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  1. What are the steps not shown in this solution? We are missing something. Can anyone explain this to us? Please help! Evaluate the function at the given value(s) of the independent variable. Simplify the results.
  2. Thank you. This is exactly what I was curious about. Thank you for sharing your experience!
  3. Your responses have inspired a new question. For those with students who have completed SAT/ACT tests, what do you consider decent or high test scores? (Please share student scores, if you don’t mind.) I am also curious as to which scores resulted in scholarships.
  4. What are your reasons for NOT doing AP or Dual Enrollment courses in high school?
  5. Just in case anyone is interested... Answers in Genesis is offering a sale on their Creation Apologetics Master Class 1-6—only $19 ($294 value).
  6. English: Rhetoric I — Rhetoric Alive! Book 1 by Classical Academic Press (1 credit) British Literature — Old Western Culture: Early Moderns by Wesley Callihan of Roman Roads Media Press* (1 credit) Math: Calculus I — Early Transcendental Functions 9th Edition by Ron Larson and Calculus I by Chalk Dust (1 credit) Science: Chemistry — BJU Press 11 Chemistry (1 credit) Social Studies: American History – Dave Raymond's U.S. History (1 credit) Languages: Spanish 1 — BJU Press Spanish 1 (1 credit) Music: Guitar 3 – Private Lesson
  7. No misunderstanding. I merely pointed out that there is another way, and it’s not a wrong way. Further explanation to restate and push your opinion was not necessary. It’s clear that we just do not agree.
  8. If your student earned the credit and you have documented proof (e.g., work samples, course descriptions, a student portfolio), then I would not hesitate to give separate credit for each. Perhaps you could have two transcripts, one weighted and one unweighted, or just show both data on one. I mention this because my young man’s preferred colleges require unweighted transcripts, but most of the possible scholarships accept and prefer weighted transcripts.
  9. I’ll be the dissenter and entirely disagree with the aforementioned. AP courses are not the end-all-be-all, making certain course credits valid and non-AP course credits invalid. Also, one does not necessarily have to choose to *not* do other things. It is possible and credible to have more credits, and not from any AP or even DE courses.
  10. I’ll offer a different opinion. Different colleges may have different expectations. My job is to account for every credit my ds has earned in our homeschool, as they reflect what my ds has done with his time, and he’s earned them. Furthermore, our local public schools include driver’s education on their transcript, so this is what I’m also doing. I just don’t include the grade in the GPA and state as much in the course description. (His credit count and courses for this year are similar to yours.) I would not recommend moving credit for a summer class to the next year, but perhaps it
  11. There are reviews our there, but I was hoping to get firsthand knowledge from someone here. It seems to cover both traditional writing, as well as the five canons.
  12. Has any one used this DVD set as review to help practice for the SAT and College Application Essays? Thoughts? Did your student complete it in the recommended 12 weeks or sooner?
  13. Now I remember seeing that page. What a relief! I knew I had a better plan of attack than just winging it, but that was earlier in the year when next year seemed so far off. Many thanks to you!
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