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  1. We're in Ontario now. Dd's wedding was Saturday and it was absolutely perfect! I ran to her cabin and then back to ours three days before the wedding. It's 13km each way, but I walked the last km so got in a 25km run. The last 3km were tough, but I was really happy to have finished. I like having runs were I have a goal of where to get to and then I have no choice but to get home. I can't remember when I last posted here - we've been so busy - but I have been managing to get in one long run each week and at least a couple of shorter runs. My sister and I ran 12km together yesterday morning. I haven't had a chance to workout at all - or rather, I'm horrible at working out if there is anything preventing me from it. I tried one morning, but there was nowhere to hang my TRX and then I half-heartedly did some push-ups and some planking and then I gave up.
  2. Just a quick hello here. I’m in a campground at L’Anse aux Meadows (ancient Viking settlement in Newfoundland) and have a bit of WiFi and about two minutes before we’re ready to leave again. I’m in the road for all of July. I plan to get all my runs in and to get at least one strength training session done each week. I don’t have much with me - just my TRX and a mat, but I can do push ups and maybe some pull-ups if there’s any playground equipment. I had an amazing run at Gros Morne National Park. Looking forward to running in Nova Scotia tomorrow. Ok - it’s tomorrow. My post didn’t load in time to post it yesterday. I’m in Nova Scotia now but drove all day and it’s super hot. No running today. Maybe super early tomorrow. Am going to find something cold to drink.
  3. @Monica_in_Switzerland - You know, I wasn't thinking optimal performance. I guess because I already know I'm a slow and steady runner I have never thought about things like fuelling in order to optimize my speed ? @soror - 20 push-ups is a huge accomplishment! Someday... I can't believe how long it took for me to work my way slowly down to the point where I was able to do push-ups on the floor. I'm not at 20 yet, but I'm making progress. @wintermom - I hear you're in for some really hot weather? Is that why you're playing at night or is it just a convenient time? I am losing my mind right now. i probably shouldn't be on the computer, but I wanted to just sit and have a coffee for five minutes. We're just getting the final bits out of the house and we'll be staying at a campground tonight. My group run was cancelled on Tuesday, the email I got was, "Given that it is blowing a gale, raining sideways and freezing out, prime weather to get a chill and cold, the run THIS MORNING, is cancelled." It was horrible out. 4 degrees (39F). The cool part about this week was the gym on Wednesday. It was my last session which was kind of sad, but I had been working towards a benching goal. I did 90lbs for three sets of 5 reps and then I reminded my trainer that I had wanted to do 100 with him before I left. So, he had me do one rep at 95 and that was fine, but when he added the rest of the weight I couldn't get it up. I took a break, went back to it feeling very determined - and still couldn't get it up. So my trainer said to take five minutes and really visualize it. I did that, went back to the bar and it went up no problem. I couldn't believe the difference! I left the gym feeling both physically and mentally stronger ? This morning I didn't set my alarm but told myself I'd get up and run if I was awake - I was up until midnight last night doing house stuff but I still ended up waking up at 5:30 this morning so I went for my last group run. My legs were pretty tired from the gym the day before and we were doing hills so it was a challenge, but I'm so glad I went. I had planned to run 20km tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I want to do that now. I may revise my training plan a bit. Anyone have any thoughts on recovery? I find it hard to balance strength training and running. I did a bunch of deadlifts and rear leg elevated split squats with 30lbs a hand on Wednesday so it was no wonder my legs weren't wanting to run today. It will be interesting to see if my running gets easier over our 6 week trip as I won't be doing any strength training.
  4. I've never had anyone other than my GP do a pap smear. He has posters in his waiting room that talk about the importance of regular pap smears, so I guess he probably does a lot of them.
  5. With keto and fasting, you may not need to fuel at all. I ran my half in February fasted and I felt amazing. I started out a bit conservative - it takes me about 6km to really warm up and I was worried about going out too fast and then not finishing strong. By the last third of the race I was passing all kinds of people and feeling like I could have run forever.
  6. That's what I'm worried about. I have a half-marathon coming up in October and I'd like to finish it at the same time or better than I did when I ran a half last February. I'll get up early to try and get my runs in before it gets too warm out. I may have to think about brining water, too.
  7. Absolutely! I am so looking forward to that. I'm a little concerned for the short-term acclimation this summer. Normally, I guess people would have a spring season to slowly go from winter conditions to summer conditions. There hasn't been a huge temperature difference here so I just wondering how my body will react to a fairly drastic difference in temps. I've only had one run here so far where I was comfortable in a tank top and shorts. And one where I was comfortable in a t-shirt. Otherwise, it's been cold enough that I've needed long sleeves and pants and often gloves. Today it was 6C, but there was a northern wind blowing and my weather app said it felt like 2C, which was pretty accurate. I just looked at Ottawa and it looks like this week it's ranging from 26 to 35! That's a big difference from what I'm used to running in! I just don't want to have to alter my training plan too much ?
  8. Went out for what was supposed to be a 45 minute run this morning, but I somehow paused the Runkeeper app so I had no idea how long I'd gone or for how long. I was running a new route, too, so really didn't know how long it was. I ended up running 10km by the time I stopped - thankful for my Health app on my phone - at least it was keeping track! It was cool out again today so I was in a long sleeved shirt and long pants. People were out walking in winter hats and coats. I think it's going to be tough for me to go from this to running in much hotter weather.
  9. I try to eat potassium rich foods. Beachgal posted a great list. I eat a lot of avocado. When I'm fasting, I dissolve 1/4 tsp of NoSalt in a shot of pickle juice twice a day. 1/4 tsp of Nosalt has 650mg of potassium. You could try adding Nosalt to your food. It's a safe way of getting in extra potassium. I don't think I have any issues getting enough calcium, but I think it would be interesting to know how much I'm actually getting. I eat a lot of green veggies like broccoli and cabbage. I eat some nuts, but not a ton. I eat a lot of cheese and also some heavy cream. When I eat canned salmon, it's the kind with the bones - wow - I just checked and it looks like a can of salmon is good for 97% of your daily calcium needs and also has 1480mg of potassium!
  10. Good idea! I was wondering what, if anything to say if he mentions it in person. That's perfect. I did send an email saying I'd received an email from him by mistake and he sent one back saying he'd accidentally pocket-emailed. So, hopefully he doesn't say anything when I see him in person, but at least I know what to say if he does!
  11. Every time you talk about tennis it makes me with I had learned. Maybe I'll sign up for some tennis lessons when we move.
  12. So just a quick, "I think you sent this to me by mistake." And then I can pretend it never happened?
  13. We have a contractor building a fence and doing some tile work at our new house. I sent him an e-transfer the other day - I've never actually met the guy as dh is at the new house and I'm still at the old house. Anyway, today I get a reply to my e-transfer email that was clearly written for the contractor's wife. It's very personal and it seems as though they are going through some stuff. I'm guessing he'll figure out that he sent that to me and not to his wife. So, do I reply to the email and say that he sent it to the wrong person? Do I ignore it and hope he doesn't realize what happened? What do I do when I meet the guy in person? Awkward...
  14. I want to have breakfast at your house! Today was my long run with my running group. 12.3km. It's funny how workouts can impact runs. Last week, I ran just over 18km and felt fantastic. Today my legs felt like cement - but, yesterday afternoon I was in the gym doing a bunch of leg stuff so I guess that's why. I had a heck of a time keeping up with the group and was so done by the time we reached the end.
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