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  1. If it's so loud that you can't hear what you're trying to listen to, I would go ask the kids at the front desk to turn it down. And tell them that you can't even hear your music (or whatever you're listening to) because of their loud music.
  2. I joined Planet Fitness a few years ago. The price was right, mostly. But I've stuck with it all these years and still go. I could tell I was losing muscle mass as I aged, and I decided I wanted to build muscle vs losing it. And it's definitely worked for doing that. I see all kinds and ages there at the times I go (between 8am and 5pm). Young, teens, old, VERY out-of-shape (young and old), very IN-shape (young and old), etc. I like that because I'm 63yo and not exactly an athlete. 😉 I fit in whenever I go though. I also like the fact that it's open 24 hours, 7 days a week. And that I can bring guests, sometimes for free. When my (all grown) kids come to visit, the people at PF work with us so dc can work out while they're here. Another thing I like is that there's enough room so that the people can spread out enough so that no sick people are sweating and huffing and puffing in my face as I exercise. I once exercised in a tiny hotel gym with a sick person exercising beside me. I caught it and I was miserable for weeks. In PF, the first time I hear someone who sounds sick, I move to another machine far away from that person. Also, at the PF where we now live, they actually take action on any complaints we make on the email surveys we fill out. The main complaint dd and I usually have is the music is too loud. And I once asked the front desk people to turn down the music when I was there and they did it. It really depends on who's working the front desk. Some of the kids love loud music and some don't care. But I wear ear buds and listen to sermons while I exercise, too. I also don't care for the dark decor. I don't mind the purple, but I would prefer bright and happy surroundings. But that's not a deal-breaker for me. A lot depends on who manages the PF you happen to be at. The one we're at here in TX goes out of their way to help us with whatever we need/want. The one we went to in New England was the exact opposite. As far as the actual exercises themselves, I do the weight machines and some cardio machines when I go, 3-4 times a week. Then, I do stuff elsewhere. I found an indoor gym and track for $50/year. I found a big heated pool for $32.50/month. At the pool, it's just us adults (mostly seniors) from 5-7am until 11:30am. It's a real social hour for a lot of the seniors. And there are several classes in and out of the water if you like that. I don't do the classes; just do my own exercises and swim in the deep end. And the pool has plenty of pool exercise equipment we can use - noodles, weights, etc. At home, I have free weights, bands, and a mini-trampoline for rebounding (which is great, btw - thanks to y'all who recommended that :)). I also live in a great neighborhood for walking. IOW, for me, the variety and availability of the exercises helps keep me exercising. I especially like swimming early in the morning and going to the gym in the mid-afternoon. In-between, I jump on my mini-tramp at home, sometimes walk, or whatever I feel like doing. And the gym is only a small part of the big picture.
  3. I quit going to conferences back in the late 90's maybe? Finished hs'ing around 2012, so this is hindsight. One of the reasons I quit going was because most of the workshops I was interested in turned out to be just someone (not always a hs'er, btw) pushing their curriculum. Math, writing, anything and everything - seemed like everyone had written some kind of hs curr. And the most frustrating part was that so much of it was filled with fluff. And tons of stuff for the little kids, but very little for the older kids/teens. Maybe that's changed now, I don't know. I will say that WTM was different from all of the above. Finally, someone was talking about how to teach and even combining that with plenty of challenging curr suggestions. SWB's workshops were always helpful for me. WTM combined with those (that's all there was back then) slowly gave me more confidence to keep on plugging away at hs'ing. Anyway, I think it would have helped me to have had an overview of things like math. IOW, show me how to work backwards from where I want to end up (loosely). And maybe throw in some ideas that I'd never thought of - for example, math has it's own vocabulary which must be mastered (just like music and writing and everything else); there is a long history of math which can be really helpful in teaching kids the big picture of math and how it changes and develops over the centuries (I dug up some old books for that one - simple writing, clear, and quick reads); it's perfectly fine to repeat a book or a subject or anything and it doesn't mean your student (or you) has failed; it's ok to do more than one curr, switching things up and alternating to cement concepts in their brains; there's nothing wrong with textbooks if you know how to be flexible with them. Stuff like that. IOW, all the things you learned as a hs'er over the years that helped you put a subject into perspective so you didn't feel like you were drowning in a sea of useless lessons. Do they call that scaffolding these days? Not sure. Good luck with your workshop. :)
  4. I was born in the 50's so I've watched as cussing has gone from something frowned upon to something completely acceptable in our society. As a Christian, it kind of 'hurts my ears'. But I know it's probably here to stay. My ps'ed kid (oldest) cusses constantly. He knows I don't cuss so he tries not to do it so much around me. It's a visible struggle for him not to cuss though. The next 5 kids don't cuss (hs'ed). I just figured it was because neither dh nor I cuss, so they never really heard it. They were all pretty shocked when they began college. They said almost all the kids cussed - constantly. Another fun fact. My dh tells me that cussing is part of every meeting everywhere he's worked. (engineer) And that includes ALL the cuss words, and all professional employees. Here to stay .....
  5. I required that they use if for a few subjects. They could choose. I think there are still people who use cursive and I definitely thought my kids would be at a disadvantage if they couldn're read it. Original documents, medical things, signatures on official documents, etc. One of my dd's had a job at a shoe store a year and a half ago. When she went through orientation, they told her not to write in cursive because most of their employees couldn't read it.
  6. We've been using kayak. Are these other sites cheaper? Usually flying from Dallas to Dulles, or from Dallas to San Diego.
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