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  1. I once hit an obstacle on a large property I was inspecting and put a golf cart up on two wheels. My heart almost stopped with the realization that there was no seatbelt, no roll bar, no head protection - thankfully the cart righted. Had the obstacle been on the passenger side I may not have been so lucky, I think my weight in the driver’s seat helped. It was totally my fault, I was going too fast. I got a lot more careful after that!
  2. Curious if this applies to gated communities in which the HOA actually “owns” and maintains the streets? Of course I’m not in favor of a 7 year old driving a cart! But curious. At our former residence - smallish gated golf community - there were occasionally young teens driving carts to the pool and/or golf course. I have no problems with say a 12 year old responsibly operating one (in that small closed setting). But a seven year old? No way. ETA I was curious so found a bit more info. The driver’s license requirement is for street legal golf carts - not all are street legal. LSV’s (low speed street legal vehicles) can be operated on lower speed limit public streets. I still question whether or not gated HOA maintained streets are technically public or private. In most states, regulations require a golf cart to be operated by those 14 and older, but apparently some states may permit it at 13. This may be irrelevant to your situation, OP, since in no way is it okay for a seven year old to be driving one. Just thought it might be helpful info (and like I said, I was curious). Those folks just need to buy the kid a bike to ride instead.
  3. I have also had to give up a lot, and I’ve gotten used to a narrower diet. There are things I used to enjoy that I miss, but there are things I would be really sad to have to cull further, like hot black coffee, salsa, olive oil and oranges. These are my new staples, and I would sincerely miss them. I miss dairy, but can tolerate some infrequent cheating in small amounts.
  4. I am so sorry for the woe these bugs have brought you! i would also want to know where this round came from - does your dd work with young school kids?
  5. Consider yourself blessed to still be able to reach your toes and still have good enough near vision to properly apply polish (especially for a French manicure)!
  6. I usually go with 20% for salon services, but foot washing (ie spa pedicure) seems personal, something I’m grateful that another is willing to do, so probably I’d probably leave $10-$12 on a $50 job.
  7. I believe a virus has a programmed amount of time that it takes to run its course (which may vary person to person). IMO, rest helps pass the time more comfortably, but doesn’t shorten the duration. Depending on what I have that *must* be done, I have often chosen to power through. When the agenda is full of things I can reschedule, I take the rest option. Hope you feel better soon!
  8. Gross! Seriously, what are people thinking?!!!
  9. Oh, as a family day to day we do use the garage entry most of the time. But I think it odd that people who don’t live here expect to enter this way, too.
  10. This is odd, but what really gets me... why do people in public bathrooms (or any bathroom for that matter) answer their cell phones and/or continue to have a conversation while they are taking care of bathroom business??? That’s really gross. And rude! I would hate to be the person on the other end of the conversation. OP, I have sometimes found it necessary to open a screen door to knock on the actual wood door, but I don’t stand there holding the screen door open after knocking. The door I have to lock when company comes is the big one into the garage, then through a door into the house. I don’t want guests to come through the garage - especially if it’s a holiday and I’ve been cooking with the roaster oven out there - use the front door, please! I’ve actually had folks text to ask if we want to open the big door to let them in! Um, nope, the front door is nearly just as close.
  11. Same issue! That’s why I put stuff directly into an opaque black garbage bag and then directly to the trunk of my car. I try to get it dropped off to a donation center ASAP when I am by myself.
  12. Has your functional med team given you a full lab workup? It’s frustrating, but at middle age there are a number of issues that could cause the same symptoms (specifically restless legs). It could be low magnesium, low iron, wrong levels of hormones including progesterone or cortisol. Thyroid issues are also hard to tease out. A good functional medicine team will (should) help sort through all possible causes by thorough labs AND by listening to your personal history and current circumstances, because stress is a big factor in SIBO. I’ll send you a pm to share my own experience in more detail.
  13. You reacted before, just in a different way - the eczema. Now that your intestines have had a break, you are feeling it where the problem starts - your gut. You should reintroduce things one at a time. With BBQ you consumed a high sugar, high fat, acidic and probably glutinous meal all at once. Are you taking any digestive enzymes? Have you gone through an antibiotic regimen to treat the SIBO, or are you attempting that through diet alone?
  14. Because they likely want to present one concise request. It’s part of the negotiation process. A seller does not have to fix things in states that do home sales “as is,” and it may affect their offer. We once bought a home that needed a major repair. Seller declined to repair but offered an allowance. Selling a house once, we were willing to make a repair that turned up, but the buyer preferred we put an appropriate amount towards closing costs instead.
  15. I think we will continue to fail as a nation until we revolt against the “kid food” culture of chicken nuggets and french fries which grows into a teen diet of pizza, burgers and donuts, setting a trajectory for failure as adults. Sadly, it is in youth activities where I see this so frequently - school (Private) has a daily pizza option. Church youth group has donuts, ice cream and pizza all the time. It’s hard to fight against, hard to be the one teen abstaining without standing out. And yes, healthy food in America is widely accessible, but not necessarily for those on a restricted income. Fresh produce isn’t inexpensive, and much clean lean protein comes at a premium cost. I don’t have a solution, but I feel the pain. The only way we’ve been able to do this is by getting most of our kids out of the house and on their own, so I have capacity in both my time and dollar budgets to focus on meal planning and prep.
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