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  1. My 18 and 24 year olds both have a 3, and both are more than happy with them. The only things mine has that theirs don’t is the EKG, fall detection, noise warnings and some different watch faces. My youngest is at college, so she likes that she can get silent notifications on her watch and there’s no disruption.
  2. I have my phone on or near me most of the time, so I saw no need to pay extra for the cellular version. The only people I really see choosing it is people that run or have jobs where having the phone on them is cumbersome. I have a 5, mainly for the heart monitoring and fall detection. I have SVT, and the watch has given my doctor a better idea of what’s happening when I have bad episodes with it.
  3. Everyone says girls are horrible at that age, but my daughter was a breeze. My boys, however, lost their brains from about 11-17.
  4. I'm more of a Kindle book reader anymore. My son is helping us drive her there...hes the one at risk of spending too much. 😉
  5. Thank you for these suggestions. I think shes set for this year. katilac....I knew there was a big bookstore we had went to there years ago, but couldn't remember the name. We will definitely check this out when we go for move in.
  6. My daughter is still needing to get a couple textbooks for college, but two are not available currently in the school's bookstore. Any suggestions for buying used books, other than Amazon? Bonus points if someone can direct me to any places near Knoxville.
  7. Caspersen Beach in FL. That was my escape when we lived there, and the one place i miss the most.
  8. I swear by garlic pills, ginger and turmeric. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, and the ginger and turmeric help with the swelling. My daughter got one that had the entire side of her face swollen within a few hours of realizing it was hurting. A friend who is a naturopath suggested that, and it was amazing how much it helped her. I usually do two garlic, and one each ginger and turmeric three times a day for the first couple days.
  9. My son has held out for a new phone for forever, and when he saw the SE 2020 announcement, he was all over it. Till he realized it was the same size as the 6. He currently has a 6S plus, so hes the same with not wanting to go back to a smaller phone. I think he is going to get the 11. I'm a bit jealous. 😉
  10. Ours was this morning as well.
  11. Agreed. While some don't like the governor here, I have to say that they are doing a great job of tracking numbers by region. Down to how many beds, ICU rooms, respirators and equipment per area, and how it changes daily. https://coronavirus.iowa.gov/ Granted....I am on the West side of the state, but people here seem to be following the recommendations really well. I go into Council Bluffs for grocery pick ups, and there aren't many people out. The last time I was there, I would say 75-80% of them were wearing masks, and following the 1 person per family thing. Head over the bridge int
  12. We live in Iowa (barely) but my son works in Nebraska. Both states are still not under a SIP. They did say last week that those who travel between the two for work are not required to self quarantine unless they knowingly are in contact with someone who tested positive. He goes to work and home and that’s it except for gas. He uses precautions while gassing up, and always carries sanitizer and wipes.
  13. Today. She’s four, so she’s not really as aware as we are. Her twin brothers have on one on my bday in May, and I have a feeling we won’t be able to get together then either. My stepson and his wife just had a baby...it’s strange that we can only see her in pictures.
  14. This. We are beyond grateful that my husband still has work, and that it isn't a job that requires him to deal with the public. But, we are also realistic enough to know that a layoff could happen. We have worked hard to save, so that will continue to be our plan.
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