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  1. Oh, @Spy Car, should I do it for you? 😂 Get yourself a NEAT steam cleaner. It’ll take care of everything but the wood floors. eta no chemicals necessary- the steam cleans and disinfects. For a quick polish on stainless steel when you don’t want to drag out the steam cleaner, Twinkle is good. And congratulations on your new home!
  2. That’s what makes them invasive! They’re non-native. How about planting milkweed instead? Common milkweed and swamp milkweed smell wonderful, and butterfly milkweed is a beautiful color. All of them support native bees and monarchs. You could plant native elderberries (they get huge, smell wonderful, and you can use both their flowers and their berries), yarrow, penstemon, coneflowers, Joe Pye Weed, rudbeckia… All these plants are just about completely carefree and will make the birds and the bees happy. Here’s a native plant database for Michigan: http://nativeplant.com/plants/search/input
  3. @***** Thanks for that link! It makes my heart swell to see all that goodness.
  4. You know the bumblebees let you pet their big fuzzy fat bumblebee butts, right? 😀 (I do ask first! 😜)
  5. Yes, this. Native plants will grow on your native soil, and will be good for the environment. Keep a patch of lawn if you want, but ripping up the rest is one small thing every lawn owner can do. And read Doug Tallamy! 😀 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/meet-ecologist-who-wants-unleash-wild-backyard-180974372/ This bit really drives it home for me: “a monoculture of lawn, a landscape that for ecological purposes might as well be a parking lot.” Gulp. ☹️
  6. Have paella. Everyone loves paella!
  7. What kind of peach trees do you have? 😃
  8. Do a search for tzatziki or cacik. Very simple, very delicious and refreshing. I eat this with every meal in the summer.
  9. Oh, I completely agree on the tasty not equaling healthy! I thought you meant that the food wasn’t usually of high quality and wanted to reassure you that it usually is, at least at decent restaurants. 🙂 I have friends who (in the Before times) ate out most nights, and I could never figure out how they survived all that fat and salt! Maybe they were just really good at ordering the reasonably healthy choices.
  10. I’m so confused about this one. I’d always heard they need to be cooked before consumption, but I read conflicting reports. Do you cook yours first or use raw?
  11. The reason that food in restaurants tastes better than food most people cook at home is because there is liberal use of fat and salt. That doesn’t mean it’s garbage, it just means it’s probably not optimally healthful. 😉
  12. There are some excellent hot sauce recipes from the islands that use a lot a lot of scallions. Maybe search Trinidadian hot sauce or green hot sauce?
  13. Apparently there is a native tansy, but way up north. https://gobotany.nativeplanttrust.org/species/tanacetum/bipinnatum/ Tansy doesn’t spread aggressively by rhizome, so it should be fine in the ground as long as you keep an eye on it. If you make sure it doesn’t go to seed it should be okay. Apparently the pilgrims brought (the non-native) tansy over with them. A native plant that blooms at the same time and in the same color is solidago. There are about a zillion varieties. You could also show the monarchs some love and plant asclepias tuberosa aka butterfly weed. It blooms earlier than tansy, but is still in bloom when tansy flowers. It’s orange rather than yellow. Heres a link to some other native plants: https://wildseedproject.net/2016/03/monarchs-and-milkweed/
  14. I don’t think it’s necessarily only “cheap online diploma mills.” There are lots of good state schools that offer fully online degrees: https://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/bachelors/rankings When tuition and room and board are closing in on $75,000 a year at a lot of schools (although I realize it may be less with financial aid), people are going to look for less expensive ways to obtain a degree. And if schools can educate people without having to invest in buildings to house students and classrooms, particularly if they’re already overcrowded and out of space, they’re going to do it. I have a friend at a large state school who absolutely agrees with you regarding the value of in-person vs online education. They loathe teaching online but must teach at least one online class a year. It’s not new. 😕 FTR, online would definitely not be my preference, but I think that we’re headed for a huge stratification: traditional college experience for the haves, online learning for the have-nots.
  15. Oh, I don’t mean now or even soon, but I still think this will be the future.
  16. Still not convinced that this isn’t the future for those that aren’t able to attend elite institutions. I still see a great divide in education coming up.
  17. The first Christmas after my family experienced a very sad and unexpected death, we pretty much canceled Christmas altogether. We were traumatized and it was simply too painful to spend the holiday as we normally would have. I think the advice Tanaqui and regentrude have given you above is perfect.
  18. I would not spend time mingling right now, even if it is outside. Too much risk. I see a few options: 1) You could ask neighbors ahead of time if they’d be interested in adding your stuff to their sales, telling them to keep any proceeds, because something has come up and you can no longer participate. 2) You could price things and put out a box where people can put in money. (Sometimes “pay what you want” makes people have to think too hard and they’d rather see a price. Or you could have a suggested price that would at least give them an idea.) 3) Usually at the end of the day or the next day lots of stuff that hasn’t sold is put out for free, so you could put your stuff out then. Of course you risk being stuck with a lot of stuff.
  19. I find it annoying. Do you tip the grocery store check-out person? If I received absolutely stellar service or had a complicated order, or think the people are just the greatest ever then yeah, I might tip, but otherwise I do not. This practice leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (FYI I tip extraordinarily well at restaurants - it isn’t that I am opposed to tipping.)
  20. The best way to learn to draw is to draw every day. I like Danny Gregory’s blog. He taught himself how to draw. He has online classes, too (I don’t know if he teaches them or others do). https://www.dannygregory.com I’d encourage your son to keep a sketchbook. It doesn’t need to be fancy- it could just be a cheap book and a pencil - just something to mess around with, no pressure.
  21. Yeah, I’ll apologize when Covid deniers, anti-vaxxers, and anti-maskers apologize for killing their fellow citizens, how’s that?
  22. What my post is trying to convey is that I and most other reasonable members of our society are incredibly frustrated and have had enough of the selfishness of Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers. Their ignorance and idiocy is literally killing people. I refuse to humor it.
  23. That’s asinine. The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer people who will get sick. Lowering the caseload will prevent further variants. Have you already had Covid?! There seems to be evidence it lowers IQ.
  24. Why would that make colleges less likely to require vaccines? I think the only thing that will change is that the universities that are already requiring vaccines will, if they don’t already, require masks and testing for students. And the universities that don’t require vaccines will have a heck of a lot more sick students who risk losing IQ points that they likely can’t afford to lose.
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