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  1. After a wild grocery day last week, I ended up with a package of ground turkey. I don’t usually buy it, and iirc the store was out of ground chicken and I figured I’d use it for lettuce wraps. Well now I am out of a couple of ingredients for the lettuce wraps, and thought I’d experiment with turkey burgers instead. Cruising the web tells me there are at least four thousand recipe variants out there. If any of you have a tried and true way to make them (that doesn’t require any odd ingredients I’m not likely to have on hand), please share. Thanks!
  2. Yes! The stand up paddle board I’ve had my eye on is also sold out. I’ve been looking for a badminton set for weeks. I think a lot of outdoor rec equipment is getting bought because that’s one of the few screenless safe forms of entertainment.
  3. Yep. You likely qualify for unemployment benefits even if you test negative, because you are caregiver to a family member with the virus. Is there a treatment for CV toes?
  4. Caterers, event spaces and party planners sometimes second hand shop for things like this, for shabby chic/eclectic tablescapes. Sadly, I doubt you’ll find anyone like this interested just now.
  5. Looking forward to Saturday!
  6. Is she feeling any better? Poor sweet girl. I hope you are also able to get a bit of rest knowing that she’s got lots of eyes on her now.
  7. In the full context of my post you quoted, you will see I came to that conclusion.
  8. Did you see the mayor’s public statement? He was in tears. We should all weep over this. I hope these LEOs will just cut to the chase and quickly plead guilty. What happened was indefensible. What more would we need to see to in any way excuse their actions? Praying for peace in Minneapolis.
  9. I was just about to say the same thing. ETA saw she corrected it!
  10. Yes, I expect that’s going to happen. I figured I’d come up with a short but representative grocery list and do some cost comparing.
  11. I have not been doing grocery pickup because I felt that I shouldn’t put someone else in the position of taking the risk on my behalf, it just seemed unjust. Not sure if that makes sense but it’s how I felt. I have since made a few observations that have me vowing that I’ll be ordering everything online from here on out. 1 - Lots of people appear to have reached the i-don’t-care-anymore stage and mask wearing is waaay down from even just last week. Those wearing masks often aren’t wearing them properly. 2 - A third of the people out there seem to think shopping for groceries is a team sport in which you earn extra points for spreading out across aisles, yelling at one another, and handling as many items as possible before returning them to the shelf. 3 - Another third out there are clearly suffering from anxiety over being out in public, based on the scared-rabbit look in their eyes. In their attempt to make it through the store as quickly as possible, they dart in front of and weave between fellow shoppers, completely eliminating any semblance of social distance. I just can’t do the in-person grocery thing anymore. Plus, those order fullfillers will be there anyway, and might actually be safer on the job if more of us stay home. It’s a mad mad mad mad world right now.
  12. I think anyone not feeling quarantine fatigue by now can be a certified hermit. My extroverts are climbing the walls. I am an introvert and don’t mind at all the lack of running about and big group meetings. This weekend I told the others here to get in the boat and stay gone all afternoon, I needed some time in my own house by myself. It’s just hard for everyone. BUT I am not ready to let myself or my people run wild and free. Holy cow, have y’all seen the pics coming out of Memorial weekend partying? Insane. And all those people are probably getting back to work today, taking the effects of their crowded holiday parties with them. (fwiw my peeps found quiet uncrowded waters - no party cove situations)
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