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  1. My son and I highly recommend Anne Van Fossen, Classical Learning Resource Center, for the high quality of instruction, as well as accommodations provided. In January 2018, my son decided that he wanted to attend public school (started this August). In order to help him make the transition from our homeschool Latin (Memoria Press Form series) to the Oxford Latin Course used in the public school, I contacted Anne Van Fossen to see if she would be able to help him. She agreed to provide the videos and homework from her previously taught Oxford Latin Course II, as well as additional tutoring sessions. My son greatly benefitted from this material - and especially the tutoring sessions with Anne. He said she was a fantastic teacher who explained difficult material so well that it quickly made sense. I don't believe there are many, if any, online providers of Latin courses who will agree to provide previously recorded lessons, with homework and tests, as well as tutoring sessions, to accommodate the special needs of homeschoolers. Not only that, the quality of the material and instruction is outstanding. If my son ever chooses to return to homeschooling, without a doubt we will contact Anne Van Fossen and CLRC for educational support.
  2. Using a combination of Memoria Press's Form series (Third Form) and the NLE practice tests to study, DS earned a Perfect Paper on the Latin I exam. We definitely prefer the grammar approach to Latin study, and it has served my son well.
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