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  1. Many opinion pieces on the topic assuming racist motives. I assume this is based on the race of the swimmer and her sister. Locally the parent of the swimmers has made that accusation, as well. I don't know how you defend yourself from something like this where people all over the world assume motive based on their personal biases. She will never be free of the unfounded, in my knowledge of this person, accusations. Truly unfortunate for someone who was offering service to the community.
  2. The situation has reinforced for me why I am burned out on volunteering for situations where I am tasked with enforcing rules, and especially where other people's kids are involved. This woman is being trashed by name in the media for enforcing a rule she did not make, and apparently other judges ignored. Sounds like it was a regulation that was not thoughtfully written. This woman is absolutely not a racist or anti-woman. She is a humble, hard-working person who contributes to the community in numerous ways. I could see this happening to me, honestly. The internet mobs are heavy on my mind this week, and I hope we don't lose her service because of this incident.
  3. My stepbrother's daughter graduated from JMU last year and has gone on to a masters program in occupational health. Not sure if she partied or not (I'm guessing maybe 🙂 ), but I think her academics were fine. An ancient anecdote, but I briefly "dated", long-distance, a guy from Virginia Tech after meeting him in another state. Called on his birthday to find he was celebrating his 24th birthday with 24 beers. Definitely partiers there too. I think Va Tech is in an awesome location. Honestly, I think most schools will have a party scene, but you can always find like-minded people who avoid that.
  4. I actually know the judge. Local homeschool mom and educated as an engineer. Very fair-minded and not prone to drama. I have not discussed the incident in question with her but knowing her, I have to think there's more to the story than what has been in the media. I also know people who know the swimmer and have heard that side of it. In the end, it's probably good to have the swimsuit question examined and maybe this will result in improved, more comfortable options for all. Let's hope.
  5. Depends on where you go in the state but we have had a lot of bad snow years, so no guarantee there :-) Many people have said it, but I want to echo the New Mexico option. Santa Fe or Red River would be great. I also like Durango, CO. Someone mentioned Pagosa Springs, and they are known for having exceptional amounts of snow.
  6. Generally, no, it won't hurt the student. Just be clear as to what the coursework entails.
  7. Flash photography is a pretty broad topic, and low light photography can be pretty tricky. It all takes time and plugging along and mastering various concepts. Equipment can play a role too, as some cameras handle low light better than others. I second the Understanding Exposure book. I'd suggest not worrying about flash right now and learning all you can about natural light exposure first. Once that feels comfortable, take an off camera flash course. I like Clickin Moms, though I spend more time with Creative Live and Phlearn courses these days. There are many great groups on Facebook too with lots of discussion.
  8. My youngest got out of cheer last year at the same age because of a hand injury. This was initially a temporary plan, until mid-season tryouts. However, in the meantime she got involved in another sport (with less statistical risk of traumatic injury, hooray), and never went back. It was weird at first, because so much of their week and social life revolves around the team in cheer. But she has zero regrets, and I am so happy that she is away from a sport that requires booty shorts and giant bows, lol (I was never entirely onboard, despite the five years of involvement.)
  9. Here the public school kids get a waiver for the PE credit for participation in after school sports rather than an actual credit. They get credit for school band, but it is not typically listed as an extracurricular. Additional music activities might be listed that way band, All State, that sort of thing that go above and beyond the requirements for school band or convey additional honors. You run the risk of looking like you are padding the transcript when you list something as both an extracurricular and an academic subject. If you are with a program that requires a fine arts credit, it makes sense to make sure you have it on the transcript, at least for the time required to get that credit. As long as you are demonstrating the time he has put into his music, there is generally no benefit to listing it both places. That said, now that I am re-reading, I think I might be misunderstanding what you want to do. It would be perfectly acceptable to give credit for some years and list it as an extracurricular for others; you just don't want to give academic credit and extracurricular credit for the same hours.
  10. FWIW, when I was working as a nurse, pain management was not used for the circs I saw. Circumcision was not the norm in the population that I served, but for the few that opted, there was no anesthetic.
  11. You might want to research the availability of dialectical behavior therapy in your area. Be prepared that the pcp and even the psychologist friend may not necessarily be super helpful, and your daughter may need to try different providers until she fits with a practice that helps her.
  12. The student should update his application by whatever means the college has available. The advisor should be able to tell him that when he contacts the person. Sometimes a simple e mail to the advisor is sufficient for an update. I have no clue how selective the university is. If this is a tough program as far as admissions and his intended major is in the sciences, I'd be concerned about dropping the chemistry if that means he won't have four years of sciences. Otherwise, I doubt that that change and only having an AA as opposed to both an AA and AS will be significant.
  13. I've also heard of students marrying friends (with the intent that this is temporary) for improved financial aid situation.
  14. I suspect his personality is one that gravitates toward rigid formulas, all or nothing.
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