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  1. I’m so glad you posted. I lived on Longfellow many years ago (my friend that owned the house just sold it in the last month)and have been following this news closely. I was back in the area in December. It had become so vibrant and this is a heartbreak.
  2. It's interesting that you ask this today, because yesterday, as I was reading someone's comment about (paraphrasing) wearing a mask to reassure others, I immediately thought about how I don't eat raspberries around my dad for that very reason. He (retired CDC epidemiologist) feels strongly that one cannot clean raspberries effectively and the risk of e coli contamination is high enough that he will not eat them (and REALLY does not want family eating them.) That said, though I am sure his worry is based on information he was privy to professionally, I do eat raspberries, and sometimes in significant quantity. We rinse them here, though if there is really e coli contamination, I'm not sure that would disinfect adequately.
  3. I’ve seen them online, not in use in the community. I can’t imagine that wearing plastic on the face for any length of time is comfortable/healthy, though I guess I’d have to see them in person.
  4. My husband has had an antibody test along with a couple of Covid tests. No Obvious symptoms but his work wanted these. Testing is plentiful in our state. All of his have been negative. Our state has a very low number of cases in general.
  5. It’s a difficult situation for deaf/HOH who rely on lip reading too
  6. My husband is involved in testing mask sterilization methods for a local hospital. You can do it in the oven at 170F for 30 min, though some home ovens don't maintain a consistent temperature. A rice cooker is a simpler home option with the steam effectively sterilizing the mask.
  7. Google the Get My Payment IRS link and have her plug in her info. it was wonky for a while but I think it is working pretty well now.
  8. My understanding from reading the various local articles and community discussion (I went to college for nursing in the Twin Cities and still have a number of connections there) is that elective surgeries were recently started up again. There was a big backlog, not surprisingly, and those cases are filling the ICUs, along with Covid patients. The situation in the ICUs does bear watching, but it would be a mistake to attribute it entirely to Covid (past the fact that the closures created this delay of surgeries.)
  9. Yes, two of mine, so far. Pretty significant familial history of depression/anxiety, though I have been spared. My oldest had a serious suicide attempt, 6 years ago, at age 19 (ended up on ventilator.) She is doing great! After the attempt, she spent about 2 1/2 months in a couple of facilities, and then there was a partial hospitalization program. It took about 6 months after that to find the right therapy program, but once we did, she stuck with that for a couple years. She graduated college, got married to her high school sweetheart, and is now in a new location (where she has been on a waiting list for a therapist for over a year, unfortunately.) She is working and starts grad school in the fall, with a graduate assistant position. She was on antidepressants for quite a while, but now is just on ADHD meds (which she was not on at the time of the attempt, but probably could have used.) My second daughter got hit hard with depression during freshman year of college, and started meds the next summer. Made a huge difference for her. Then halfway through junior year, she went off meds on her own. It did not work out well. She developed a functional movement disorder (essentially stress converts to movements; for her, this was primarily in the arms and legs, though there has been some respiratory involvement.) She got back on meds and went to a specialized therapy program directed at the movement disorder. The movement problem is well controlled now. I would not say her depression is perfectly managed, though she is stable enough. She had to go to a new state when college closed, and it has been no small thing finding a doc to help her. Very limited mental health services due to the closures.
  10. I haven't really run into anyone too worked up about online school here, but I think it is because the local schools set the bar super low. Elementary kids had their year essentially end in March. No expectations for schooling. Similar for middle school. High schoolers do have online work, but as long as they regularly sign in/engage, they are guaranteed the same grade that they had at the end of third quarter (they can improve that grade though.)
  11. Likely it is more because you are politically inclined to dislike him than because of your and your husband's degrees :-) But, granted, he is obnoxious and clearly a narcissist, and not a scientist.
  12. Agreed. That is what is interesting to me in the whole backlash again HCQ. He really did not speak strongly in favor of using the drug or tout it as a miracle cure. He mentioned it as a possibility that was being researched, in what appeared to be an attempt to inject some optimism into the discussion. Which is really fine/appropriate for a non-physician to do. And people lost their minds over it.
  13. It does seem that, given the potential weakness of various metrics for admission, it would make sense to want to view as much information as possible about any given student. It also seems that the increased focus on GPA is going to lead to a lot of pressure on teachers to inflate grades.
  14. It's truly unfortunate if political bias slows down the development of a promising treatment. I don't see any conspiracy, but hopefully one does not find themselves under the care of the doc who doggedly refuses to consider a particular med in order to avoid lending credence to a political figure.
  15. Individual docs/scientists offer all sorts of opinions that are not necessarily accurate.
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