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  1. Has there been any more blood since the initial? I think that might be the best indication of if it's menarche or just a small injury.
  2. I think I wouldn't say anything. I am someone who doesn't like to talk when I feel upset. Explaining to her why you keep asking her if she's ok will just irritate her further. Hang in there. Buy more chocolate. You will both get through it!
  3. I know several girls who started at age 10. 2 of them were quite tiny and had few other symptoms.
  4. Driver's Ed is $670 here, so either way you are getting a screaming deal!
  5. Yes. So much this. I did learn very early to back off, and let their true interests shine. But there were some really hard learning moments before that happened.
  6. Oh boy - I'm glad I opened this thread. We will steer clear of the lab kit for sure! Thanks!!
  7. I didn't see A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on your list, but I loved that one in 5th/6th grade.
  8. I looked at OM (and actually seem to every year) but am always a little put off by the lack of books! What made you decide to do it this year?
  9. I think you did the right thing by going. Your child will soon be 6, and has almost finished kindergarten. Here, it's unheard of not to go to kindergarten, so I think that is the place where there is a divide between "homeschooler" and not. I do think abiding by age guidelines is generally important, but in this situation where you were specifically advised about preschool games, it's not a big deal to attend.
  10. We changed all the things pretty much: DD will be doing Math: TT Algebra 1 Lit/Science/Social Studies: MBTP 10-12 Latin: LL Big Book 2 Nature Study, state history class, Co-op, book club
  11. ANY and ALL weight loss programs only work if the one who needs to lose weight is fully participating and interested in losing weight.
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