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  1. NCAmusings

    Have AP tests gotten harder?

    I truly appreciate your responses. You have been very helpful!
  2. NCAmusings

    Have AP tests gotten harder?

    Speaking of teaching to the test... for AP Computer Science, my young man feels like he is learning in reverse—complete these coding assignments (which are the majority of the course grade) without ever being taught the material or skills necessary by the instructor, especially during the one hour live chats. Instead, the first *40-45* minutes are spent discussing possible questions on the exam. The last 5-10 minutes briefly mention the week’s assignments, but the how-to is spread across additional videos, data files, google searches, an online textbook irrelevant to the coding assignments, etc. (Seriously?! I am paying you to teach, and your instructions are... google search how to do this assignment? Do what exactly? How do you google for that which you don’t know to search?) Unless the students already have prior coding experience, which is not a prerequisite for the class and many don’t, they are left to sift through multiple sources trying to make heads or tails of what is being asked of them and how to execute it. The students have to schedule individual meetings—usually more than one—with the instructor and/or teacher’s aid to get any real guidance in order to make successful progress... and then learn. Is this the norm? My young man is having to take other (free) online courses to supplement the lack of basic programming instruction in this particular AP course. Should I include these additional resources in the course description and assign my own grade for Computer Science (dropping the AP designation), irregardless of what grade he ends up earning for the AP Computer Science course? So far he’s earned full credit for all his assignments, but it’s been a time-consuming struggle. I have to decide today whether or not to withdraw him—letter of request must be postmarked today by noon—and seek a similar course elsewhere, while there’s still time and a 70% refund. However, it seems as though our main alternative is structured the same way, so what would we gain by switching to another provider, other than perhaps a little more organization? Fortunately, his current instructor is very kind, accessible through emails, available for meetings, and patient with my young man as he struggles to find understanding for each assignment. Also, there is an active student forum and chat board. He just doesn’t like feeling as though he’s constantly lost in the fog and therefore a nuisance to anyone, although they are not treating him as such. He enjoys the content, wants to persevere and get a good grade, but he’s doubtful of what the future assignments may bring. What would you do?
  3. My young man is currently taking an AP Computer Science course online wherein the teacher’s aids are returning students from last year’s CS classes who received a score of 5 on the exam. They also tutor the students as needed. Being that there are approximately 46 students in the class, the aids/tutors are assigned to 7-ish students each; the instructor takes on the rest. Perhaps this type of set-up could be an option for your dd after she completes an AP course/exam?
  4. Any thoughts on... demonstration of mastery of a paragraph structure, essay structure, basic grammatical concepts, thesis statement, use of textual evidence, explanation, clear reasoning, and developing knowledge of rhetorical devices? Please, keep it coming!
  5. Agreed. His word selection was not the best at getting the point across. 🙂 Thank you!
  6. Backing up to Physical Science, our local high school offers the option of a Physical Science course or Honors Physical Science course. The latter includes a lab and earns an additional 0.5 credit (college prep). Same with Biology—regular or honors (which is college prep, earning an additional 0.5 credit). However, their Honors Chemistry allots the additional 0.5 credit only if enrolled as a dual enrollment. Just interesting.
  7. When you give a full year credit for a science course, do you include the science lab in that credit (e.g., Biology with Lab – 1 credit) or assign a separate half-year credit to the lab (e.g., Biology – 1 credit, Biology Lab – 0.5 credit)?
  8. NCAmusings

    Encomium critique

  9. NCAmusings

    Encomium critique

    Thank you! I'll do that.
  10. NCAmusings

    Encomium critique

    What does a gal need to do to get some help around here? LOL!
  11. The HomeScholar, Lee Binz
  12. Looking at Scholé Academy's prerequisites for Rhetoric 1, it seems you'd want to have certain skills under one's belt before attempting it. If those are in check, then go for it! If not, then perhaps—since CAP recommends that The Argument Builder could be done in a trimester, one-semester—he could start 11th with The Argument Builder, and finish it with Rhetoric 1—since it also could be done in a one-semester course. That leaves plenty of time in 12th to finish Rhetoric 1 (if needed) as well as do Rhetoric 2. As for an alternative option to you grading his essays... I recently discovered that in lieu of a traditional online class, Scholé Academy offers weekly and supplemental tutoring:
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