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  1. Really? Thanks didn’t know that. I’m always hopeful to hear that we’ve realized an existing approved drug is effective for treating covid symptoms. But, nay to fringe ideas and yeah to actual studies.
  2. I was wondering what happened to ivermectin, I remember it being discussed earlier. It rings a bell for me because when my rosacea flares I have a topical IVM for treatment.
  3. That’s common for boutique hotels, but usually the decor matches. Sounds like you got the label without the goods!
  4. Mine have enjoyed jackbox.tv games over zoom. I’m not sure exactly how they make it happen, but techie teens can figure it out. For girls, they’ve done a zoom facial together. One organizer assembles and drops off kits to each house before the start time and they mask up at the same time. Pretty cute. They’ve had guys join along, it’s hilarious.
  5. IME if you are building a home to be constructed in a new development, the builder has an agent on staff. You don’t need an agent to walk into their sales office, and they don’t want to pay commission to an agent you bring. Makes total sense. Your agent will not make money bringing you to a new construction development. Also, the market is so hot right now, agents don’t have time or incentive to work with browsers who aren’t ready to buy right away. And to be honest, realtors can be kinda flaky. They go where the money is to be made. They work on commission and need to feed
  6. Personally I had no problem with the language. I think - throw tomatoes if ya want but this is just my own opinion - what troubled me is that there was a sort of “rally” feeling to her shout out. I appreciate all the reasoning for that shared upthread. I think I shared in a previous post that I felt it incongruent with the decorum of the event. (Et explain further - the rally feel, with shouting, is something I associate with a political event. The inauguration was meant to be a unifying event.) I am sad that sharing that personal opinion leaves me painted as a xenophobe. I’m not a JLo fa
  7. I always unpack mine right away and wipe down if something spilled. If I don’t put them back in the car right away, I’ll forget them next time. My only complaint with TJ baggers is that sometimes they jigsaw-pack a little too much in the paper bags, I think they’re packing them like they pack the reusables. But those paper bag handles don’t hold the weight like the durable bags do.
  8. Well I know what I’ll be dreaming about!
  9. The toe fungus thread doesn’t qualify?
  10. Yeah that’s why I was a little nervous when I heard she would be performing. It looked to me like the shirt under that white jacket was reeeeeeaaaalllly sheer. I was wondering if there might be a wardrobe malfunction.
  11. I felt the same about Jennifer Lopez. I am not a big fan of hers to begin with. She stepped out a little too far with the “let’s get loud,” IMO. She had a sweet voice when singing a ballad, but her shout out lacked decorum. Wrong place, wrong time.
  12. Sounds like the covid equivalent of tamiflu. (Eta based on the tone of the article - glad to read further to see informed voices chip in, thanks)
  13. Me too. But I cannot imagine wearing one now. Target’s Knox Rose line is as far back to that as I care to go. I like the boho look, but no thank you, prairie girl.
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