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  1. Now I remember seeing that page. What a relief! I knew I had a better plan of attack than just winging it, but that was earlier in the year when next year seemed so far off. Many thanks to you!
  2. We’ll be attempting Calculus 1 at home this upcoming year. Has anyone else here used this combination? What did your lesson plan or schedule look like?
  3. My ds completed W&R Books 1–10, and I'm thoroughly convinced that this is the only way he would have learned how to write, or even want to write. WWE was our precursor, but WWS did not work for him at all. That is when W&R came into the picture.
  4. Writing & Rhetoric by Classical Academic Press It's my understanding that the author recommends Books 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10 for fast-tracking.
  5. Of all the resources I've used for homeschooling, OLLY (Homeschool Planning Software for Mac and iPad) has been what I've used daily through the years. Though not perfect, it's been instrumental in our scheduling and record keeping, my absolute go-to, detrimental to how we go about completing studies each week. I've continued to recommend it whenever possible. We would not be as organized and structured without the ease of this tool. I've used spreadsheets and planners in the past, but ditched them all after OLLY came on the scene. Each spring, my ds is included in the scheduling process, as I plan for the following year of studies by breaking down each subject and its respective curriculum/materials into manageable lessons/assignments and enter them into OLLY. My ds has learned how to manage his time and adjust his schedule accordingly through the use of this tool, imitating my lead—highly important, imho—vs. handing over a planner to a student and just having them go at it. You can elect to give the student administrative privileges in the app, or not. I love that OLLY is downloadable onto the desktop or iPad, not browser based or needful of the internet. You can save/backup OLLY so you don't lose info, or even sync it with Dropbox so that the desktop and iPad app can share data. It's still being maintained and offers updates periodically. Also, there is a user forum wherein one can submit questions and suggestions for improvement.
  6. One of my many jobs as a homeschooling mother is to keep accurate and updated homeschool records. By lessening the burden of my absence, if anything were to happen to me prematurely, my husband should be able to pick up and move forward from where I left off with an executable plan and sufficient documentation to back it up. I don't want to short change neither my hubby nor my ds for that matter. During primary, I kept a course-of-study spreadsheet reflecting what was used/covered each year in each subject. I selected the best or most memorable output for keepsakes and proof of ability/skill. As ds progressed into secondary, I continued in the same way, until high school and transcripts began. Now, I create course descriptions for the upcoming year in the spring, and I update those—with grades and such—throughout the school year. So essentially, I have a portfolio for each completed high school year, with the current year as a work--in-progress but ready and up-to-date at any point during the school year, just in case. Additionally, each of these portfolios are being combined into one Comprehensive Homeschool Portfolio that will be completed at the end of his high school year and ready for college admissions. On a side note, my hubby has access to all necessary passwords for emails, bills, household records, homeschool records, etc. and knowledge of how to maneuver through the waters. We review the plan periodically. We are both stewards of all this, so knowledge is power and peace of mind.
  7. Perhaps just putting a quick blurb in each course description of any extra curriculars (or other courses) about how they were affected and/or changed to compensate for social distancing, and then a simple notation made in the school and student profiles? PE Course Description: *During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, __________ training continued at home while practicing social distancing. Music Course Description: *During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, guitar lessons with the instructor continued via Skype at home while practicing social distancing. Homeschool Profile: During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, our studies continued as usual with little to no interruption while practicing social distancing.
  8. I am considering Intro Stats by De Veaux (4th edition), used by both Pearson and Veritas Scholars Academy.
  9. I appreciate the rationale behind VideoTextInteractive: Algebra: A Complete Course Geometry: A Complete Course
  10. I have updated the course descriptions in my initial post (above).
  11. Thank you, Momto6inIN! You have given me much to consider, especially since I've been trying to decide what to do if/when Module F is completed. After mulling over your comments, I thought about an additional year of Precalculus, but that would be a bit of overkill for us. And after comparing the course outlines, supplementing with Chalk Dust Precalculus isn't the best use of our time and money, either. So, I spoke to Adam at VideoText and shared my concerns. I am now feeling more confident in our choice to continue into a Calculus course next year *after* completing Module F. However, Chalk Dust is the missing link for which I was searching. I had already planned on doing a PSAT prep course this upcoming summer, and the Chalk Dust ACT-SAT Math Review course fits the bill. This will be a timely review and perfect preparation for the PSAT next fall. As for next year, Calculus I (by Ron Larson) with Chalk Dust is where we are headed. I wouldn't have filled these gaps without your input. Thanks again!
  12. How much of Chalkdust do you use? Any specific sections or just a complete run through of Precalc? Where do you go from there? Chalkdust Calc? Dual enrollment?
  13. Has anyone completed VT Geometry’s online, beta Module F? It is not required for the Geometry credit, but it does complete the course by including the Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus credit. Thoughts? Did you add anything for Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus?
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