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  1. I completely, and permanently, lost my taste and smell with the flu almost 10 years ago and the ENT I saw said it was very common with viruses. He even told me there was a clinic in PA that I could look into if I wanted. I didn’t. Now, I can taste and smell but none of it is normal and most everything tastes/smells bad. It’s not going to get better unless they figure something out since they’re studying it more due to Covid.
  2. I’m now wondering if this is actually what’s happening with my family. We’ve had a huge falling out and I was shocked by it all but now I wonder if they’ve just been too sucked in by their SBC churches in their small Texas towns. It’s like they can’t be around or respectful of my LGBTQ dc at all anymore. They feel they have to say how sinful my dc are all the time and they’ve painted themselves as victims for us not just taking it. They act like they’re being religiously persecuted and it’s ridiculous. I left those churches at about 19 and never looked back (very happy with our Episcopal Churc
  3. I’ve seen that half of those killed were members of the Indy Sikh community. ETA: It looks like they are expecting it to be more as they make up the majority of employees at that site. 😔
  4. The shooter has been identified and was only 19. Apparently, police were called to his home just over a year ago as he was suicidal and had just purchased a gun. Mental health care in this country sucks and so do our so called gun laws.
  5. This happened not that far from me. It’s not that surprising since almost everywhere I go here people are obviously armed. I’ve walked out of stores before because idiots have a gun shoved in the back of their pants. Most just carry at the side but most also look like they shouldn’t be anywhere near a weapon. Ds broke his lease and moved out of his off campus apartment because his 19 year old roommate started keeping a gun under the bed (and it’s apparently perfectly legal to do so here). I grew up with guns and know how to shoot, but what I see today just isn’t normal.
  6. I spoke too soon. 😕 Dh is really tired, achy, and nauseous. He’s trying to finish out his work day upstairs because he’s really busy but I have a feeling a nap is in his near future. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse for him.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fox9.com/news/police-man-assaults-menards-employee-strikes-officer-with-hammer-after-mask-dispute.amp This happened in Minnesota yesterday. This guy hit a store employee, fled, hit a cop with a hammer, and then dragged the cop down the road while fleeing. He wasn’t shot or tasered. He was white. I don’t think this guy deserves to die but I really wish police would show the same restraint to those who aren’t white.
  8. Dh had his second Pfizer yesterday and has had zero symptoms. He had none after the first one as well. I get my second one next week and two days later both dc get their first!
  9. I’ve turned my hazards on and driven slowly once for about two miles until I hit a well lit, populated shopping center. I didn’t even get a ticket, just a warning about the original reason. Many people don’t trust the police today and, again, how they do their job seriously needs to change as a result.
  10. This is what happened to me the first time I was pulled over but I was only 16. My dad was furious and so were the other police my dad took me to speak with at the local station. They told me never to do that again and I had the right to refuse.
  11. I was responding to Scarlett (who quoted me) saying she didn’t think anyone believed it was justified. I was letting her know there are actually many people who feel it was ok and that is part of why I am disgusted. I, in no way, feel it was justified.
  12. Many people out there do believe the police were justified. Maybe not on this board but I’m seeing it out there and even within my own extended family.
  13. I’m disgusted and saddened. I’m also really getting tired of people acting like police have a right to kill someone so easily. Police seem to be on quite the power trip these days and I’m ready for it to end. It’s so weird and different from how I grew up. I was always told not to trust police just because they were police. There was no blind respect for them just because. It seems that is what is expected no matter what these days. After the first time I was pulled over, my dad told me to always turn on my hazards and drive to a populated place and we see how that played out recently for
  14. Nm, saw it already asked and answered.
  15. Yes, Ds actually somehow got the virus on his cheek when he was little. He was almost admitted to the hospital due to fears it was going to spread into his eyes. Now, a decade later he still will have it pop up in the same spot (but much smaller) if he gets sick or overly stressed. So, I’m not telling him about the possibility of it happening because then it will for sure happen due to him worrying about it. 🤪 I did make sure he has unexpired meds in case though.
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