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  1. Maye he's scared to go so far away from home? In that case, you could offer to go out there with him and help him get set up and all. You know, get him comfortable and relieve some of his fears, etc. Help him find possible fun things to do and all.
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    I wouldn't call myself a "hater" just because I feel that emotion at times. Hasn't that word taken on a rather nasty meaning these days? As far as feeling other emotions with equal intensity - yes ... sometimes. Just like hate. But, no, I'm not constantly on a roller coaster of emotions, good or bad. Mostly, I just go through life trying to DO what I know is right, regardless of the prevailing emotion I'm having at the time.
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    Yeah, there have been people I've felt hate for over the years. But, like any emotion, hate comes and goes so I try not to dwell on it. And, if possible, I avoid such people - after having tried and tried to work out whatever the problem was.
  4. I got rid of things in stages. First, the obvious and unwanted. Then, I waited a while and saw how I felt about the rest. I did this over and over until I was at a level I was comfortable with. Sometimes I asked my kids to help if I was pretty sure they weren't going to want to keep everything. They usually had definite opinions that helped me decide.
  5. I know perfectly zilch about the Jewish religion (?). But I do remember Esther Maria's posts on these boards years ago about the topic. I seem to remember that some Jewish people will consider a person 'dead' to them if they abandon their faith. (I'm sure I messed up all the terms, but I hope I got the concept right.) Anyway, I remember she said something about actually putting them out without any resources or anything (ie. money, etc.). Not sure if she meant adults or minors or what though. But it is definitely done in some religions.
  6. I don't know... I don't think I'd be steering this kid towards ANYTHING that puts a gun (or any other weapon) into his hands. Just saying ......
  7. Oh, and I was told that some women naturally have thicker linings of the uterus if they've had lots of kids. So it could be something as simple as that.
  8. My first thought was what a waste. He has so much potential. My second thought was maybe he's just plain bored? (I could be way off base though.) And, finally, maybe he just needs to get a full-time job and start looking for another place to live. (ie. get him out of your house ASAP) I haven't had any kids who did the kinds of things he's doing, but I had a brother who went that way. He ended up just wandering through life, getting high. And the worst thing I think my parents did was to continue to pay for his screwups (totalled cars, lost jobs where they let him move back into their house, etc.). IOW, enabling him. I have no idea if y'all are doing that, of course. But I would do whatever it took to protect my younger kids. Even if it IS at the expense of this kid. And here are {{{hugs}}} anyway.
  9. I never hear it discussed. I'm not opposed to talking about it if it actually helps anything or anyone. But just to sit and chat about? Neh. (63yo)
  10. I liked it when I was young. There was plenty of room and people dressed up to fly because it was a big deal. Now I despise it. It makes me feel claustrophobic, everything is so crammed together. And dirty. And I think I may take to wearing surgical masks if I ever have to fly again. Mostly, I prefer driving. Except some routes. Like mid-Atlantic to northern New England. Or I-81 and I-40 across Tennessee.
  11. To prefer 'real' light bulbs. Not fluorescent with their headache-inducing buzzing. Not LED with their blinding, headache-inducing blue light. Just plain ole light bulbs - heat and all (which sends my dh into a tizzy ... that massive amount of HEAT that they give off ... lol). To miss my old Singer, straight stitch sewing machine as I sit and try to remember, yet AGAIN, how to set up my newfangled sewing machine to do button holes. sigh
  12. Yes, for a very long time. Kind of like ages ago when we all had land lines and the phone numbers never changed. We've kind of come full circle, haven't we? lol
  13. Yes, it also helped me to buy bigger sized clothes. I got several pairs of sweatpant from Wal Mart. Soft, easy to get on and easy to get off. And plan to eat foods that are easy to digest. As the surgeon put it, "Easy in, easy out". And "Graze. Small meals, spread out throughout the day."
  14. Oh, and I asked to see the things they removed from me. They emailed me photos which I still have and will refrain from posting here. lol 😉
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