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  1. Thank you for the great ideas! Going through a second cycle and adding a few more resources. The Usborne internet linked history book also sounds very interesting.
  2. Thank you, a great idea, too! I was also thinking of getting an online or skype tutor usually aimed at highschool students. Which soap opera or series has a good or the best standard American accent btw?
  3. Thank you for your great ideas and links, Much appreciated! Well I really don't know about about my level, I completed my degrees at English speaking universities, so actually I should be fine, but that iwas in countries with many different first language (or English bilingual) speakers as a background. Now when living in the US or UK there is not so much variety in syntax and pronounciation, also acceptable in social and formal situations, so sometimes I really feel at loss. The pronounciation coach seems fantastic, unfortunately a bit too expensive right now, Will get ahead with the non-regional American accent downloads for self-teaching. Great links, thank you! Starting with soap operas though right now.
  4. Hi, where would you start brushing up your own English? Starting with grammar or pronounciation? Are there any specialized books for adults or even a curriculum to get started? Any ideas appreciated!
  5. Hi there we loved the SOTW series and activity books. Can you recommend any nice activity books and curriculum to cover the time after SOTW4 for multiage instruction for Grade 5-9? Ideally suited for multiage home instruction like the SOTW readers and activity books? Many thanks for any suggenstions!
  6. Testing how to write in this forum. Hope it works.
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