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  1. I don't think that is an off-hand comment. This shows to me a fundamental lack of knowledge. The person guiding public policy should know that a virus cannot multiply on a surface.
  2. Look on twitter. The actual clip is all over the place. She said when you clean you don't get rid of it all. And what remains multiplies. ETA: Here is a clip that I just googled. I was watching the press conference that day. The reporter asked her about cleaning surfaces to kill Covid.
  3. When states open back up there are going to be spikes. I don't think it is possible to prevent spikes from happening. What I would like to see is a plan that acknowledges that we need to ensure that the spike in cases does not cause the hospital systems to be overloaded.
  4. It came from the same individual who thinks a virus can multiply on a countertop - Ohio.
  5. I think it is going to be a surprise for our state because there doesn't appear to be a plan for a partial reclose.
  6. Exactly. The fact that my state has no idea what numbers would necessitate tightening things back up is frightening.
  7. Is everyone in your state able to get tested? My state still doesn't have enough tests to test everyone who presents with symptoms to determine if they have the virus, let alone test to try to determine how many asymptotic people are in the population. I have been trying to get my kids tested for antibodies because I think both of them had this while living on campus in February, but am unable to do so. I feel that my state is a long way from being able to set up contact tracing when they are unable to determine who is carrying the virus and who has recovered from the virus.
  8. I haven't seen anyone state that it was a myth. But, in many places, the hospitals are far from being overwhelmed, and the shelter in place no longer seems necessary.
  9. The problem, though, is that flattening the curve was the reason given for the measures.
  10. I also think there in another category who went into the crisis with full cooperation and good will with the understanding that the measures were put in place to flatten the curve so the hospitals were not overwhelmed. Once hospitals began furloughing nurses and cutting salaries due to empty hospital beds - evidence that the shut-down succeeded, there was frustration when things didn't begin to open back up because it appeared that the objective they had agreed with had changed.
  11. Unfortunately, yes. She is in way over her head.
  12. I think before we can come up with a plan, the states need to come up with a stated goal. I am still confused about what the goal is moving forward in my state. Is policy being set in order to prevent people from catching Covid19 with the hope that a vaccine will be available within the 12-18 month timeframe, or is the policy being set geared towards recognizing that people will get infected, but working to ensure that our hospital systems don't get overwhelmed resulting in not being able to treat those who are sick? In my opinion, the economic plan will be vastly different depending on th
  13. But that risk is still there today, even though most of the country is shut down. Do you believe that the country should not begin to open back up until we have a vaccine?
  14. 1. I have read accounts that some nurses are being laid off at the moment due to lack of demand at their hospitals. 2. Right now we are giving unemployment benefits to anyone who has been laid off, even the Wall Street brokers. 3. There is no guarantee that we will ever have a vaccine. Reports I have read state that many people who have Covid are asymptomatic. We have no idea how many people have already contracted this virus who didn't even know that they had it. Heck, we still can't test people like my son and his friends who think they have had it. We may be closer to a herd
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