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  1. It's much easier to schedule than an AP exam, and, as 8 said, there are colleges that require one or two anyway (not all colleges, or even most, but many selective colleges.) My STEM daughter did SAT subject tests for chemistry and physics, but did do the AP exam for biology because she took the AP course.
  2. There are a number of test prep books that he could work through to get ready for the exam, along with whatever you chose to do for the course. You could not call the course AP BIo unless you have your syllabus approved, but the testing would still allow for the possibility of credit at schools that offer such. 8 mentioned the option of taking the SAT bio subject test, and that would also be my preference. FWIW, my daughter took AP Bio through PAH. I've not been one interested in putting together my own courses for the most part. :-)
  3. You can get there in the winter but it is more complicated. My husband did it in the winter when we lived in the area. I had to drive him and his friends to a remote spot, then they skied the rest of the way in. And of course they had to haul the skis for the entirety of the hike.
  4. Public school in our area is not challenging, so no worries there. My youngest is in our public high school and no way is her education nearly what her homeschooled sisters' was. Very much depends on where you are. And my public school kid has little homework, despite being on the honors track
  5. I will say this: my daughter and I were/are pretty serious hikers. I had done hikes with longer distance with a similar amount of elevation gain plus some additional challenging elements (like fording a hip deep glacial river.) I had run a marathon that year. Even so, Grand Canyon was tough. For the last mile or so we were stopping about every hundred feet. One challenging element is the difference in climate between the rim and the river. It was temps in the low 30s when we arrived at the trailhead that morning, and easily in the 80s at the river. And that was April. It will be way hotter at the river between May and October. And breathing in the dust kicked up by the mules at regular intervals was rather unpleasant, lol. If anything goes wrong there, it is an expensive rescue. It's not impossible but it's not an easy family hike either.
  6. I think you are right. It's been 11 years. 🙂
  7. I did not go North to South rim, but have done a South rim to river to South rim in a day with my 11 year old. I am forgetting the trail names but think we went down Bright Angel and up South Kaibab. Maybe the other way around. My husband has done north to south rim in winter. There are many many signs warning you not to try it. We trained in Alaska and my 11 year old was exceptionally fit with a tough mindset. I would not have done it with my two other kids. It took us a little under 8 hours.
  8. I don't know how it would affect costs, but if you stayed in the Princeton area of New Jersey, you can easily take trains to both NYC and Philadelphia for day trips (or drive, and the drive to Philly is easy). Princeton also has some interesting history as it was once the capital of the US. Lodging costs would likely be lower. The train from Princeton will take you directly to Penn Station in NYC in about an hour.
  9. Dropping in to say that this thread title resulted in me having that Supertramp song stuck in my head all week ("It was early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn...Goodbye Stranger, it's been nice...")
  10. I liked having Park Hoppers at DL, and did a lot of walking back and forth between parks. We stayed at a hotel maybe a half mile from the park and loved walking over. You go through the Cali equivalent of Disney Springs, which is fun, to get to the gate. Disneyland has Cars Land, which is different from the World. It felt like eating was less of a nightmare as far as finding available food.
  11. I've been to both. I like the compactness of Disneyland and I think the fast pass system is better. But Disney World is very fun...I just don't love the complexity of vacations there.
  12. FWIW, my college senior got a lot of help from me for her apps and neither of my college students filled out their own FAFSAs. I'm sure he has a lot of other issues, but just wanted to say that I think getting overwhelmed with paperwork can be pretty normal. Mine were good students despite that :-) And they do eventually learn. Are you sure the dorm is closed for fall break too? That would surprise me, though it's not unusual for them to close for Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks.
  13. Jann, I just posted a link in another thread that may be helpful for you. There are a couple of active Facebook groups on the topic if you search for functional neuro disorder or FND Hope. My daughter suddenly developed a Functional Movement Disorder last spring. I had no idea such a thing existed, but now I realize I have known a number of people with the issue. My own mother would have seizures just like you describe with your daughter. Check out and do look for the Facebook groups if you have an account there. My daughter got excellent help at The Recovery Project in Livonia, Michigan, but it took a lot of research (and travel) to find the place. The movement disorder specialist at the teaching hospital where she was referred was not at all helpful. She has minimal symptoms at this point, and that is amazing. She was actually requiring a notetaker in class because she could not write at all.
  14. I'm going to throw out the possibility of Functional Neurological Disorder as worthy of investigation. I've learned about it this past year when my daughter suddenly developed inexplicable involuntary movements in her limbs. I've since joined a couple of Facebook groups on the topic and have learned about the wide array of presentations. Some of what you described sounds like symptoms I hear in the group daily. Here's a link with information:
  15. Definitely list it. The colleges will not penalize her for excessive PE credits 🙂 As others said, you can give a quarter credit. Honestly, the colleges will make their own assessments. The number of credits you decide to assign in a homeschool setting is not an issue to which they give much thought in evaluating the transcript. They are looking at coursework in general. Pass/Fail is fine. Really, this will not be a big deal to colleges at all either way.
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