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  1. Can also be a symptom of larger fibroid (or other uterine) tumors.
  2. Or a day at the beach! Seawater is amazing stuff.
  3. Thanks for the link! I’m on the run but will read it when I get the chance. I do understand that Austen’s work goes way beyond romance, but I cannot recall a worthy main character (other than Lady Susan) who didn’t get a happy ending. I just can’t figure why Andrew Davies didn’t follow suit. As for social satire - yes! - that’s what makes me lol when reading her work. ETA “get what they deserve” is a great way to put it. But Sanditon’s main characters did not get what they deserved in the end.
  4. I agree, Mercy. What if it’s not actually endo pain, but something else? Please at least speak to a triage nurse at your physician’s office.
  5. In your recollection, do all of Austen’s completed works feature a happy ending for the main characters? Do all/most of the story arcs (major and minor) get resolved. I don’t mind that someone else wrote an ending. I am just not sure they honored Jane. Her typical pattern (romance trope) was not followed. Unless there’s a story I’m forgetting (Lady Susan, maybe? But that was a cautionary tale right from the start, iirc).
  6. I’m with you Carol - a fitted sheet isn’t enough - gotta have that mattress protector, too! When my children were younger we left off the fitted sheet [eta oops hope it was obvious i meant to say it was the flat sheet we left off at first - always a fitted!!!] because it was harder for them to learn the habit of bedmaking. Plus it was way easier on a top bunk to just fold up a blanket. But as they got to later elementary, top sheets were added. I could not sleep on a bare mattress. There have been a few laundry snafu days where I didn’t get stuff into the dryer on time, but even then I’d lay down a blanket or something.
  7. Oh! Eighth and final episode aired in the US tonight. So last fall on ITV for the European audience. Would you have gotten it in the fall in Australia? I would have preferred it in fewer longer episodes. They could make one movie for season two and that would make me happy. Just get a few loose ends tied up and I’ll be happy.
  8. Not even for Theo James?!! jk. I imagine few realize it was based on an unfinished Jane Austen novel. I was sort of surprised it didn’t draw more viewers. The story seems so unfinished- which is perhaps because the novel was unfinished- but I figured a TV adaptation would have given it closure. I especially wanted to see a pleasant end to Miss Lamb’s story. Stringer, too. I also wanted more of Lady Susan, and imagine in a second season she would find a way to put a stop to a London wedding. I can imagine a scene of her having a chat with Eliza.
  9. Magnesium? Are those levels good or might a supplement help?
  10. My issue wasn’t endometriosis, I had menorrhagia. I had an ovary sparing hysterectomy. Life changing. In the two years following surgery I slid gently through menopause. I really felt like I got my life back. ETA - I was already mid-50s so menopause wasn’t something I was trying to avoid. But my doc said it would be good to do surgery because although they can’t predict, she said it looked like I was going to be one of those gals who keep cycling well through their 50s. I was done, so happily had surgery.
  11. Yes peri would be my guess - things get worse before they get better, sorry to say. Please see your doc and have things checked out. We can give you all our theories, but it is possible the new spike in pain is due to some other emergent condition. You can also get some options for pain relief. Sorry you have to deal with this.
  12. Would Jane Austen have ended the story this way? I am so sad and hoping the folks at ITV will rethink things and there will be a season 2.
  13. I do like the idea of one large piece of art. IKEA sells some nice pieces that would fill that wall space. I’d skip putting a lamp on it and get a torchiere floor lamp to put on the floor next to it. The print and the lamp would look nice but uncluttered.
  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You can see sweetness and joy all over his face. Well done, Corraleno. Very well done.
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