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  1. Paid the registration fee but haven't got my logins yet - do I need to do "make a payment" for the first month first? I was just waiting on an email back but haven't gotten anything. I probably did something wrong lol.
  2. Junior Year (11th) AP English Lang - AIM Academy, Lili Serbicki AP Comp Science A - Edhesive Regular Physics - NDCDE (They use Accelerate Ed's content) AP Calc AB - Derek Owens AP Euro Hist - PAH, Hannah Donohue AP Spanish Lang - APEX 1 DE class in the Fall and another in Spring
  3. MrDmath also has a self-paced option -- it's a one time fee of $197 for access for a whole year. I've done one course with live sessions and another without. The live sessions are always nice because there's a set pace and he goes through the material that needs to be known for the week, but it's not necessary. I often found myself just watching the prerecorded videos rather than attending them live. Plus, you can work ahead with the self-paced option and it's very affordable. Derek Owens is also great! I'm using him for Calculus this year (:
  4. Mr D Math! Just finished up a Summer Pre-Calc course with him.
  5. Looking into taking AP Spanish wit MiddleBury. There is no selfpaced version, so it comes with teacher support -- does anyone know exactly what that means? Under their FAQ, they state that "Middlebury Interactive teachers serve a similar role as typical classroom teachers. Our teachers guide students in their learning by providing ongoing support, communication and encouragement, as well as feedback in personalized feedback on speaking and writing assignments. They quickly establish a strong rapport with students and continue to engage and assist them throughout the course. Middlebury In
  6. Title pretty much explains it all. I'll be doing a homegeown course for AP European History. It will be a combination of Shmoop, Tom Richey's videos, essay writing, and textbook readings. Now I'm just looking for a textbook that will be suffecient (:
  7. Totally forgot there was a thread of courses -- thank you, lol (:
  8. Looking for an online vendor to take a Spanish 4 class -- not interested in adding another AP. I was originally going to take it at UCscout but they took out premium and now charge $399 per semester for their teacher-led classes.
  9. BlueTent offers Honors Chemistry https://www.bluetentonline.com/honors-chemistry Bearean Builders offers the same as well https://bereanbuilders.com/ecomm/online-classes/ Mr. Moskaluk (I've heard based on reviews) is an amazing Chemistry teacher. I don't think he'd link anyone that wouldn't provide a great class - I'd go with Clover Valley for sure. But that's just my take!
  10. Did you unenroll from PAH because of the same reason? I wish there was more insight on Mrs. Donohue's AP Euro class with PAH. I'm not sure if she was just unprepared because it was last minute, and she was pregnant. I looked at HSLDA but they have live sessions which would be difficult for me to attend.
  11. I’ve only heard great reviews. This is so disappointing, but I’m glad you said something. I’m going to pm you ?
  12. Hello! I have no idea, but I've paid and signed up already. Last year, she opened up registration in July and most kids had already made plans. Registration was opened late April this year, so I believe she will get at least 5 students. I'm not worrying about it! It was mentioned that there will be no problem running the class this year, and I'm guessing that's based on how many emails and questions she gets on her courses. I hope you sign up! I'm almost 100% sure that this class will run, and I hope it does. Are there any other online AP Euro courses you are taking into consideratio
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