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  1. This is my favorite website for crockpot freezer meals, prep and freeze. When ready thaw and throw in the crockpot! and congratulations on the new baby soon!!
  2. our district has the classes open to anyone who wants to take the AP course. Of course I think with math there are pre requisites I'm not sure about the other AP courses.
  3. It does vary, usually I don't see prices like most so I was curious. But, I spent enough money today and got a free one so that worked!
  4. I am wondering in your area (HCOL or LCOL) what is a good price per pound for a turkey? Right now- HCOL, if you spend $150, free turkey OR spend $50, 0.49 cents a pound. Another store- up to 15 lbs/ $6; up to 22 lbs/ &8 So, what's it like near you?
  5. I agree with what's been said- glancing through it. It is interesting because both my kids took Spanish at the high school- one teacher offered extra credit, the other nothing at all- she was a very strict teacher. I think most teachers offer something in regards to extra credit though- and I've never heard of a teacher offering too much extra credit either.
  6. We've been to both and we prefer Disneyland. It could've been my kids were entering their teen years when we made it to Disney world and had been on a long trip already, plus hot weather!! We enjoyed both and both were busy, but honestly we were done with Disney world by dinner and we easily spent two days at Disneyland.
  7. Thanks everyone! Yes, I was talking to a friend and she felt there was an 'oversaturated' amount of students taking AP courses at the high school. I'm not sure if they are well done, but from what I heard a push from the school for students to take them so made her question the classes themselves? She was asking about comparing the AP classes to the college course. Money is not the issue and the student can take an online course college course. So mixing in with lather college students at this time is also not an issue. My oldest took a few AP classes and passed the exam but in the end did not count for college credit, so I didn't have much thought to compare. I guess only to say I'm not sure the AP classes paid off for her as she hoped, and she didn't go to a competitive school or anything like that. i was trying to get a comparison of pros and cons I suppose, and I'll take a look at those links Lori D.!
  8. I am wondering what people's thoughts are on students taking an AP class at a high school versus taking the (or like) class at their local college (online or in-person)? I know a lot factors in with the student, but in general if you felt the student was capable of either one- which would you prefer and why? Thanks!
  9. Hello- I am wondering about anyone's thoughts on having a non-mathy student go through MUS Geometry and move into a regular Algebra 2 course. I am not sure if this is a 'dumb' question, but I, myself, am not a mathy person!! So, have no clue how Geometry affects ones ability for Algebra 2.😕 A little background: 9th grader, we pulled out of high school right away (her request) and she takes a couple classes at the high school, rest at home. We have to use accredited programs and this year we chose American School quickly for Algebra 1, as they suggested. It is fine- uses a regular math textbook. I am not sure we want to use this route again for Geometry though. We see her continuing home school through next year with we will see for 11th grade. I am just wondering with MUS Geometry (described as light) do you think a student could move into an Algebra 2 class at the the high school just fine? (I found Bridgeway Academy offers MUS as accredited, that's why I'm asking). Thank you, thank you!
  10. All of the above and in addition to K-LOVE, radio station Air 1 is pretty good for up beat I think.
  11. Well, I never knew you could cash out the rebate!! I like that idea! Maybe next year- and I will go ahead and count my total spent before rebate towards my food budget for now! Thanks!
  12. I have a monthly budget and I cannot remember how I handled this last year. My question is I received my Costco rebate and used it today when I went shopping- so do I count the total I spent in my food budget or the amount spent after the rebate was applied?? what do you all do?? Thanks!!
  13. I think there are pros and cons to either way- as people have shared. My kids ended up in public school because I had some health issues going on. My older one home schooled through 8th and entered public school in 9th- he transitioned well. It helped that he knew several people and joined the cross country team which starts before school did. In 8th grade he took a couple of online classes so he could get use to another teacher and different expectations. My younger one did 7th and 8th at a middle school and socially it was hard. But we learned she is also easily influenced. She went to high school for a couple days found it overwhelming and so she goes there part-time and home schools part-time too. This is working well- a balance we have enjoyed so far. It might just depend on your student- I think the more independent they are and if you can try to outsource some classes for 8th grade she might be fine to enter 9th grade. Or you maybe she can try first semester 8th grade and if it does not go well pull her? Also maybe do some research in your community to see which classes, if any, could count towards high school, or can test out of for credit etc. as people have pointed out- I think that is by area and if that is important to you. I think there people have posted too about what 8th graders should know before entering high school- such as, name/date/class period on assignments, etc.
  14. When my kid says we're homeschooling full time, I did all the selection, planning and execution. He supported us in it all. Then, my kids went to public school for two years. My youngest started this year at high school but asked to homeschool. I work part-time now, but we were able to work out with the school for her to attend some classes there and some at home. Now, my husband is pitching in with shopping and cleaning (but so are the kids as they are older anyway!). And he is helping with math (mostly, and yay!).
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