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  1. So, I lost mine seven years ago due to the flu. Not Covid but what I’m hearing is it’s mostly the same. What I was ultimately left with was awful for quite a while. I’ve now just become used to it and actually enjoy a few things. I still get the phantom smells (pretty much always smoke) a few times a year. Hopefully you have better luck than I did and yours eventually returns to normal.
  2. My Dh is currently doing physical therapy. He found a spine specialist clinic within our medical group and they have their own physical therapists at the clinic. He’s also trying to avoid surgery and is seeing a little improvement this week. The physical therapists at this clinic are so much better than the random ones he’s been sent to previously.
  3. Yes. My great grandmother died due to a botched illegal abortion when my grandmother was nine. My great grandma reportedly begged her husband to not have more kids because she physically and mentally couldn’t handle it and he insisted (can’t even imagine what she lived through). My grandmother’s life for years after that was absolutely awful and she married at 19 to get away. I hate the idea of abortion but understand why it needs to remain legal.
  4. I’m laughing at the questions regarding what is taught about Texas history. Every single history teacher I had was a coach and taught absolutely nothing (except the one who was a huge Lincoln\JFK conspiracy theorist and that’s all he taught). I was born and raised in Texas and couldn’t wait to get the heck out at 20. It’s just weird.
  5. The schools my dc attended until high school graduation all recited the pledge daily. My dc stopped standing and participating in high school. They asked Dh, a veteran, if it would offend him and he assured them it did not. I struggle with it as an adult and find most forms of US patriotism today uncomfortable.
  6. I would invite all the siblings and just deal. I was recently the only sibling left out of something. It really hurt and because I told them it hurt me they haven’t spoken to me in months. It’s caused a lot of issues.
  7. I was born and raised in Texas and no other state fair compares. It’s seriously one of the only reasons I ever travel back there. I think it’s the only thing about Texas I still like.
  8. Hardly anyone is masking at stores here either. I drive 20 minutes to a Fresh Thyme now because almost everyone who shops there is wearing a mask. The town my dc attends college reinstated a mask mandate inside all buildings so I’ll probably start doing some shopping there as well when we visit. I too wish they would stop only encouraging but would require.
  9. Joker2


    I would direct aunt to speak directly with young adult. I actually had to do this with my own ds and sister earlier this year. FYI, it was a disaster because my sister reacted horribly but it was what needed to happen. I’m no longer going to be the go between with my young adults and my sister. It stinks but there’s really nothing else to do.
  10. I don’t do coffee but I make tea every morning and my teapot holds 27 ounces. So, I probably drink around 24 oz every morning and that’s it for my caffeine.
  11. I’m watching our schools closely as they’ve been back in session for over a week now and no masks are required. They keep a dashboard for each school and so far the high school has had the highest number of cases and that was only five (large high school of about 3000 students). A few elementary schools had one or two cases each. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  12. I’m up as soon as I wake. I have no reason for an alarm but I’m usually up around 7am. I do prefer to have my two cups of tea before doing anything but it’s just a preference and I can be ready to go within minutes. Usually on Saturdays, dh and I do roll out of bed and go before any tea. Dh also prefers his coffee first but he is wide awake as soon as he opens his eyes, which is also usually around 7am.
  13. Dh and I are doing an overnight train ride in September to visit his parents. I was able to get us an actual room with a bathroom but we’ll still be on the train for about 18 hours. I am unable to fly due to panic attacks so this is our best option right now. I don’t see us changing anything unless Amtrak shuts down. It’s worth it to us to be able to see them since it’s been over two years and they are in their 80s. So, I would go if vaccinated and felt it important to see those family members.
  14. Just popping in to quote myself and say that I’m now a blubbering mess because they move out in exactly one week (and they’ve started packing). 😢🤣
  15. No, just cold/flu like symptoms. Some didn’t feel great but were never worried or had any trouble breathing.
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