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  1. When our Foresters get like that - hesitating at the take off - I take them into the dealer and get them to fix it. My dd just did this with her 2015 Forester. Turned out to be a gunked up fuel intake (injector? not sure) ... probably caused by lousy gasoline. Anyway, they fixed it and it's running beautifully now. My 2017 Forester also began choking when I gave it gas a while back. I took it to the dealer and told them to fix it. After 5 minutes of listening to them tell me how the Forester engines worked, implying that there wasn't a problem and that I just needed to get used to the particular engine, they FINALLY took the thing and fixed it and I haven't had any trouble with it since then. I did take one of the guy's advice about gasoline, too. My dh had been filling it with the cheapest gas he could find. But the Subaru guy said to follow Top Tier and fill it only with the gas recommended there. That's made a big difference in how my Forester runs. We drove an Outback and didn't like them. Not as roomy. But that was years ago. Good luck with your car shopping. :)
  2. In any shared housing, it's always good to have something that they can lock to store valuables - computers, money, documents, etc. When my kids moved into their apartment (college), I gave them one of our locking file cabinets for that. Each kid also had their own locking trunk or fire-proof safe in with their personal belongings. I insisted on it because maintenance people come and go even when no one is in the apartment. We've been renting since 2013 and I also have a locking file cabinet where I keep all our documents and personal info and spare keys and anything else personal. The landlords don't always tell us when they're going to be in the house. Especially if they know we're out of town. (glare) That steamer trunk sounds really nice. I wouldn't mind having one of those. :)
  3. I've also been wondering how things were going for you, Arcadia. Hugs ...
  4. I'll be praying for you. {{{Hugs}}}
  5. This is about what I did. I tried planning but never could stick to it. And I always felt behind and like I was somehow failing when I couldn't keep up with the plans. When I switched to working off booklists, I never felt like that again. Routine was crucial for me, too. I began making up school schedules as the kids got older. Eventually, they made up their own schedules. Have fun with your planning! :)
  6. {{{Hugs}}} And hugs to your dd's, too.
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