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  1. Seasider too

    KonMari alternative (satire warning)

    Let’s go, gals! I’m sure we could easily fill a float of WTM boardies! Our float could be titled “Fling Joy” and we would probably be the only ones in the parade tossing margin-noted copies of literature read two years ago! That’s the kind of float treasure I’d put on my bead-catching lipstick for! 😂 And yeah, we are battery tossers, too.
  3. Seasider too

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    It’s not just the fault of the university, though. We’ve created a culture of consumerism that affects the entire marketplace, from consumer goods to entertainment to universities and even churches. We are all living with the consequences of it. But, I will keep pointing at technology as a big budget item. We have technology expenses in our home budget that we never used to have - cell phones, data plans, television services, the accompanying hardware - multiply that to the scale of university operations and that’s pricey. I’ve not seen a study but I’m sure that it takes a larger proportionate share of the budget now that it did in decades past.
  4. Seasider too


    Call a local estate sale company. They can probably refer you to the right appraiser, just make it clear up front you have no interest in selling it.
  5. Seasider too

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    I do understand the issues with specific food allergies - we deal with those. I think it’s possible to offer enough basic food choices for sustenance with a creative approach to non-contamination for the major allergens. There just doesn’t appear to be a real interest in de-glamorizing things.
  6. Seasider too

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    I should have said that tuition + housing/fees are what need to fund the appropriately priced basics. Many folks don’t really see those as separate, they’re just counting it all as the cost of attendance. It does plead the case for commuting to a local university when possible, though.
  7. Seasider too

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    I think much of the rise in costs has less to do with actual book learning than with tangent expenses, such as technology and supplying the equipment (hardware and software) necessary to educate students using the best tools to do so (I believe the hard sciences require this at greater levels than do the liberal arts, aside from maybe communications/filmmaking subjects). Honestly, having shopped colleges with older kids, it seems to me that there’s a whole lot of money poured into fancier amenities like housing, dining and recreation facilities. I mean, waaaayyy beyond the basics, much of it used in marketing strategy. These extras cost a pretty penny. If by some miracle all the schools could get on a “back to basics” mentality with living quarters and cafeteria offerings and sports arenas, etc, I think costs could be reduced. But I don’t see that ever happening. ETA as far as who should pay, it should come from tuition (paid in via regular tuition, scholarships from outside organizations, reasonable loans). I also believe fine arts programs should be supported or at least supplemented by alumni patrons. I’m probably naive, but I do think it could be a lot simpler. I just don’t believe anyone enrolling in a university can truthfully say they do it blind to the cost.
  8. For me it would come down to opportunity cost - what would that money be used for if not a trip. Would it mean my children would go without summer activities, or a semester of tuition, or that dh and I would have to give up a trip for ourselves, or money for a car for a teen that will soon need one? I joke that I automatically calculate how many music lessons an item costs. I’d have to weigh the options and consider how quickly that amount of money could be re-earned. I would also consider whether I could plan an equally enjoyable trip with my mom, perhaps including my dh and kids, to a destination of our own choice, at which we are completely in control of our own agenda (ie, traveling for a wedding means that dictates how your time is spent). Sorry if you’re looking for a specific dollar amount, that’s hard to come up with. And then there’s my personal stance on destination weddings. It’s an industry/model I choose not to support (personal reasons), so that would definitely be a factor for me.
  9. Seasider too


    I am concerned for you that the legal fees he owes will cut into funds that should go to you. Are you priority in order of liens against him? Also, he needs to be sued for harassment because that is what this is, plain and simple. Hoping you get the most no-nonsense judge on the planet to put an end to this ridiculousness. Remember the old days, when someone would pass a bad check, their name and maybe even a photo would be posted by a store’s cash register? I feel like someone needs to send a flier around to every law office in a 300 miles radius.
  10. Seasider too

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    This sort of thing - including credit checks - has been done for decades. It’s not new. I also believe that it could be handled by states akin to child support. Borrow money for a house, car, consumer goods - items get repossessed if payments aren’t made. How do you repossess an education? Garnishment seems the only way.
  11. I’ve had my brows waxed but recently passed a threading shop. I’m curious that they offer full face threading. Any of you do this? I’m curious how my skin might react, but as I get older I’m getting a little fuzzy. Wondering if threading is worth a try. This shop also offers nostril waxing. Which makes my eyes water at the mere thought.
  12. Seasider too

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    Yes, sorry, couldn’t resist, it was the first thing that came to mind! I haven’t heard that term really used, however, there’s a lot of chatter these days about emotional intelligence, perhaps it’s used in that context.
  13. Seasider too

    Alzheimer’s is exhausting

    If so, probably because the doc needs to be notified when circumstances require more - time for re-evaluation.
  14. Seasider too

    Empaths, what does this mean?

    Hmm. Star Trek.
  15. Seasider too

    Ugh help

    Nope. The only firm etiquette here is that one cannot invite a guest to a shower who is not also invited to the wedding. Schedules may not permit guests to attend both, sometimes older family members will come out for a daytime shower but not for a nighttime event that might run late. People may have other events.
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