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  1. Today. She’s four, so she’s not really as aware as we are. Her twin brothers have on one on my bday in May, and I have a feeling we won’t be able to get together then either. My stepson and his wife just had a’s strange that we can only see her in pictures.
  2. This. We are beyond grateful that my husband still has work, and that it isn't a job that requires him to deal with the public. But, we are also realistic enough to know that a layoff could happen. We have worked hard to save, so that will continue to be our plan.
  3. Never been a pranking kind of family, so this year won't be any different.
  4. Guaranteed he will be difficult about that because he agreed to deal with YOU. It makes me grateful my son’s father and I never got as far as marriage. At least one thing (besides my son) to come out of that mistake.
  5. My son doesn't use a sheet and it drives me crazy. BUT, he uses a king size comforter (on a queen bed), in place of the sheet, and washes it as regularly as he would sheets. No idea why...the rest of the family all uses at least a fitted sheet. As long as there is something covering the mattress and it is washed, I will keep my mouth shut.
  6. Never mind...totally missed the part that said GA...not TN.
  7. Glad to read this. My husband has gotten tired of me not getting plenty of GF stuff for myself, so yesterday he went with me and kept putting three or four of everything in the cart. 😂 He asked if I had heard anything good about the nuggets and ended up putting three bags in the cart.
  8. I have to eat gluten free, and I have found some of their GF treats to be the best. Their donuts are a guilty pleasure. Also the GF pretzels and bagels. I have been able to incorporate some of the stuff into meals for the rest of the family and they like it just as well.
  9. Ditto. Usually them realizing it’s a one way conversation because I’m not engaging is enough to make it stop.
  10. I wouldn’t care. We got my father in law’s dog when father in law went into hospice. He was overweight and we were able to get that weight off him. Due to his age now (10), being born with a deformity of his leg, and the effects of being overweight, walking to keep up with a five year old Lab or a less than year old Aussie...doesn’t happen. But he LOVES being able to get out and go with the others. So when I saw a brand new dog stroller at Goodwill for $5, you bet your butt I got it. It allows him to go along on our walks and enjoy every minute of it. I don’t give a rip what anyone may think if they see it. With some of the people around me, they are a bigger spectacle than a dog in a stroller. 😂
  11. That's what I was thinking as well. Usually she plays guitar and sings....sometimes she leads.
  12. My daughter is currently finishing up her senior year. She is submitting her transcript to a few schools she is interested in, but I have a couple questions. We have everything recorded through 11th grade, and some she has completed as a 12th grader, but how do we record the classes she is still currently doing? Also, am I correct in thinking that we can count the countless hours of band practices, worship leading and other events served in the band capacity as something to do with the arts? What would you list that under? She has done it since jr high, so definitely all through high school. In total, she spends no less than 5 hours a week either practicing or performing. Fwiw.she wants to go to school for music ministry, so we know its important to list it. We just aren't sure if we put it on the actual grade part of the transcript, if we should list it under the volunteer work or activities.
  13. We went to theirs. I think we got Norovirus. It was pure hell. My oldest stayed home with our dogs (one requires 3x daily epilepsy meds), and he got it right after my daughter and I. I went from ok, to on the floor of the bathroom so sick that dh couldn’t get me to respond. Mom found out later that they’d passed it around my brother’s house and that my niece had it the day before. I was livid. Both my son and daughter missed work from it. My husband slept 36 hours straight, so that kept him from the hanging out in the bathroom.
  14. We are in Iowa and one of the options we had for parent led driver’s ed was National Driver Training out of TX. My daughter was able to use it easily and it was less than $75.
  15. I knew exactly what this thread content was going to be, because my brother’s family shared it on Thanksgiving. Found out after the fact that they had been sick as late as Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I still haven’t talked to either of them because I can’t think of anything nice to say. I was glad that we had an excuse to get out of family Christmas. (Three of five of us had to serve at church Christmas Eve). Hope this is a short lived thing.
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