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  1. I third First Form Latin. It's well paced, logical, and gives ample practice.
  2. I asked your biology question last year. Below is the thread. I let my son choose to do Classical Astronomy instead and it's been a good year of science. I am going to make him take bio his senior year, though. He will have had a thorough cooling off period from his hatred of the subject when he had it in 8th grade. We will be using Experience Biology when the time comes. https://journeyhomeschoolacademy.com/
  3. When and in which lecture did he say "innocent plantation farmers?" I don't recall ever hearing this. And as for Dave Raymond leaning left as another poster mentioned, I assumed the opposite. Interesting that we all have a such different takes and perspectives. This course has worked well for my son, who dislikes just about everything involving school.
  4. Has anyone compared Rhetoric Alive to Fitting Words? My son is registered for Schole Academy's Rhetoric Alive next year, but he really doesn't like online classes, so I am now considering the Fitting Words program instead.
  5. You might want to take a look at Roman Road's wonderful Old Western Culture "Christendom" or "Early Moderns". Christendom covers the medieval period and Early Moderns takes off from there and covers British history. They are from a Christian perspective, too.
  6. Has anyone used this course who will review it for me?
  7. My son only went through FF and then moved on to French and has done very well. I think when to stop Latin will depend on your goals, time, and interest. It was becoming a battle in the middle school years and was not something I wanted to continue to fight over with a strong-willed child because he wanted to move on to French. He's in French 2 now and I had plans for him to go through at least French 3, but he isn't interested.
  8. Shormann Math is integrated. Algebra 1 is combined with geometry, as is Algebra 2. When algebra 1 is completed, the student will receive 1 credit in algebra and 1/2 geometry credit. Same in algebra 2. You have a year and a half to do each course, or do the honors option and complete them faster . https://diveintomath.com/shormann/
  9. My boys take classes through Shole Academy and they require the cameras to be on. My son took a class through MP Online Academy last year and the teacher did not require the students to have their cameras, which was not good for my inattentive kid. I heard it varies by teacher with MPOA.
  10. My son is doing American History this year and he really likes it, so I am happy, and he will continue with Modernity next year. He rarely likes anything, so I am going to stick with what works. We are reformed, so the perspective doesn't bother me, of course, but my son has also had teachers with Catholic and secular perspectives, and we just discuss the differences. I don't think it is overly providential because that would be a problem for us as well. There were a few things he said in the beginning of the course I didn't agree with, but over all I've been pleased. I really like t
  11. I have her book, Setting the Record Straight, and found it very helpful. Another good one is The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens by Debra Bell.
  12. Thank you. We are going to have him evaluated for adhd, but might not be able to get an appointment quickly. In the meantime, I need to find something he can succeed in, which seems to be geometry. I had him try CTC today and tomorrow he'll try TT. Maybe if he has a say in this, we'll find the one that clicks because I really don't know what to pick. Math curricula really seems to be hit or miss. It's so frustrating.
  13. What are you using now? He said he dislikes the way the course jumps all over the place, so I think I'm going to put my son in geometry and try algebra 2 again next year. Shormann Algebra 1 wasn't too bad for him. Did your daughter do that?
  14. What do you think the issue is? We have done everything suggested, even starting over. He did very well going back and did better the second time around on the first exam, but is now back to being completely confused and thinks he just can't do math. He is on lesson 33 or 34 and we've just had it with this curriculum.
  15. OP, I read your post this morning and your son sounds very similar to mine from birth to now. We are going to have him evaluated asap.
  16. Oh, no worries. I didn't take it as prying.
  17. Yes, meds for me, if that is who you were asking about. He isn't on any meds.
  18. There's more than ADHD in the family history, but I'm not going to comment on that, lol. I'm sure he's got OCD, too, a blessing I passed on to him. I would say he was hyperactive when younger, but now is more inattentive. I think meds will really help.
  19. No, we took that option away from him because of maturity. In my state he can get a permit at 15. NO, no, and no. He would like to have a job asap. My husband might have adhd. My dad, sister, and niece have all been diagnosed, though.
  20. Thanks, Peter Pan! I'm just beginning to research all this. Everyone know he has so much potential, but isn't living up to it and we are at the point where his distractability is really interfering with school, so something has to be done to help him. He's bright, but doesn't feel that way right now.
  21. The problem is that I am no good in math and my husband is too busy to help regularly.
  22. He is a very gifted musician and can pick up any instrument and learn it quickly, but doesn't go far because he loses interest and wants to move to another one. He also transcribes music by ear and composes in spurts. Last year he transcribed ACDC and Led Zeppelin songs just from listening to them, so he pays attention to those details, but not details in school. He has trouble answering questions that have multiple parts, and of course, math. We cannot get him to clean or organize his room for anything and he admitted to me that he feels scattered and stressed about school.
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