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  1. Praying his poor family can find some peace. I can’t imagine what they and your community are feeling tonight.
  2. My favorite is We are Messengers. Also anything by Zach Williams. If I’m in the mood for upbeat and snappy music, I like Koryn Hawthorne.
  3. Haha...I’m a Royals fan and this was NOT their year. I’m just rooting for the Nats because they’re the underdog. Though I do like Maldonado as catcher for the Astros. He was well liked with KC fans and I’m glad to see he got the chance to make it to the World Series with his new team.
  4. Oh my heck...I almost felt sorry for the Astros tonight. Yeh....naaaaaah. 😂
  5. Pretty much. We have three dogs. While sweet, they would be barking non stop and I ain’t having any of that.
  6. Love my Royals, but was rooting for the Rays because our daughter loves them. After they were eliminated it’s been Nats all the way in our house. I’m just counting the days till regular season again. We love our baseball.
  7. Love this book:
  8. I get the resealable containers and add my flour, sugar, rice, etc to them. Too many memories of weevils in our dry goods as a kid. Blech.
  9. Mainly the Roku or Xbox One, but it would be nice to stream on my phone when I'm not at home. Fox KC is considered in market on Direct, but other services say that Midwest or Chicago is our network. We watch the Chiefs for NFL, so that can be found on ESPN, FS 1 or a local channel. My daughter likes a FL team and a CA team, so she rarely gets to watch them. Sling is out because it doesnt offer local channels, and an antennae doesn't pick them up where we live. Netflix...I keep threatening to get rid of it, but everyone keeps finding something they like on it. Prime I will keep because of the shipping and music streaming. I mainly just want the same channels available to me that I already have with Direct. Dish offers 120+ channels, but it looks like a lot of them are music channels or channels i don't watch, so if I can get what we watch, at a much lower cost and no contract, I would be dumb not to. Maybe I can get hubby to buy a MLB pkg for Christmas. ;)
  10. Hulu Plus Live has it. We started going through the channels we usually watch, and the only one in question is the one we watch baseball on. There is a game tonight so I will be able to see if it streams or not. If so, we will probably go with it. It is a LOT less expensive, and I like the ability to watch it anywhere...not just at home.
  11. We are in a valley, so antennae doesn't really work unfortunately.
  12. Never actually heard of this. I will have to look into it. Our big thing is that we are Kansas City Royals fans, and watching the games is our extent of entertainment. We don't go out to eat much, or spend on things like that, so we can justify having cable because of that. Dish recently removed Fox Sport KC from their lineup, which means we can't watch the games if they are blacked out in our area on the Fox Midwest. That isn't something we really want to budge on. :)
  13. We have had Direct for quite a few years now, and they have always been good about having packages that are affordable once our current promotion is up. This time around, they are flat out not giving a damn about retaining a loyal customer. I have looked at DIsh, which is comparable in price, but want to know if anyone has used streaming services instead? I see Hulu + Live Tv is an alternative many people go with, and that looks like a good option. I considered Sling, but that doesn't include local channels. Has anyone used any of the streaming services and been happy with them. Our TV viewing usually consists of sports, the home type shows, local news, and things that are on the history channel.
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