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  1. My son's school announced this week that all classes for the semester will be strictly pass/fail. My daughter's school announced that the kids will have the option of converting a grade to pass/fail at the end of the semester, even in-major classes, without it counting toward the pass/fail class limit. Both kids are happy with their school's decision.
  2. Does anyone think the K-12 schools will remain closed for the rest of this school year? I think that is a real possibility.
  3. It is ridiculous that we are unable to test everyone that shows symptoms. If the country had actual numbers for the under 18 age group, I bet many of our K-12 schools would be closed in an attempt to slow the spread.
  4. My oldest son just texted me that MIT is requiring everyone to vacate campus. All instruction for rest of semester will be conducted online Still waiting on what my other son at Williams will be doing. My daughter was planning on flying back to RPI on Monday because her team events have not been cancelled. But I am not sure her team will have any opponents at this point. In any event, she has not yet booked a flight.
  5. That actually makes me feel better. I wish Washington state would utilize this approach to try to slow things down.
  6. Middlebury College has made the same decision as Amherst. My son’s school is announcing its decision tonight.
  7. My daughter’s college is going to all online at least through the end of March. They are encouraging the kids not to return to campus after spring break but will house those who do return. i am hoping my son’s school cancels spring break and forces the kids to remain on campus so they can complete the semester
  8. My son just informed me that Amherst is moving all classes to online format. ETA. Amherst students have also been told not to return to campus after spring break.
  9. I just received an update from son’s college. There has been a confirmed case 7 miles from campus. Admitted student events along with admission tours have been cancelled. Assemblies have to be less than 100 people
  10. I am also in the camp of going about our daily life while being prepared in case we need to stay in for a few weeks. My husband and I flew to Florida and are now at Club Med I don’t think my odds of being infected here are any greater than they would be had we stayed home and went about our daily life I tutor kids every day. Since December, some of my students have travelled to China for the Chinese New Year , others have gone skiing in Italy, and others have just arrived back from France. I don’t think any place in the country is’s just that we haven’t been able to test enough to expose the real numbers anywhere (I am on my phone and don’t know how mlktwins box appeared Or how to delete it )
  11. There is something going around my son’s campus. Despite getting a flu shot, my son has been suffering for close to a month now: it started with a fever, body aches and extreme exhaustion that lasted a couple of days. He has had congestion like he has never experience in his life for the last three weeks. After a month, he is now beginning to feel better. He was tested for strep and mono-both were negative.
  12. My daughter has received notifications from 2 of her professors that theIr classes will be moved to an online format when classes resume after spring break. My son’s college has cancelled his team’s trip to CA. There is also speculation that the school will cancel spring break and finish the semester early
  13. My daughter’s school cancelled her team’s spring break trip to CA. Teams that are traveling to Florida for break have not had their trips cancelled. Tufts has also cancelled team trips to CA this spring break. I am expecting my son’s school to cancel his team’s CA trip, too.
  14. Both of my college kids are flying out to CA for 10 days with their college teams in March. I was nervous about them flying, but with the recent surge in cases in different parts of the world, I don't think this is going to be contained and restricting their travel is not going to make a difference. My husband and I booked a trip yesterday to fly to Club Med next week. My oldest son and his roommate usually have no food in their apartment. I convinced my son to get in some food in the case of a quarantine. He and his friend think I am nuts, but I am relieved that he listened to me.
  15. My son's friend just found out that the college has cancelled her study abroad program in Italy this spring. My son and daughter are both supposed to fly to CA the middle of next month. I am not thrilled about the thought of them getting on an airplane at this point, but they both think I am overreacting.
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