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  1. 1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    I don't know if you have ASD issues going on as well, but those can complicate things by creating a top-down language learning style, instead of learning parts to whole.

    This is not an issue that I am aware of. In school they are still teaching whole language in this area?, I see a lot of memorization with this guy. When he has break down a CVC word he struggles to sound it out, yet he can read it on a page with other words, I think he has just memorized the shape. He has speech issues so sounding out words can be really difficult for him depending on the sound he is trying to make. He can blend two sounds but can't three sounds. I have tried everything but he just can't. He did not pass section C of the Barton test. I think we need to go back to phonemic awareness skills. I haven't used barton with him but I am doing OG with basic letter skill (somedays he knows them somedays he doesn't). I used barton with my 2 kiddos a long time ago and I think he could benefit from the intensity of barton. 

    1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    f you need that file, holler.

    I would love to get that file if you could!? Thanks PeterPan!!

  2. 14 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    If you have a straight dyslexic with no complicating factors, it's probably adequate. If you like working with more flexible tools vs. scripted lessons or have a dc with more complex issues (speech issues, etc.) you will prefer LIPS. 

    I had wondered about that. The student I am tutoring does have speech issues and dyslexia. I think I am going to look into LiPS. Do you have to be trained in LiPS or is it something that I could figure out?

  3. 17 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    The reason I'm nitpicking there is incorrect diagnosis would be an explanation for ineffective therapy. Has he had his hearing tested? By an audiologist? Has anyone screened him for apraxia (motor planning of speech)?

    He just started speech in November of last year. I know that it is an unusual list of letters sounds that he has difficulty with. As far as hearing, mom says the hearing has been tested as he went to an ENT. He has really bad seasonal allergies. I too question the dx of the speech. He was a late talker and he experienced regression at ages 3-4. His mom reports that his tongue can not position correctly to make the sounds. I am not here to judge, I just want to help if I can.  I have recommended an evaluation beyond the school for speech. 

    17 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    Are you looking for help with speech or phonological processing work or what?

    I am looking for ways to help him with reading and spelling. I am not a speech pathologist (obviously) so I need help with ways for the sounds to make sense to him. I thought about ASL for individual letters. Ways he can determine that the letter is different then the sounds he can produce. (Does this make sense?) I am also looking for ways to get his self esteem up. 


    17 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    This was one of my favorite things with my ds. It uses minimal differences pairs to improve phonological processing, and they don't have to be able to say the words to benefit. I was given instructions that had us using each page lots of ways. We did rapid naming, working memory exercises (touch the 2 I say, touch the 3 I say, etc.), etc. etc.

    This is a great resource! Thanks! 

    I understand this situation is a hot mess, as he has parents fighting over him and what not. So it will be a challenge but both parents seem to be on board. So..

  4. Hello All! I am getting ready to tutor a student (7 years old) who has dyslexia, mild processing issues, and a speech problem. The child is receiving speech services from the school and has made progress, unfortunately summer is here so the services will end and pick up in the next school year. Meanwhile, I will be tutoring using the Orton-gillingham method. He currently has trouble with pronouncing the sounds G, D, L, N, Q, U. I am looking for resources or advice :) on how to handle this while tutoring with him. TIA!

  5. 22 hours ago, HeighHo said:

    Did you ask both the Tech center people and the Math Dept chairperson?

     Our Tech only offers a math class for general living skills, any class outside of that is left up to the School districts. We live in a rural area so offerings are limited. 

    3 hours ago, Pink and Green Mom said:

    If you are unable to find a live math class in your area, Mr. D Math offers twice a week, live online math classes over the summer and you complete a full year of high school math in 11 weeks.  The class is live, Mr. D does a great job explaining things, and there are 2-3 live help sessions each week if your student needs extra assistance.  There are also 15-30 minute videos for each lesson that you yourself could watch and help your son with his work

    I am going to check this out! Thanks!

  6. 1 hour ago, mom31257 said:

    Which Algebra 1 curriculum did he use in 10th?

    He used CLE Algebra 1 and did really well with it. 

    55 minutes ago, EKS said:

    The bad news is that unless you're willing/able to pay for daily tutoring sessions, the teaching is going to have to come from you.  Once you decide on a resource, I'd recommend working well ahead so that you know where you're going (and also where he's likely to get hung up).

    I tried this approach, he still struggles with it. I struggle with explaining it in a manner which he can understand it. I need the videos more so I could help him. I can tutor reading and writing all day long but math not so much. I am looking for a tutor but I have yet to find one that can help him. 

    He needs an English credit, 1/2 semester each of government and econ. outside of the math next year. He spends 1/2 a day at Tech center in Engineering and Drafting class. Too bad they don't have a curriculum to do a geometry/ Algebra 2 credit all in one.

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  7. Hi all! I am looking for some advice (and I have my flame suit on!). My ds is at the end of 11th grade (16) and has really fallen behind in math. He started 9th grade by cheating his way through Algebra 1 which resulted in me failing him. He retook it in 10th and did well. Geometry in 11th grade has been dismal to say the least. He is really struggling to understand it. He has tried teaching text books,Thinkwell math, and I even picked up some SAT geometry prep books and tried to work through it with him. He has taken the SAT but I don't know what the score is yet.  At this point we are so far behind I really don't know what to do with him. He wants to go into engineering but he really lacks the math skills. Any suggestions on what to do about the whole mess?

  8. Well it's time to dust off the ol' resume after years of homeschooling. I have a year left before my last one flies the coup and I am starting to look at some part time jobs.  I graduated with a Bachelor's in social work  just before I started homeschooling my oldest so I have no experience in the field. I am looking for advice on how other mom's have done resumes that have large spans of time where they didn't work outside the house. I have listed my skills but it has been years since I worked and have gotten my degree. I am currently looking to apply for a Great Start program liaison and a Early Childhood Service Provider. Both are part time and entry level positions. Any advice?

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