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  1. My main concerns are that these issues will continue. I don’t know how hard I should push him. Should I push him to finish his work or let him take it easy and hope that as he matures it will be easier. Or would easing up cause more problems. I have never run into this problem before and I am feeling lost. He is a lefty and his penmanship is not very good. He can be really stubborn, too. I don’t want our decisions to backfire on us! Are we using a curriculum that isn’t a good fit for a child who doesn’t like to write. Would something else work better? Hopefully that explains my concerns a little better!
  2. My incoming 3rd grader hates writing - any type - Handwriting, journaling, Copywork. Should I push him to work through it or just take a light year? He is a smart kid but writing causes us trouble almost everyday. He is a great reader and is advanced in math. Any ideas on what curriculum might work for him? Or maybe a different route? We tried bju, spelling you see, a reason for handwriting and the good and he beautiful this past year. Not all everyday. Nothing really clicked.
  3. Our charter is asking us to move to Lincoln learning solutions or at least give it a try. Does anyone have any experience? This would be for my third grader. I am hesitant to do an online program. He has used Time4learning and didn’t enjoy it but does like abc mouse and reading eggs. I’m not sure how Lincoln learning compares. Thanks!
  4. I’m not sure really what I am looking for.... but my 11 year old son is having a rough year. He has had some medical issues we are working though but he is getting so upset when we ask him to do anything. He had a bad attitude towards his siblings, parents and really just life. School, chores, take the dog out, go play outside, practice baseball(which he loves)... anything we ask him to do he gets very mad and frustrated. I know he would rather sit inside but I know he needs exercise to feel better. We go for walks/hikes and he enjoys them but it is like pulling teeth for him to go with us. He does play baseball about 3 times a week, we try to get outside as much as possible and he does see friends a few times a week for school class/activities. I dont know if reading some books about boys about boys his age who have it harder than he does would help? Maybe reading about happiness and looking on the bright side of life? Many suggestions for books? He loves to read. Ugh... I am really lost. I’m not sure if this is some sort of depression because of his medical issues. I find myself being short with him because he is so snappy with his siblings, his dad and I. Any suggestions welcome!
  5. I am really frustrated with our soon to be sixth grader. Not with her so much but with what she is having trouble with. She has struggled with spelling and math for a long time. She doesn’t know her math facts at all and still asks how to spell simple words like church or friend. I am having second thoughts about homeschooling her again this year. I don’t want to be making this situation worse by my lack of knowledge. I don’t know what curriculum to pick or really how to help her. We we did XtraMath math all year last year and she is still at about 50% correct. She just finished MUS gamma. That is the level she tested into. We did spelling you see and AAS. Not much improvement. Any suggestions? Editing to add - she is a smart girl and I don’t think there is a learning disability (at least nothing that we know of now). She is distracted easily but I am not sure it would be considered ADD. Last year was our first year homeschooling after a rocky year in private school. That was the only school our kids have ever been to.
  6. My 4th and 5th graders loved fixit grammar last year! We used the Nose Tree book. Both kids asked to do it again next year.
  7. I have a son who is flying through mathusee and I am trying to stretch out the eplison and zeta books for the next calendar year. He loves math and wants to add something else to the mathusee books. We have looked at life of Fred but I was hesitant with the price. Kahn academy doesn't seem to work well for us - online or apps don't seem to get done at our house. (I'm sure it is mainly my fault) He completed all the levels on xtra math. Any ideas of what we could add in? Is Kahn academy worth it? I find it a little hard to navigate too and maybe that's only because we don't use it on a regular basis....?!? What about MLFLE? My goal is for my kids to be doing 45 mins of math per day and he is at about 30 or less with the mathusee pages. He does 2 per day. All my kids love mathusee and we don't want to switch at this point.
  8. I am thinking of having my older kids notebook through their history spines. Has anyone done this? I am not sure what it looks like day to day. Was it successful for learning or extra busy work? I am really trying to teach my kids independence and I hope this will help.
  9. We have loved using fixit grammar over the last school year but I am not sure how to space it out. There are six books and we used the first book with my 4th-5th graders. Should I do something different this school year and come back to it? I just don't know how quickly it will increase in difficulty and I don't want it to become a struggle. Any advice? Any suggestions on what we should do instead? Thanks in advance! I get such great advice here! I love it!
  10. Paradox5 - magic school bus is free on Netflix! My first grader this year watched a bunch of magic school bus. We tried elemental science for my 3 kids and it was too teacher intensive for us. I also thought it was hard to follow and could be tricky to figure out where we were supposed to find certain things. The spines were awesome books but ES instructions lacked. What about out looking into master books science? We are trying MB this year. The books are extremely well laid out and are open and go.
  11. I found BJU 2nd grade reading for a great price but we used AAR 1 least year? Anyone have any insight? BJU seems to have a lot of parts so I'm not sure it will be a good fit. I liked AAR but my son didn't love the stories. Are the stories at this age just a little dry? Not sure which way to go for next year.
  12. I just read about this curriculum on a planning thread. I think we might give it a try over the summer. I am feeling burned out with three kids doing AAS.
  13. Do you know how to use excel? Planners are much much easier to create than it seems. I'm not sure you would save any money in the end having it printed. Have you looked at the plum paper website? The planners can be customized. I create spreadsheets for the kids and they check off work they have completed. It is very nice to be able to change what we are working on for the week. I print out 6 weeks at a time.
  14. We are about 8 lessons into level 3 of All about spelling and it has gotten much more complicated. My son is keeping up but we don't like it as much. Any advice from those we have used it beyond level 2? It is worth continuing or should we switch to something less teacher intensive?
  15. What about adding Kahn academy to your Mus? You could work through the "grade level" and he would be exposed to a more traditional scope and sequence. My kids have been loving Kahn academy. I understand why you wouldn't want to spend a whole year on multiplication but mus is a great program. They do lots of review in gamma and delta and it might get frustrating to combine the levels.
  16. We have not had any success with spelling you see. At the end of the week they would still be getting the same words wrong. Maybe they aren't paying close enough attention - in not sure. My kids are now using it for copywork. I don't know if we will continue because it is expensive for a copywork book. The program does have interesting information in it.
  17. What about master books Gods design? (Same content as answers in genesis - Gods design) They have reworked it and the whole program is supposed to be very user friendly. I think we are going to give this one a try for next year.
  18. It was not a good fit for us either. My 1st grader flew through the LA in 8 weeks. It wasn't meaty enough for us.
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