused on therapeutic lifestyle changes and wow, those make a big difference for me. Sugar is an enemy! But it’s challenging to do what I need to do for me while continuing to do what I am called to do for others. IME, I believe making time for self care is probably the most important factor for weathering female midlife changes. At my current doctor’s recommendation, I have also begun using a 10K lux light (year round) for about 20 minutes each morning. It is amazing. I am convinced it aids in nighttime sleep even though I use it at 6am. It wakes me up and gets my body clock set for the day. If i skip it for a day or two, I definitely feel the difference.
  14. Exercise! And careful eating. Those are the big difference makers, at least for managing the rising risk for diabetes and bone loss as female hormone levels decrease. Managing these two often leads to better sleep, which affects cortisol levels, which affects insulin production. Wish I had the chart from my doctor’s office to link here. As for focus - well personally i think it takes 40 or 50 years to figure out that multitasking is a farce.
  15. Is it definitive? I’m thinking if the results are yes, that’s a yes. But if the blood prick results are no, that could be a false negative. As far as I know the only true confirmation involves a biopsy. Not throwing shade on this test - just saying there’s a chance for a false negative so even if you get a no, and you still have signs and symptoms pointing to celiac, this test probably won’t rule it out, so you might have to keep pushing for a diagnosis.
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