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  1. I’m watching our schools closely as they’ve been back in session for over a week now and no masks are required. They keep a dashboard for each school and so far the high school has had the highest number of cases and that was only five (large high school of about 3000 students). A few elementary schools had one or two cases each. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. I’m up as soon as I wake. I have no reason for an alarm but I’m usually up around 7am. I do prefer to have my two cups of tea before doing anything but it’s just a preference and I can be ready to go within minutes. Usually on Saturdays, dh and I do roll out of bed and go before any tea. Dh also prefers his coffee first but he is wide awake as soon as he opens his eyes, which is also usually around 7am.
  3. Dh and I are doing an overnight train ride in September to visit his parents. I was able to get us an actual room with a bathroom but we’ll still be on the train for about 18 hours. I am unable to fly due to panic attacks so this is our best option right now. I don’t see us changing anything unless Amtrak shuts down. It’s worth it to us to be able to see them since it’s been over two years and they are in their 80s. So, I would go if vaccinated and felt it important to see those family members.
  4. Just popping in to quote myself and say that I’m now a blubbering mess because they move out in exactly one week (and they’ve started packing). 😢🤣
  5. No, just cold/flu like symptoms. Some didn’t feel great but were never worried or had any trouble breathing.
  6. I feel for those who live in Florida. Dh’s office is in Jacksonville, but we moved to another state years ago and he now works from home. Almost everyone he works with has said Jax is just on fire right now and so many of them and their families have/had it even though they were vaccinated. His office had only opened back up for two weeks, and only to those vaccinated, when it hit there. None have needed medical attention so that’s good but they all sound so miserable being in FL right now. If we still lived there, I don’t think we’d be leaving the house for anything vaccinated or not.
  7. At my dc’s university they have started sending out emails to those moving into dorms letting them know if their roommate has an exemption for the Covid vaccine (it doesn’t state reason for exemption - could be medical or religious). They have until Sunday to decide if they want to room with them or not. The university will accommodate students who don’t wish to room with someone not vaccinated and move them to a different room/roommate.
  8. We’re all vaccinated here. Both dc are returning to college campus and in person classes this month. Fortunately, dc’s university is requiring the vaccine and just reinstated a mask mandate for campus. I’m hoping requiring masks and vaccines will keep classes in person the whole year. Dh and I are being careful but we’re also still planning our fall vacation that includes seeing his parents. We can only put it off so long as they are in their 80s and really want to see us no matter what. We’re trying to find a balance.
  9. We’re starting our planning for it even though it’s not coming anytime soon. We’re selling our current house and planning to move to a Chicago suburb. We’ve visited several times and actually have friends nearby. We want to live somewhere that we can walk everywhere and rarely need use of a car. Both dc have talked often of living near Chicago as well (least expensive big city area we all enjoy) for the same reasons we want to be there, so we could all see each other easily. Our biggest concern was how high the taxes are but we’ve decided they’re well worth it after living in the types of places we’ve lived so far. Dh has worked from home for years and we’ve already travelled a bunch as it was a priority for us as dc were growing up, so we don’t feel a need to do so much of that later. We just want to live in a place where there is lots to enjoy locally and that is extremely walkable.
  10. About Time Return to Me So I Married an Axe Murderer Legally Blonde Gidget movies (used to watch these with my mom all the time when little and still enjoy) Anne of Green Gables
  11. We’re still planning on taking our trip that is end of September/beginning of October. We do have an overnight on a train (I can’t fly) but I booked us a bedroom with bathroom, so unless Amtrak cancels we’re going. Honestly, if Amtrak were to cancel we would just drive ourselves. I did purchase us a travel air purifier for the train and hotel rooms. Most of everything we’ve planned can be outside except the days we are staying at in laws house. We haven’t seen them in a few years and they want us to come no matter what so we are going.
  12. When we lived there we always went to the beach at Anastasia State Park. It’s a small fee per car to get in but it was never as crowded as the other beaches, so would be easy to stay distanced.
  13. Update I just wanted to update this since there is so much discussion out there regarding vaccine injuries, but dh’s issue is actually his spine. The doctor finally ordered several MRI’s after nothing was working but the pain was getting worse and includes most of the arm now. Poor dh’s back has always had some issues but it’s actually a mess. The timing of the vaccine was just a weird coincidence. We’ll find out soon if he has to have surgery (of course, Covid might delay it) but it’s looking that way.
  14. Our plans haven’t changed. We’re still planning on taking our trip this fall and we move both dc into their college apartments in less than a month. Our trip is to see in laws that we haven’t seen in over two years. They want us to come no matter what so we are still going. Both college dc really need to be back to in person classes, especially Ds who is a senior. Hopefully, nothing changes in regards to in person classes on campus. We are masking when indoors again (we had stopped for a bit) and aren’t eating inside anymore, but other than that nothing has changed for us. We’re all vaccinated and rather healthy though.
  15. It’s wild there is so much fluctuation. We’ve had several houses here sold in the past two months and we’re putting ours on the market the end of September. Ours is listed as 315,000 (Zillow), 270,000 (Realtor), and 290,000 (Redfin). Based on what’s been selling, I feel ours would go for about 300 so Redfin is closest. I guess so much of this is area specific and what/how much has been selling there.
  16. Redfin has been the most accurate for houses selling in my neighborhood. I think it’s pretty accurate for our home too and seems to be in the middle of Zillow and Realtor.
  17. We had a lot of trouble finding non conservative homeschoolers where we lived. One group thought those play stick on tattoos were the mark of the beast. 😳 It was lonely, which is why we stopped after fifth grade and they started ps for middle school.
  18. Ds thinks homeschooling was an awful decision but he still told us the above. I worried a lot about how he would perceive things as an adult but as he’s gotten older things have actually been great.
  19. The last time I was in a room with my brother and his adult child, she skipped over introducing her boyfriend to my dc and instead introduced him to the family dog. She never acknowledged my dc at all. That was honestly the beginning of the end with my family because I haven’t seen my brother since. Then, things went south with my sister. Then, my mom got upset that I don’t have a relationship with either sibling so things are over with her too. I don’t get how people can be so cruel and expect no fallout.
  20. Ds had something scary happen this past week. He’s fine but it did spark a conversation where he told us that he was so thankful that he had “home”. That he was able to be 100% himself here and he knew no matter where we all ended up that he would always have “home”. It made me realize I never had that until I met dh. My parents and siblings were not a group I could ever truly be myself with because nothing I did was ever right or good enough. It’s obviously why I packed up my car at 20 and moved 1000 miles away. So, I’m glad that we were able to at least give that to our dc. I’m not sure if most kids grow up thinking they can be themselves with their family of origin but I sure didn’t. I didn’t really ever have to tell my dc anything about my family because they watched it all happen. Dh and both dc have apparently hated how my mom and siblings have treated me for as long as they can remember. I just took a bit longer to catch on.
  21. Ds had one at urgent care about two weeks ago and it was fully covered. We only paid for the office visit.
  22. I’m excited!!! Both dc were supposed to be off at school this past fall but Covid changed things. They will both be moved into their own places by mid August this year though and dh and I are ready. We are all close and we will still see them super often but we are excited to just be the two of us again.
  23. I don’t think there’s anything healthy with a generation of people who stick by their parents no matter what just because they’re family. I’m from that generation and grew up super close to all of my family. I played that game for so long and all it’s done is damage. Now that I’ve been able to actually step away from my family, I’ve been able to be honest about them and they’re not great. There’s a whole list of things at this point that I know weren’t ok but I’ve always just let go because she’s my mom. Nothing shifted for me until she started treating my dc the way she treated me. I was able to instantly know it wasn’t ok and as a parent I wasn’t going to allow it. There are many things I can write off as her just doing her best and not knowing better but there are too many things that she definitely knew were wrong and hurtful and just didn’t care. She seems to be all about an image she’s created at this point and I’m supposed to keep quiet on family things cause they’re private, and that’s what I was always told growing up. Now I think there was more to keeping quiet about many things because she just knew they were wrong. Are this point we have no relationship solely because my adult dc don’t want a relationship with them. They’ve tried to guilt me into manipulating my dc to talk to them again. There’s nothing healthy about that. They also apparently don’t actually care about me at all if they don’t want a relationship with me that doesn’t include my dc.
  24. So much of this resonated with me. My relationship with my mom was so much better when we lived 1000 miles apart. We would visit each other and spend intentional time together but now that we live close it’s all messed up. Also, the texting! Not with me, but with my young adult dc. She wants to text them whenever and whatever she wants and expects a reply immediately, then gets upset when they don’t. It’s weird and doesn’t help things for her with her grandkids. And, my mom isn’t that old (still works full time, travels, etc) and knows better.
  25. I’ve allowed myself to be cut off from my mom and siblings. My childhood was fine but we don’t get along at all as adults. I finally stopped being the family doormat this year. My mom called me a month ago to yell at me and then hung up, and we haven’t spoken since. I know they are all waiting for me to reach out and make amends (to keep the peace because that’s what I’ve always done in the past) but I’m not doing it this time. I’m also 100% positive that the story they are telling isn’t the truth and is probably something like the OP - that I’ve cut them out and they are victims. I don’t care enough to set it straight and have decided anyone worth having in my life will reach out to me for the truth. Also, I’m not saying the OP story isn’t accurate just that I know my family is probably saying something similar.
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