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  1. Please don’t feel guilt - it is a hard situation under the best of circumstances. You have a valid point about the benefit of familiar surroundings.
  2. Not trying to change your mind, just sharing why I take it very dark. First, my dietician recommends a small amount regularly for all the reasons Arcadia cited above, it’s food-as-medicine. Also, it’s a low-sugar preemptive strike against cravings for other sweets. I like it after lunch with a spiced tea.
  3. Patty Joanna, the most helpful people to me at the outset of my elder care time were the social workers associated with the elder’s physician's office and insurance company. One of the more common ways people get admitted to a skilled nursing facility is following a fall resulting in a hospital stay. A patient is sent to a SNF for “rehabilitation,” which will be covered by Medicare for up to a year (varies by state - some may be shorter). After that, if the patient qualifies, Medicaid takes over. The resident may be full or partial pay until the appropriate level of finances qualify
  4. Agreeing with Carol - leaving appliances turned on is a big issue - but it is not the only issue. Many don’t realize that dementia increases fall risk. My elder was also a walker - if out unattended, the walk would go in one direction with no ability to return to the correct house. A person who is elderly and slow is the one who can benefit from an hour or so a day of checking in and/or assistance. But a person with dementia can quickly get into trouble. It’s a true conundrum. The services that would help are unaffordable for those who haven’t well planned in advance for it.
  5. This is what I’ve worked myself up to, and it is actually satisfying unless I have been sneaking in other sugary foods. if I go below a 85% these days it just tastes too sweet. Getting into the high cocoa percentages actually is an acquired taste and there is a learning curve for your taste buds, but it is possible to retrain your tastes. Target has a large selection of organic free trade chocolate bars in varying percentages of cocoa. You just have to go and browse.
  6. I have never had them spill, but I’m not sure what the OP wants to do with hers, maybe transport it somewhere? I just had to do a quick Google search and I’m sure you are right, they are longer available new. Looks like someone was selling one on a used items site, but I just glanced through. Darn it. I am going to have to treat them extra nice now, I really love them.
  7. I have these, too, and love them. I don’t think they’re what you’re looking for in terms of leak proof, though. I was thinking just yesterday that I should pick up a few more of these, but I guess it has been years since I bought mine. I’ll be sad if they are no longer available!
  8. Don’t feel guilty! There should be a balance when a healthy immediate family member moves back in for a lengthy stay. I mean, you love them but you don’t treat them like company - if that makes sense. They should be an integral part of the family, and help out with things, as others mentioned above. I wouldn’t ask my child for grocery money, but I might ask for help in other ways, like taking a night of the week to be responsible for making the family dinner, taking out the trash, that sort of thing. Not like a payment for anything, but because those type of activities help make one feel like
  9. Ditto! What you may he feeling now is pressure from the fluid, even as the antibiotic tackles the infection. However, amoxicillin is pretty first-line for an antibiotic. With bad sinus infections here, our docs have put us right into a Z-pack. If you take a Mucinex-D and it’s still not better by tomorrow mid morning (like after a hot shower), I’d say call the doctor and just let them know.
  10. Glad to hear others confirming the time warp feeling. Several times this week I’ve asked myself, was that just last spring? Did that really happen in 2020?
  11. “Joe Montana” is the eye-grabbing headline. So frightening. I hope the woman gets help. I dial back to wonder how she knew there was a baby there, how long she may have been watching them, why she didn’t just take the baby and run... lotta back story there.
  12. Thanks! I love cabbage rolls but egads there is no way I’m rolling them. I’ve made deconstructed ones and they taste just as good. I will definitely try this soup recipe! I imagine if I sub cauliflower rice, I’ll just need to reduce the liquids a bit. I like soup for a quick lunch, and have gotten a number of those small (1-2 cup?) freezer containers. I can make a big batch and portion it out, that way I can just pull one out of the freezer anytime I want, pop it into a glass bowl and nuke it. Easy to take to the office freezer so I always have a lunch there and don’t have to pack in
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