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  1. This link was posted on College Confidential: A judge has sided with a New Jersey teenager accused of cheating on the ACT exams, saying a clause test-takers must sign giving up their rights to sue the testing company is “unconscionable” and “void as against public policy." It's about time.
  2. Yes, I used the PSAT for my kids starting in middle school. The public school officials initially told me my kids needed to be in 11th grade to sit for the exam, but when I explained to them that I was using the PSAT as the nationally normed test to satisfy the state of Ohio homeschooling requirements, they let my kids sit for the exam.
  3. alewife

    AP exams when have dual credit?

    If he is applying to competitive schools that practice holistic admissions, I would have him sit for the AP exams of the classes he is taking since an admissions office may question why an AP score is not listed for an AP class and then assume that the student scored poorly on the AP exam since a score was not listed. (There is no AP American Literature class though, so if the school is listing that class as "AP" I would question that with the school administration since that would be in violation of the College Board rules.)
  4. alewife

    Team sports. to continue or quit.

    I had a similar experience with my daughter when she was that age, but the sport was basketball. She enjoyed the practices and the team drills, but during the game, she would not go after the ball. When we asked her about it, she told us that she felt bad taking the ball away from someone else. I wonder if your son has similar feelings? Is there any way your son can continue to participate in the practice sessions and lessons (which he seems to enjoy), but not play in the actual games until he is older?
  5. Congratulations to your son! My kids really like Ticket to Ride.
  6. alewife

    PSAT scores

    No, he didn't investigate why he didn't advance. His guidance counselor had forewarned him that the C might be a problem, so he wasn't surprised when he didn't move forward.
  7. alewife

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    Just to highlight the disparity in difficulty between the 10/24 PSAT and the Dec SAT: Dec SAT Math One wrong in math = 790, while 5 wrong is a 720, and 6 wrong is a 700 Dec SAT EBRW Missing 9 question total in EBRW was a 700. I hope the National Merit Corp gets a lot of complaints about the 10/24 PSAT and takes some kind of action to try to remedy the College Board's screw up.
  8. alewife

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    I wonder how much longer David Coleman will be running the show at the College Board? There has been one major screw up after another since he took over. If I were in charge at National Merit Corporation, at this point, I would be speaking with the ACT folks to see if they could develop a PACT test to replace the PSAT. It appears that National Merit is already moving somewhat to the ACT since it will now accept an ACT score in lieu of an SAT score in the step a student takes to advance from semi-finalist to finalist status.
  9. I was in the exact opposite situation as you last year: I wanted my D to be able to take the SAT, but the school told me that as a homeschooler she couldn't. Once I cited the actual law, the school registered her for the test. I realize that there are a lot of rules and regulations that schools need to adhere to, however, it would be nice if school officials would either provide accurate information or admit that they don't know the answer.
  10. I think I am in the same state as the OP. I think the difference between my state and where you live is that the schools here are not penalized if kids don't take the test. Here is the verbiage from the department of education website: "There are no consequences to a district or school report card if a student fails to take the ACT or SAT. " My understanding is that the school has to offer either the ACT or SAT to all juniors free of charge, but there is no penalty if the student doesn't take the test. In addition, the Dept of Education has exempted some of the student body from taking the test. One of the exempted categories is kids who have already achieved a remediation free score on the SAT/ACT test. Here is the verbiage from the ODE website: A student who received a "remediation-free" score on the required nationally standardized assessment and has presented evidence of that fact to the student's district or school. If it were me, I would just phone my D in sick that day. I see no advantage to taking this test, but I do see a potential downside: The student has a bad testing day, ends up with a lower score on her record, and discovers that her college of choice requires all scores to be submitted.
  11. What would happen if your D was sick on test day and unable to attend school?
  12. alewife

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    I don't know how anyone can have any idea what the curve will be for the December SAT because scores have not yet been released.
  13. alewife

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the College Board was not able to develop two tests that had a similar level of difficulty. This test should be screening for more than simply who can make the least amount of careless mistakes. These kids deserved better than this. Yet another huge fail by the College Board.
  14. alewife

    PSAT scores

    As others have said, letter grades matter, not just the gpa. One of my tutoring students a few years ago had a near perfect PSAT score, but had a C on his report card and didn't advance to finalist status.
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