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  1. Oops, forgot about this. Here’s a link to a study by one of Tallamy’s former doctoral students https://marylandgrows.umd.edu/2018/12/14/survival-of-baby-chickadees-declines-in-yards-with-less-than-70-native-plants/ demonstrating that non-native plants can make up only 30% of the biomass before they start negatively impacting the environment. 😬 https://www.lewisginter.org/doug-tallamy-productive-native-plants/
  2. Yup, every school I’m familiar with has the same. These are likely the schools that will remain open with a healthy campus. Those other schools… SMH. I absolutely agree with what @regentrude wrote above regarding the asshat refusing to follow rules. (Although my “French” is much coarser than hers!) Around here he would’ve been booted, and rightfully so. The entitlement, the idiocy. Sigh.
  3. Eh, I never had any. Cynicism has its advantages. 😉
  4. Big hugs. If it makes you feel better (though I don’t know why it would), I’m sitting here bawling along with you. The poems made it worse! 😂 (but very lovely, regentrude) Thank goodness for technology! Gone are the days of phone cards and quick rushed calls. You’ll be able to send and receive quick texts whenever and see his beautiful, loved face right on your phone. Often. It’ll be okay. His excitement will soothe your sadness. Again, big, big hugs. 💗
  5. I like Schmidt’s. New formula is very gentle on sensitive skin.
  6. It’s a nice feature. I don’t have one now but I’ve had one in the past. Although it didn’t go into a drawer, just a trash can beneath.
  7. I do, I just don’t throw them in the trash. Some scraps go into stock, others go into compost. I was just having a puzzled moment before I realized that lots of people just put food waste in the trash. Fermented vegetable pickles? Yum.
  8. I’m pretty sure there’s a board rule that you’re not allowed to mention puppies without showing a picture of the puppy… Here people just splay anywhere, turning anything into a lounge chair. I know a beanbag type thing would be popular here, but for aesthetic reasons I am unable to do it. I can handle stackable cushions, but they splay with the splayers, so I don’t know how comfortable they actually are. How about a hammock?
  9. I was thinking packaging, but it just occurred to me that maybe you put food waste into the trash, which would explain it. I generate a fair amount of peelings and stuff when I’m cooking, for sure, but everything is composted so I have virtually no trash. I kept picturing my empty smallish trashcan and it wasn’t making sense. My compost bin, on the other hand, is regularly full. 😉
  10. I am perplexed. What would possibly generate so much trash while you’re preparing food?
  11. If you’re commitment-phobic, why not go with a piece of furniture that can be moved as the fancy strikes you, particularly since you won’t have any appliances or plumbing contained in it?
  12. https://awaytogarden.com/how-conservation-starts-in-your-yard-doug-tallamy-on-natures-best-hope/ Either his first or this one. There are also tons of articles and videos floating around. And he has spawned a new generation of researchers. I’ll try to swing back with some more links.
  13. Yep, fabric softener is the Devil. It traps odors. It’s also bad for health and the environment. I would eliminate this in the future.
  14. While I confess to being disappointed that you didn’t find an actual treasure in your literal back yard, I’m pleased to read that you’re rediscovering nature. The world’s a mess. Pretty normal, I think, to need to recharge in nature. Maybe you can use your rediscovered interest in nature to bring more nature and more wonder into your own yard. Don’t use pesticides. Read Doug Tallamy. Plant some native species. Marvel at the wildlife they attract. If we all do just a tiny bit, perhaps we can all get a little closer to nature and learn to value it more. It doesn’t have to be separated from real life. 😊 I’m glad you’re enjoying nature again. Also, no regrets - you can’t change the past, only the present and the future.
  15. Costco has sheets that will fit a very deep mattress. MIL has them. They’re quite nice.
  16. I sleep on linen sheets because they’re warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most of mine are vintage (or antique!), but I got some from Brooklinen recently that are nice. Not as sturdy as my others, but still nice and more easily accessible.
  17. Trying to decide between “sophomoric” and “mean girls” to characterize this “I have you blocked!” post. I think I’ll go with both. And no way this thread wouldn’t turn political. It belongs on the politics board, not the main board.
  18. I like the idea of inviting the entire family for Sunday dinner each week (if this is something that you can manage). It would be a nice tradition to establish, you’d get to see your grandchildren, and your son and DIL would be there to care for them. When her family arrives for the endless babysitting for DIL’s “me time,” the tradition will already be started and it’s less likely that they’ll pull it so you never see your grandchildren again. I do think that if someone else sat them down and explained to them, look, your mother/MIL doesn’t like to say anything, but she is really suffering and just can’t babysit the children for long periods of time, even though she would like to, they might take it more seriously. One hopes. But egads, the sense of entitlement is something else. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. It must be so disappointing.
  19. I didn’t know you were putting in a swimming pool! 😜
  20. A good friend has a child who works with, and very highly recommends, https://www.stephenjordan.net This particular student is aiming for HYP-MIT type schools, but the tutor accepts students with more modest goals as well. We will definitely sign up once our kids reach that stage. 👍🏼
  21. I’d have him ask the roommate. Not everyone is observant.
  22. I don’t understand what hookup culture has to do with porn culture. And why it isn’t doing our societal mental health any favors. Could you elaborate?
  23. Not even remotely. I find the importance placed on “purity” and “virginity” disturbing. And sexist, patriarchal, and prurient. It’s all a construct and IMO a really messed-up one.
  24. It’s very frustrating. If it makes you feel better, you can remember that you are teaching your children a powerful lesson in social responsibility, a lesson that will likely stay with them for life. Doing things for the greater good when no one else seems to giving a flying F can feel futile, but it’s not.
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