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  1. Thanks for your response! Approximately how many hours per week were devoted to this class?
  2. Could you please also give me info on the chinese tutor?  Thanks!

  3. Any reviews on the science courses offered through Bluetent?
  4. Yes, it seems that the make-up industry looks so glamorous, but I think very few people can actually earn a decent wage especially, as you say, if you are not in the right location. I don't want to be a dream killer, but I want her to be realistic about a future career. As several of you mentioned, after looking into it more, I believe she would have to go to cosmetology school, get some hours in, and then pass a test. Thanks for all the suggestions that were made.
  5. My dd (a junior) thinks she would like to have a career as a make-up artist. She is not interested in doing hair or nails so going to cosmetology school doesn't make sense to her. What kind of jobs can she get in this field? I am out of my league here and really don't know how to advise her on what steps she needs to take. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, City Mouse. We are not sit on the beach type of people either so it is nice to hear suggestions of what to do. The Marine Science center looks wonderful! OK--the Savannah Candy Kitchen looks like that alone would make the whole trip. LOL Thanks for the fun tip! Ft Pulaski looks very interesting. We are considering doing a walking tour with this company https://freetoursbyfoot.com/savannah-walking-tours/ . Mrs. Wilkes looks great, thanks for the recommendation!
  7. We are planning a trip to Tybee Island area, anything you would recommend? We are planning a tour of Savannah for a day, maybe that is not enough time? We are traveling with 3 teens. Thanks for your help!
  8. Any recommendations for devotional books for girls ages 14 and 16, and boys ages 16 and 18? I would prefer something meatier--not the typical how do you deal with bullys at school, girl drama, etc. Thanks for your help. Trying to get some Christmas shopping out of the way! ?
  9. Do you have experience using an online class for learning Mandarin? Any reviews would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thank you for so many great suggestions. It is overwhelming trying to narrow down a trip to such a fabulous area. Never thought to visit a ghost town or hot springs and the suggestions for where to bike are very much appreciated! Has anyone ever biked down Pikes Peak? If so, was it worth the money to go with a guide? Any other out of the way, non-touristy ideas?
  11. Wondering where your favorite spots to visit are in Colorado. We are an active family with 3 teenagers. Any recommendations on your favorite hikes, road biking, mt biking, etc? Thanks for your advice!
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