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  1. Our snacks tend to be deviled eggs or fried eggs and toast, apples and peanut butter, banana smeared with peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla, hummus and veggies, and quasadillas with beans and a little cheese. I ask the snackers to have more than one food group when they're hungry. They also love beans and cornbread. In the cooler months, I keep beans cooking in the crockpot for them to help themselves.
  2. I like to use cork trivets for baking pans that I sit on the stove or countertops. When I serve a dish straight from the oven to table, I prefer a fancier metal trivet with a design. My metal ones have feet like Queen Cat described.
  3. We've used hauling companies when we've purchases used cars out of state. It's a about $1 a mile. Maybe a local dealership can help you find someone. ETA: That's always been an open hauling trailer and not enclosed.
  4. This was how we got a piano for our kiddos when we were flat broke. It cost us $75 to have it tuned and $50 to replace a pedal. That piano lasted us for almost trn years, and we were truly grateful.
  5. We're like most on the thread and plan for leftovers at least a couple times a week. For winter days, we have some sort of bean soup in the instapot and have veggies on the side. Some days we'll add a green smoothie that everyone gets a glass of. Other quick things we enjoy are veggie or cheese quesadillas ( maybe these would work with corn tortillas) , frittatas. and sautéed veggies in a rice or cauliflower rice bowl with an egg on top. We have a "salad bar" shelf in the fridge so salad is a popular choice too. We don't eat much meat so the protein in the salads is usually black beans or chickpeas along with nuts for the fats. I've also done casseroles in the oven when we had four littles at home. I'd put it in to cook when we had morning snack, and it would be ready by lunchtime.
  6. I do IF along with eating a mostly plant-based diet. It's worked well for me, and I'm healthier than I've been in years. My window for eating is usually 11-7 or so. The longer days has caused us to eat a little later than usual so we need to get back into the habit of having an earlier dinner. I was hungry in the mornings and evenings until adjusting to not snacking before bed, but that's gone away. Self-control as @Patty Joanna shared has been a wonderful unexpected side effect of my fasting. I actually feel much better and more relaxed now that food has become a smaller part of my life, and I'm not so focused on it or dieting.
  7. How about wicking undies? https://www.duluthtrading.com/womens-buck-naked-performance-bikini-underwear-53280.html?&srccode=GPSHPWM&chnl=ps_prospect_pla_wm&region=out_region&gclid=CjwKCAjwmq3kBRB_EiwAJkNDp9ETZ1BF9EWwMSUiuLzdcxnIL7sR_iFwzYu4dFqd0XQBiaUAx-ZRJBoCf-cQAvD_BwE
  8. Love that mirror! I'm going to buy one. I wear my grandchildren at ages 3 and 6 in a toddler kinderpack. It's mostly the 3 year old when I have all of the grands. Sometimes though the 6 year old will ask to be carried. They're both within weight limit. I'll probably buy a preschool kinderpack just so they'll both fit better.
  9. This looks great! i'm making it for lunch tomorrow.
  10. Yes, to the bolded. Its such a sanity and money saver! We fill all of our car tanks on Sunday and use our gas points to save $. Only one of our cars needs a midweek fill, and we fill that one after school on Wednesday when we're in a nearby town with cheaper prices. I also only go to the grocery store on Sunday and Thursdays. It's what fits our schedule and saves us some money by not just running in the store to "grab one thing". We avoid a lot of impulse esp snack purchases this way. edited to add: Sink Refections by Marcia Cilley ( Flylady) is a good book to help with routine habits.
  11. Ds joined first and foremost for the new dorms. They were really nice! The other perks were smaller class sizes, opportunities to interact with faculty and guests, and priority registration. No extra money was offered. The real perks though were the friendships he made and the advising he received through the Honors College. He's a STEM major and besides general studies requirements no liberal arts classes were required.
  12. DD is preparing to audition at Belmont next month for the BFA in performance ( not MT ). We've gone through the website so we know the basics and have scheduled the audition. She'd just feel more confident knowing what to expect at the actual auction. Each university seems to be different, Has anyone here in through the process at Belmont before? Everything we've found at college confidential seems to be about musical theater auditions. We'd love to hear anyone's experiences.
  13. The same happened in our family for both dh and I. We started following Eat to Live about five months ago ( with significant weight loss ) and the changes have been dramatic. We both sleep well and wake up not tired. Neither of us snore anymore either.
  14. I voted ethical. I'd think it was unethical though if you bought the second rug just to reach free shipping minimums.
  15. The bolded is my experience as well except for military and teaching friends, Most of them have gone on to second careers though. My dh is a boomer, and I'm close to being a boomer, We have no plans to retire. All of our parents worked well into their sixties. I have trouble with the word "adulting". It's tossed about like some magic thing you do when you get to a certain age or point in life. It doesn't seen to allow for the maturation that should be going on throughout life -- including the scheduling of appointments and the running of errands. Did our generation create too much of an artificial life experience with before/after school care, childcare, and planned playdates? Three of our children are millennials, and I have to say that they don't have college debt but nether are any of them homeowners yet. Two are saving ( our local and not so local real estate is crazy high ) and the third is a doctoral student who is renting - he has no idea where he'll end up in a couple of years. We're launching our youngest to college next fall with a seven year gap since the last. Prices have increased dramatically even at the state schools. "Full Rides" are more scarce and so is merit aid. She's gotten top merit money at several schools but there's still going to be a bill to be paid. We're determined for our children to graduate debt-free since I was a first generation college student who struggled through while working so we'll continue to work. eta: Another thought is that millennials and subsequent generations have a skewed sense of what is a want and what is a need. I recently heard someone remark that cable bills are as much as car notes. I think this statement is true for most generations -- our parents wants become our needs but millennials and others since have wants that never even existed as a previous generations needs.
  16. Have had it and it stinks! The bathroom floor became my friend -- hopefully you don't have the same! Do you have access to a service like Tel-A- Doc for a prescription? They may be willing to prescribe zofran which will help with the nausea and vomiting or something similiar --assuming that's an okay thing to do with food poisoning.
  17. Hope you feel better soon! If you don't have an electric blanket, could you purchase one? That'll probably help with the chills. Zinc supplements are good for mouth ulcers. Maybe it would hold true for your variation. Just wanted to throw it out there in case it it might help and bring you some relief. I had scarlet fever as a young child and still remember feeling miserable.
  18. Yes! I bought myself nice new pajamas this Christmas and paid full price because they were the ones I wanted. Usually I limit myself to the clearance racks, but not this time 😉 It felt good.
  19. Our family is in! We have out 50 or so games and only play a handful of our favorites. This would be really great to help us decide which to hang onto and which to say goodbye to.
  20. The dual enrollment recommendation from our umbrella school is only two or three sentences. I don't have a copy to quote, but it references high academic achievement and being capable of college level work. There's also a sentence about recommending ( insert name ) without reservation. My children have dual enrolled at the local community college and the state flagship without any problems. Their first semesters were limited to six hours and level 100 classes. After that, they had no problem with taking whatever classes they wanted up to 15 hours.
  21. Not certain about CPS but offering another perspective: Our guest room has a daybed with a trundle on a frame that rises to bed height. it's great for the grandchildren and the college students we host because it's two separate beds. The one married ds we have pushes the beds together for him and his wife. That's the visual I get when I read your post -- two beds made into one with sheets and pillows separating the occupants. When dd and I went to Iceland we had separate beds with separate sheets which we moved apart. Would your family be comfortable with moving the beds apart?
  22. This post struck a note with me. It may be just a comfort thing. When we moved into our current home years ago, our three boys ( who had shared a room previously ) wanted their own space while our dd wanted to sleep with her brothers because the "rooms were bigger". We ended up with the two middle ds sharing a room and oldest ds with dd ( the youngest ) sharing a room. It was definitely a different arrangement! It lasted for a couple of years until oldest ds wanted his own space. Then we moved dd into the playroom. With that said, I'd encourage you to support their want to share a room but separate the beds. As a mom who doesn't go for squabbling, I'd also go a step further and require all dressing to be in the bathroom. Kudos to you for working with your dh to solve this family dilemma.
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