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  1. https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men/bottoms/jeans
  2. Nice first post, troll. 🙄 ETA this was in response to a now deleted post by a troll, not (obviously!) to Tanaqui’s post.
  3. Haven’t shopped there recently, but we have previously had luck at Uniqlo.
  4. Yes, it sucks, but good for you!! You are a good mom, protecting and taking good care of your children. Big hugs to you.
  5. Sure, they’re not going to hunt you down and sue you for lost tuition, but in addition to being unethical it is foolhardy to play around with ED. Many top schools (and I assume other schools as well) share lists with peer schools and if you’ve applied ED and reneged at one school, it’s very possible that the school you want to go to will be notified and then deny or retract admittance. And who can blame them? I wouldn’t want an unethical student going to my school either!
  6. https://www.collegeraptor.com/getting-in/articles/questions-answers/happens-back-early-decision/ https://www.unigo.com/admissions-advice/is-early-decision-really-binding-or-can-i-still-get-out-of-it
  7. I like Doc Martens or similar oxfords. They dress up or down, work in most weather, and don’t go out of style. More than $50, but worth the investment IMO.
  8. I think black is a safe, traditional choice, especially for a colonial. Not everyone likes a colorful front door. (I share your love for them though!)
  9. Can’t go wrong with a black door. But an orange-red might be kind of fun too.
  10. I’m more concerned with the homegrown terrorists that attacked the Capitol. I’m sure you’re correct that we will experience another terrorist attack within the next five years, but it is more likely to come from within than from what you call “the true enemy.”
  11. Nearly 70% of the population in France approves of the passe sanitaire and a majority actively reject the anti-passe movement, which is something in a country that practically reveres protest. I suspect it will be similar here, that the loudest voices get heard, but the majority approve the actions taken by the Biden administration.
  12. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! 🧁
  13. It’s difficult to root a tree from a cutting. Usually a cutting is grafted onto hardy rootstock to produce a new apple tree. There are a number of nurseries that sell scions for grafting if you want to try your hand at it. We’re thinking about trying this as a fun homeschooling project next spring. This tree is, happily, still available in the UK. I haven’t found a US source for it yet.
  14. So interesting! Thank you, Laura.
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