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    It's been years since I've been here! I was part of the original boards back in the early 2000's, but haven't been part of the boards here for a few years. I was previously Onthebrink. Over the past few years, I went back to school and graduated last week with my BA in Liberal Studies. My daughter graduated this week with her AA in Music. We both graduated with honors (I'm not surprised she did; I was shocked that I did!). She's moving on to university in the fall to major in geography. I'm starting grad school in the fall in political science with a focus on public law and policy. DD works 2 jobs--one at a performing arts theatre ticket box and also teaching art and music for a place that has classes for young children. I work for a higher education board as an analyst. We're several years' removed from homeschooling but it's still part of my life. At this point, most of my homeschool conversations are with people in higher education who aren't very familiar with the reality of it. Anyway, I came back to find some Spanish curriculum I can use this summer for myself, and wandered back in. ?
  2. My daughter is transferring from community college to university and she had the option of dorms or an apartment. She and her roomie chose an off-campus apartment that's managed by a company that specializes in student housing. She and her roomie are rather introverted and were not the least bit interested in all the noise and hoopla that can go with dorm living, so the apartment was a good choice. They got a 2 br, 2 ba, fully furnished, all utilities included (even internet), pet friendly apartment for significantly less than a comparable on-campus unit. I think the housing choice depends on what kind of college experience your dd wants. Mine was fine to be removed from campus, but others who may want close proximity to the social activities, etc, may prefer to stay on campus.
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