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  1. We homeschooled for pre-k through grade 6. I don't necessarily want her to graduate early, but I also don't want to hold her back. That's why we are looking at all possibilities!
  2. I am kind of hoping she will choose to go to the private school because it would open a whole lot of doors for her. We will see!
  3. She is planning to be a vet, and part of her charter school experience will include an internship 🙂 if she continues there through high school. She is really excited about that, and has already discussed the plan with the holistic vet in the next town over.
  4. It's a shame that people are dying because they can't get these treatments (and because POTUS said it was a hoax) and now he's getting the best treatment, well maybe... before he's even been sick for 24 hours.
  5. She's taking all honors high school classes and loving them. She loves her charter school, so I'm definitely not taking her out of it. However, she is now considering applying to a prestigious private high school, so that may determine her course starting next fall.
  6. DD is now accelerated 3 grades (charter school) and will likely graduate high school at age 14, or younger. What do other people do whose students are so young upon graduating high school? Some community colleges in our area won't take anyone under age 16. I'm not sure what our options will be. Any advice?
  7. I wasn't attempting a low blow. The thread the other day showed that she was kind of at her wit's end with her son, and now she wants to charge him for food. I think it would be better for all of them if she asked him to go home because it's obviously really bothering her. Not every parent does very well with all of their kids...and that's ok.
  8. If you aren't charging her, I can't see justifying charging your son. I do feel that you don't want him there, and I hope he decides to move out soon. Between the two threads, it's clear that you resent his presence. Maybe you should just tell him you'd like him to move back to his apartment.
  9. If you will also charge your daughter for food when she comes home, then I think it would be ok. But since he's also paying for an apartment, I personally would not.
  10. Well, she should have taken better care of it then! What a nightmare. I'd be very upset about the CDs too.
  11. DD - professional art supplies, clothes, ?? DS - iPhone 11, clothes, ??
  12. Papermate Flair pens and Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens are my favorites.
  13. I know you had said that you weren't previously close to this stepson, and I believe DH isn't either? It's possible the baby is being withheld from you, but until you ask specifically to see him, you probably won't know. I'd ask for an outside, masked peek at the little guy and if they say no...you probably have your answer. I hope they say yes! I know the pain of not being able to see a baby you love already, and it is very hard.
  14. I understand. I've finally gotten things under control here, and I do get annoyed when it starts to fall apart. Hopefully you can come to an agreement with your DH and SS to make everyone happy.
  15. If you could work less, would you? I wonder if that's part of the issue, that you resent having to work full time?
  16. Pretty much just what he's asked to do, which I'm ok with. I do occasionally mention the dishes he has in his room, but he makes very little mess otherwise, and when I point them out he brings them out. He's just finished high school (age 17) and is working about 20 hours a week.
  17. It's possible your insurance company might care, but otherwise I don't think it would be an issue.
  18. If you're wanting to avoid it happening, just try to have your egg collector go out a bit earlier.
  19. No worries - this is normal and it's good for the chickens!
  20. Right. Kids lose 20 teeth...how many toys are less than $20? It just seems silly to me, but that's fine!
  21. A dollar per tooth is very little. I'm very confused how a toy would be cheaper...
  22. We did $5 per tooth, with more for the first tooth. It came sprinkled with tiny paper hearts.
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