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  1. My dd 11, 6th grader, is currently using Queen's Language Lessons. She completed most of R&S4 last year and we decided to take a break this year because it was getting tedious for both her and me. I did think it was very thorough however and she did fine with it. Next year she will be in 7th grade. If I go back to R&S, what grade should I get? 5th or 6th? She did not learn much new this year with Queen's. Also, since grammar seems to take up so much time for both of us, I was also considering Analytical Grammar. It sounds very efficient. It is as thorough as R&S? Grammar is not my strong point, so I feel very unsure here.



  2. If r&s is working for you, I would suggest staying with it. It is a very nice program. I have used both and I think it depends on the child which one you would choose. I am currently using fll3 with my 4th grade son and I don't use a separate writing program. However, I do think you would need an additional writing program. I am planning on buying the swb writing program when it is available in June.

  3. I am using fll 3 and I love it. I am not very good at remembering grammar rules and I never learned diagraming as a child, so the scripted lessons really help me a lot.


    It is very thorough. It inlcudes not just grammar exercises, but also, dictation, narration and poetry memorization. It also includes lessons on letter writing, using a dictionary, and oral usage lessons. It is just the right amount for my 4th grade ds. I will use it for my daughter when she gets to 3rd grade.


    FLL 4 is available on the peace hill press website.

  4. We started off aiming for a four year cycle but ended up doing six. Ancients and even middle ages can easily be done in one year each, but the most recent time periods contain much more and I think are better suited to two years each. When you get up to the age of discovery, you are also hitting american history and can spend more time on that during those years. I am glad that we have ended up with a six year rotation, I think that for us three cycles of the same thing would get boring. It was more interesting and relaxing to go through slowly the first time. I think we will get in depth enough the second time around for my up and coming high schooler.


    Also, I used sotw for the first six years. I added in truthquest for the last year, the more modern time period. I plan on using truthquest for the next six years, through high school for my oldest, with youngers added in. I will also go through sotw again for my youngers.

  5. I mostly follow wtm for science, grammar, writing and I use sotw.


    I use ambleside for extra reading books in science and history. They have some great resources. I also use ao for picture study, composer study and nature study suggestions.


    This year I am using ao year 1 for my first grader, who would find sotw 4 too much.


    We do art, music, and nature study all together as a family.

  6. Another option is to just take longer to cycle through the four books. It can be difficult to get through all 42 chapters in one year and enjoy the journey! You could go a little slower and add in the younger children when they are able. The last book is difficult for younger children because of the content. When you hit book four, you may wish to start a new rotation for the younger children. I just finished book four with my 4th and 6th graders. My 1st and pre-schooler are doing ao year1 this year instead of sitting in with their older siblings. I will now start sotw year 1 again with everyone. For the oldest, I will add in readings from Story of the Greeks, Story of the Romans and outlining from Kingfisher.


    I would suggest starting sotw 1 and seeing how things go. It is easy to schedule out a plan. But, remember that life happens and you will need to make course corrections as you go along!



  7. I have a ds4, ds10, dd7 and dd11


    I do devotion, bible memory, hymn and prayer first with all.


    Then, ds4 does about 1/2 hour with mom (letters, numbers, etc) while the other do their morning chores.


    Then ds10 (the most antsy) does his math, grammar and reading with mom. dd 11 works independently, and dd7 does piano practice, handwriting and etc on her own.


    Then ds10 does his handwriting, etc, and math facts practice on his own while I do math, grammar and reading with dd7.


    ds4 plays and hangs around with us during this time.


    Then we all break for lunch, do a read aloud together then have quiet room time for 1 hour.


    After that, we do afternoon work together, history, science, art or chorus.


    My guys like to do all their work in a row without breaks.

  8. I used this last year with a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. It was my favorite science to date! I took two week after christmas to do chemistry, two weeks in May to do physics, and two weeks in August to do Biology. For those weeks, I did not do my regular schoolwork, we only did science. We did one lesson per day, so we could get each book done in two weeks. It worked really well for us. The experiments were great and most of them worked. We especially liked all the experiments from biology. The lab sheets were a must. They really introduced the scientific method well. You could easily do one book a year, if you scheduled one chapter a month. You could add readings from the kingfisher science encyclopedia and other books from the library. YOu could even add in bios of some famous scientists, einstein, edison, etc.

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