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  1. My daughter has mild scoliosis and yes if she stands or sits too long she can have back pain. She has seen a physical therapist who prescribed specific exercises, suggested a pillow to sit on (when she was in school sitting in hard chairs) and more recently as a young adult she has chosen to see a chiropractor- she said this has helped like nothing else!
  2. When I started looking into this a few years ago, I almost took an online job with a smaller program than you mentioned and it paid by student as well. I figured it out, even with a full load of students I would barley break minimum wage. I seriously considered it though becuase I felt I wanted to do online teaching, but after really considering the time and work I figured even the more well known online programs probably won't pay too much more, I chose to find part time work with my district and get paid well. Have you considered teaching English online, like vipkid? The pay seemed decent to me. Good luck on your research and job searching!
  3. Thank you everyone! There are several questions, thoughts and ideas and different experiences shared. I really appreciate that! The seperation would be two years, so honestly it will likely be too long. Again the opportunity came sooner than we expected. If it was a year or less I feel we could do it, but I am going to pose some of these questions to my husband so we can further discuss. I do believe it would benefit our younger but the older one would benefit from staying. thank you again!
  4. I am not sure how to title what I am about to ask- and I'd rather not go into a lot of the detail and it may sound like an odd thing but am wondering... Would you be willing to split up your family so that each spouse takes one child with them for job/ family...? Basically, my husband and I agreed that in a certain number of years we would move to be closer to extended family, but a job opportunity may be opening up for one of us there in the next few months. The other one has a job opportunity opening up here in town this summer. (Of course, nothing is guaranteed). One kid would stay to graduate from their high school- the other one would transfer (freshman). When we discussed this the one with the job here would stay with that job when the other moved anyway and the nature of the job would allow travel to the new home. The job opportunity near extended family is a rare opening, so with this new information (just found out yesterday) we are confused, so just wanted to throw it out there. And no we have not said anything to the kids, but will if we decide to pursue this further. (I won't add details but basically, the younger child has had some issues and we are trying to address them but for certain reasons, we cannot in this town- and starting fresh while getting the assistance also sounds wonderful). But, we are also torn about the idea of not being together.
  5. I've been to Oahu once with my husband. We loved it- warm, beaches, etc. Pearl harbor was good, Diamond head was fun to hike up and watch the sunrise as well as snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. We were there a week and drove around the island- it was wonderful! If we go again I'd like to explore another island. So, why not? GO!
  6. Glad you are all okay up there, down here in southeast Alaska so we didn't feel anything.
  7. Okay, great thanks! I will look on ebay and may consider an mp3- I'm sure between them they would be able to figure out how to download the music from itunes.
  8. I am wondering if someone can help me figure out if an ipod nano is what I want to get my teen for Christmas. Right now I have 2 teens who share an old ipod (I believe it is an ipod nano- the teen who has it right now is not home so I can't verify). The ipod simply plays music (download and that's it)- not access to internet, or apps, etc. That is what I want to buy my other teen so they can stop sharing! As you can tell I am not tech savvy and I cannot tell which ones will give her access to more than just downloading music. So, is it only older ipod nano's that I should be looking at? Or is there a newer ipod that does not include all the bells and whistles? Thank you!!
  9. I don't have a large family, but she has some great idea. Lately, I've been doing the one pan meals- cut up veggies, mix in olive oil and seasonings and put in the oven for an hour. Then, I'll cook up some sausage and rice to go with it- or something with chicken, etc. Makes it easier, and it's been a nice change from crock pot meals!
  10. Yes, I'd say it could depend on mood and how busy it is. I went through airport security recently and they didn't have us take off shoes- and we went through the good ole metal detector- they seemed to be rushing us through since it was busy!
  11. I have a friend who teaches a science class to home school high school students- I am not positive of what she charges but she has done well with it. She is not certified but just loves Biology so she makes it relevant to our area and families and students love that! If you can create an in-person class that most families prefer to not teach and/or make it locally-based that could be an idea as well?
  12. Yes and I always have had to. When I heard about other states not requiring it, I was astonished, I had thought that's just the way it is everywhere! ?
  13. Reading Interventionist, loved it and I miss it!
  14. I homeschooled my daughter through 6th grade and put her in school last year for the first time in 7th. I had various reasons but I was able to get her into a small school, so I think that helped with the transition. It has not been perfect but overall we are happy with it. I would look into the options that will be available in your area, the small school we put her in had a lottery in the spring, so we had to plan ahead.
  15. No microwave for 9 years, but my parents gifted us a toaster oven several years ago. So we reheat in that or stove top.
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