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  1. Me too! That must’ve been so scary! I hope you’re getting some good rest and that you’ll feel better soon.
  2. Wait, you mean everyone doesn’t do this regarding their field(s) of expertise…? I thought it was all part of the fun!
  3. Wear what you like. 🙂 And look at European fashions if you want to feel “in” - lots of gorgeous tall boots.
  4. Does he have any strong interests? My nephew had the same issues, down to eating alone, and then decided to start a Magic the Gathering club at school. Lots of nerdy kids he didn’t know existed joined, and he found his tribe.
  5. I was wondering how you liked it! So you’d give it a resounding “yes”? Can you share (possibly again) which brand you ended up with?
  6. Option C: eco friendly open cell pavers. That way, when the grass pokes through it’s on purpose.
  7. That sounds great. 🙂 It’s so nice when the school turns out to be such a good fit. I hope she continues to enjoy it. A huge plus is how beautiful the campus is. Decatur is icing on the cake!
  8. @Dmmetler This is nice to hear. Is she enjoying her classes? Are they challenging enough for her?
  9. While we always travel with a notarized document from the other parent authorizing travel, just in case, the only time one of us has *ever* needed to produce it was when flying into Belize from the US. Landing in Belize? They couldn’t care less. Going in over land? Couldn’t care less. So this does seem specific to Belize, and does seem to relate to one parent traveling with a child, although the linked site does say minors traveling alone also need parental authorization (but I bet Belize doesn’t ask to see it 😜). https://www.travelbelize.org/getting-here/visas-and-immigration/
  10. Yes, Belize had a problem with child abduction, usually US parents taking children from their exes and then going into Belize. A child traveling with only one parent needs notarized permission from the other parent. IME the authorities in Belize could not care less, but US airlines won’t let minors board without proper documentation. I assume that since she is going with her college it won’t be a problem, but good idea to nail it down first.
  11. That sounds like a really neat program. I especially like that they teach “the ethics of travel.” I’m sure that since it is an established program they’ll provide you with all the info you need. I assume this will include what vaccines she’ll need to have, which will likely include hep a and b and possibly typhoid (I’m a better-safe-than-sorry on this one). [editing because this is my mishegas and seriously not something you need to worry about!] Also, if she has led a particularly sheltered life, parts of Belize might be a little shocking in terms of living conditions. But I assume they’ll cover the huge disparity between many locals and the privileged tourists in their travel ethics class. Pretty sure she is an animal lover. The instinct is to pet cute animals, but remind her not to do that as there is always a rabies risk. I think I get T-mobile coverage in Belize… You can use WhatsApp to communicate with her. I hope she has a wonderful trip!
  12. Good to know, because the space I’m thinking of is a bit shaded. Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the info.
  13. Absolutely gorgeous, @Laura Corin! And Kew Gardens is beautiful. I’ll add it to my growing list. I’m currently trying to find a Rambling Rector, which looks a bit like Kew Gardens (though I prefer the look of Kew Gardens), to engulf my house. 😉 And thanks @madteaparty for asking your question and Laura for answering it, as I was wondering the same thing. My elderberries produce a lot, which I appreciate, but are not nearly as good-looking as that dark elderberry.
  14. I would say good black spot resistance. I do spray with watered down milk on occasion, although I don’t know if this makes a difference. This year the “on occasion” amounted to only once or twice, so I’m guessing not much of a difference at all.
  15. Sonya is the villain, definitely. Dawn as a character makes me uncomfortable because she seems so emotionally needy. But at the same time, she wants to (and does! She literally saved a life!) do good. The other group of people, Sonya chief among them, seem awful, shallow, and selfish. The catty things they wrote were revolting. On the plus side, all the publicity will make more people aware of nondirected kidney donations, and hopefully more lives will be saved. Could that ever possibly redeem Sonya Larson and her vile friends? Doubtful. And I know I will never buy their books. 🤮
  16. In naturist camps one carries a little towel to sit on. 😉
  17. Beautiful, Amira. This is becoming a dangerous thread for a rose lover… I’m running out of room!
  18. Mme Alfred Carrière! One of my absolute favorites. It needs room, but absolutely worth it. It’s slightly cream colored, not absolute white. Sally Holmes is another reliable white(ish) rose, with single blossoms. I have a Claire Austin that is a purer white and has beautiful blossoms, but if you have the space I would definitely recommend Madame. She is extremely healthy too.
  19. That’s a beautiful arrangement, Laura. I see a dark elderberry plant in my future!
  20. In the US, David Austin grows their roses in Texas, I think. You could contact them and ask how their roses would do where you are.
  21. Thank you for sharing. 😊 Tottering-by-Gently is lovely - I adore single flower roses like that, as do the bees. I have Susan Williams-Ellis and it is a prolific bloomer with a wonderful fragrance. I didn’t love it at first because I found its shaggy blossoms a bit unappealing, but its other qualities have brought me around. That magnolia is gorgeous, as is the color of the maple. I have never seen a dark elderberry and had to google. Wow! It has pink flowers? 🤩 Those three dark colors together are going to be stunning. I hope you’ll do another gardening blog!
  22. Now, now! You can’t tell us you bought two new DA roses and not say which!
  23. That sounds about like my gardening style. I’ve been intrigued by Ispahan for some time. It’s very fragrant, no, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. And if it does well with a no-spray regime it sounds like my kind of rose. Thanks.
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