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  1. It's hard to remember how Algebra 2 started, because we had Geometry in the middle. I've asked my daughter about DO and Algebra 2 and she says it started ok, not too fast, but it quickly picked up pace, probably within a month. She felt prepared. I think the answer about the rigor is yes: DO is much more rigorous. We feel it gives much more exposure to types of problems. I will share my husband is a math guy and he is very impressed with the type of problems she sees in DO. hope that helps.
  2. Still working on dd plan, but here's what I have so far: Math: (Honors) Pre-Calculus with Derek Owens History: AP US Government with PA Homeschoolers Science: Chemistry (non-honors) with Clover Valley Chemistry Foreign Language: French 2 (my husband is fluent so he's her teacher. He is using books by McGraw Hill Ed's "Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar 3rd ed, French Verb Tenses 3rd ed, French Conversation 2nd ed" and some short stories. Elective: AP Psychology with PA Homeschoolers English: Still working on it! Fine Arts: Weekly flute lessons and flute ensemble, tap dancing, possibly cross country or track but not sure since she's always been more into dance (we'd be doing it for exercise and social), pottery wheel for teens
  3. My daughters took Mr. D Math for 2 years and we switched to Derek Owens this year. We loved Mr. D, because it was fun and moved quickly but we wanted to try more rigorous math program . My 13 year old is taking Geometry and my 15 year old is taking Algebra II honors this year with DO. We prefer the Algebra II to the Geometry because the Algebra seems more focused while the Geometry has some busy work (according to our 13 year old, and my husband). DO allows testing for mastery if the student wants one extra try to improve a grade on a test. Our girls use it from time to time. The self-paced works well for us so we plan in vacations and either work ahead or play catch up after. DO provides nice workbooks that track well with the lessons and homework. Last thing that's worth mentioning, DO puts in SAT problems throughout the year in both courses, which we think is great. I hope that helps!
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