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  1. Hi all! Second year homeschooler here looking for curriculum advice from those with much more experience 😀 I need a Logic curriculum for my 7th grade son. We haven't done any logic work so far. What have you used that you liked for your kids? My son really likes to point out "loopholes" in directions that I give him and statements that I make so I feel like he might really enjoy this topic if its presented in a engaging way. When my friends overhear him, they like to say "He's an engineer in the making!" 😆 And maybe I'm completely wrong that logic is what I'm looking for! Thoughts? TIA! Jessica
  2. Have you used Master Books before? I'm considering using the Survey of Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry or the Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 2 for my 9th grader next year. I don't know much about them - I saw them at a local homeschool resource store for the first time today. My kids get turned off by too much tie-in to religion even though we are a religious family. The Master Books elementary materials that I looked through seemed to reference religion more heavily than the high school survey books I glanced through. Any insight is appreciated - thanks! :)
  3. I had never heard of guesthollow so thanks for sharing. I checked out the outline and it's giving me ideas - thank you!! ?
  4. Ok thanks! I'll check out samples and see what it's like ?
  5. Which level Noeo Chemistry are you using for which grade level student? And, what do you think of it so far? Thanks ?
  6. Ok thanks! I'll check those out! Maybe I'll just give my 2nd grader something else to do for science like you
  7. Hi all! Do you have any experience with a chemistry curriculum that can be used across multiple grade levels? I have 4 kids (2nd, 4th, 6th 8th) and would LOVE to be able to do Chemistry with all of them at the same time but have the older ones go deeper with their learning and experiements. I tend to like the classical approach but am not really limited by that. I tend to also lean more secular in my curriculum choices. I might also like to do half the chemistry and the other half physics - not sure if that's a good idea or not? Anyhow, I need to get science going for this year and would love any advice you can share. Thanks!! ?
  8. Those are great questions to consider. And I appreciate your point that it's my decision - I'm still breaking out of the mold of regular schooling and worrying about what's going on at school.
  9. Hi all! We are just starting our homeschool adventure with 8th, 6th, 4th and 2nd graders. I'm looking for advice on reading. All of my kids can read and appear to be generally good with comprehension. Since we are new to homeschooling, I'm wading in kind of slow. Just for reference, right now we have math (Saxon & Math U See), grammar (FLL or GFWTM depending on grade level), spelling (Spelling Power) and writing (WWE or WWS again depending on grade level). Do I just have my kids read books they're interested in? Do I try to have reading tie in with writing assignments? Or Do I pick up History and have their reading tie in with that? I would love some direction or ideas or stories about what has worked for you! I'd like my kids to be challenged but also really enjoy their reading time ??♥️ Thanks in advance!! Jessica
  10. Thank you for the advice about possible Dyslexia - I will definitely pay more attention to it.
  11. I really like what you do - having the kids participate in picking their programs. I hadn't even thought that one program might have songs and cartoons that could drive a kid mad! ? Getting their buy-in has to help them have more of a sense of ownership over their home education. And I would have zero idea how to edit a program to fit our needs at this point. ok - I need to go find the free resources and start there to see what I'm even looking for! Thanks ?
  12. Interestingly (to me at least), my oldest is my most dependent. She would love to have me glued to her side at every moment. The other 3 are more independent and able to self motivate. Its really calming to hear that I do not have to have every last detail pinned down before we beign. And yes, it sounds like math will be the first thing for us to figure out over here. Thanks for the suggestions that have placement tests!
  13. Great advice - ya, I would like to have it be "perfect" from the start but that is just too much pressure! ? and yes, I am really hoping to find a good way to combine content subjects to maximize time. Do you have any recommendations of good free or low cost options that you feel are worthwhile to check out?
  14. It is very encouraging to hear how many options there are for homeschooling lessons - especially the online courses like you mentioned. Most of my kids are very motivated to stay on top of their work in school so that makes me hopeful that they will be willing to make it work. It sounds like I need to really start diving into the different curriculum to really see what they all offer. Someone in this thread mentioned putting the samples in front of my kids and seeing how they react to it. I am glad to have a couple months to prepare. And "funhouse"? Yep, that's me trying to be super positive! ? I'm sure it will be much more like a crazy house when it comes down to it ?
  15. Gratefully yes, they are all reading well enough. I notice a little bit of what I'd call lazy-reading where they don't bother to sound out a word they don't readily know and don't care to figure out what it means but that can be overcome. Yes I am spending more time with The Well Trained MInd but have to admit that the plans are overwhelming and since I have no experience, it doesn't click the way it does when you have experience to relate it to. Like when people say "you will know what your child needs and can make adjustments accordingly" I feel like I would way prefer to have a checklist to work off to know what they need to know - does that make sense? I appreciate your point about addressing how teacher intensive the curriculum is that we choose. I am concerned about juggling 4 kids but they are each capable and 3 of the 4 are very motivated towards their school work already so I hope that will come across when they come home. Beside homeschooling, there is the house to run and my sanity to maintain ? Thanks for the additional book recommendation - I will check it out!
  16. Thanks for the replies - yes that's a good point about curriculum that doesn't work, that it's just part of the cost of starting up.
  17. 13 - heading for 8th grade next year, 11 - heading to 6th, 8 - heading to 4th and 7 - heading to 2nd
  18. Hi all - I am new here and borrowed a copy of the Well Trained Mind from a friend since I'm considering bringing all 4 of my kids home next year. It is super overwhelming to try to wrap my head around all the curriculum choices and how it will all flow and where I can have things overlap. It feels like there will be so much to do that I could get lost in the funhouse!! My questions: what tests/resources do you use to figure out what level you children are at for their various subjects? Mine are all at level at school right now How many subjects is good to start with? I mean, I'd love to cover Latin but reading, writing, math, science and history is probably sufficient until I feel we've got it working? Referring back to tests, do you test each child to figure out their learning style and then everyone gets custom curriculum? I want to be able to cut this big opportunity of homeschooling into bite size pieces that I can tackle but I don't even know where to start so that's where I'm at. I guess, what else should I be asking?? ? Thanks in advance for any insights
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