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  1. It's true. Big topic of discussion on the parent pages today
  2. I think it is so hard to tell if online reviews are accurate or not. Is the liberal arts school Hendrix? Do you know what the housing situation would be there?
  3. Oh interesting. Truly, every one of these schools has gone in a unique direction. Your son is a citizen, correct? So no worries about deportation? There are Princeton students talking about getting apartments off campus, which has caused quite the uproar in the Facebook parent group. The school is strictly limiting access to campus to those authorized to be there, so the benefit of being in town does seem questionable for most domestic students. There are worries about off campus socializing, of course.
  4. I think it could happen. The schools are taking such a huge financial hit that I'm sure any opportunity to increase revenue would be welcomed.
  5. It was in a recent update. It's on my phone now, under "Privacy" and "Health". You have to turn it on, and I believe you have to have another app that works with it. It's called "Covid-19 Exposure Logging"
  6. Princeton announced today too. Freshmen/juniors on campus in fall, sophs/seniors in spring. Mostly online instruction with 10% discount in tuition. Single sleeping spaces. Mask use/regular testing. Everyone leaves campus just before Thanksgiving until spring semester.
  7. My husband used to trap prairie dogs in AZ as part of his job to test for plague. the fleas on the rodents are the issue.
  8. It's been interesting to see that each Ivy/MIT/Stanford has taken a unique path. I did expect that would follow each other more closely.
  9. Princeton announced today: freshmen and juniors on campus for fall, sophomores and seniors on campus for spring. Some exceptions to include certain leaders and those with housing insecurity. Most classes online, 10% discount on tuition. Private rooms, masks, strict limits on socializing. Regular testing with separation for quarantine. Students will leave campus before Thanksgiving.
  10. FWIW, my STEM daughter did online biology during high school. It was fine. My daughter took the AP exam to validate her score because she was STEM, but I personally would not worry about that in your case. The colleges are going to be seeing all sorts of things in the next few application cycles.
  11. Yes, I'm familiar with the large cities in Canada. Have been to one of them. Not doubting the stats. I read too 🙂
  12. Alaska has very low case counts too. Granted, there are not the large cities that you find in parts of Canada. But there may be similar factors at play.
  13. We do add our new drivers as authorized users. Makes it much easier to purchase gas. They stay on there through college.
  14. Congratulations on her graduation. Yes, the transition can be so difficult for many, even in the best of times. And all the uncertainty now compounds everything. So she is attending grad school in the fall then?
  15. If he has USAA, he should be able to do banking through them. We have done that for years and it makes transferring money to our student quite easy. He can likely get a credit card through them too.
  16. I hate to contribute more to the rental car discussion, lol, daughter's school did have a car rental option for students that allowed for renting under age 21. I would not be surprised if MIT has something similar, if the situation necessitates such a thing. Also, in dire straits, U Haul will allow under-21s to rent a vehicle (if moving is needed.) Our insurance is USAA and it is great, though car rentals through them are actually with other companies, so the under-21 issue will probably come up there. I hope he can figure out the driving school situation. They are functioning in our town, albeit with Zoom classes for the off road instruction.
  17. Such a sad time for people in the arts. It's a tough transition from college under the best of circumstances, especially for someone who was very connected socially at school.
  18. How is he feeling about it playing out this way? It will be nice to get the financial savings if nothing else.
  19. So many unknowns. There was so much focus on this year's seniors and what they would miss, but I'm feeling worse about the kids heading for a 2021 graduation.
  20. Sometimes I will look at an e mail on my phone and intend to respond later from the computer where it is easier to type. Then it gets pushed down the list and I forget about it.
  21. My best advice for the gifted student is to worry less about maxing out the academic challenge and focus more on enriching her in other ways. There's a lot to learn in the world apart from typical school subjects. It sounds like she is the curious sort who would embrace all sorts of enrichment. Music, art, athletics, whatever...homeschooling can give her time to explore. My highly gifted kiddo just graduated near the top of her engineering class at Princeton. Her math and science in high school met her basic needs but was nothing special. The activities that grew her as a person and gave her tools to connect and lead were definitely extracurricular. That's not to say that she needs to be "overscheduled" per se (though I think some kids do gravitate toward the go go go lifestyle). Just don't stress about having the most challenging curricula :-)
  22. The apartment is a good idea. Will provide some continuity if things end up getting cancelled again and she will feel more adult being on her own.
  23. That really is awesome! My first nursing job was part of a dedicated nurse internship and it is a great way to ease into the profession.
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